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Jennifer Perez Oct 2014
Into the vast emptiness I go
once again
trying to give my mind
and soul
time to recover from the mess
you have made of them
as you,
you walk away
and carry on with life
Jennifer Perez Jan 2014
I’ve never been called the beautiful one

One look at me

I’m out of their mind

Away from their sight

Even with ladylike and gentle gestures

I remain in the darkness

Nothing special

Easily forgotten

I’ve been taught

By people’s actions and words

The one thing I lack

I try to make up for in personality

But experience has taught me well

Really, it is simple

Without beauty life is difficult
Jennifer Perez Jan 2014
A mix of heat and electricity

Wild touches everywhere

Gasps and whispers barely uttered

Toes curling

Hands grasping

Quick, shortened breaths

Eyes fluttering

Hearts racing

Pressure built

And suddenly


Muscles relaxing

A liberation of chemicals

A sense of relief

A moment of unity


— The End —