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Jan 11 · 64
28 days
Winter Jan 11
28 days pass by...
when the mist shadowing my mind
slowly disappears
into the horizon of exile.

A thousand souls of memories,
your silent longing,
my twisted angst, pray
stay dead.

Then my heartstrings
play a reincarnation song,
no longer holding onto our
broken pieces, now buried.

28 days pass by...
my eyes open again.

Jennifer Alé
Aug 2021 · 913
Winter Aug 2021
Her heart is twisted,
she yearns for him still...
Her love beacon beckons, but
small sonars bounce off
the four brick-walls
her mind has constructed.

Her heart is muted,
so her sound-proof love
stays a lonely soul.
Inside her protective shell
she'll never tell
that she loves him, still.

Jennifer Alé
Can both strips of love's DNA live unrequited...?
Jul 2021 · 684
Winter Jul 2021
out of my body
out of my mind
into the furnace
I watch myself climb
Jennifer Alé
Jul 2021 · 337
Winter Jul 2021
When you turn over the page
in the book of life
and you find your next chapter...

you'll find that love
was never over-
only beginning again...

Jennifer Alé
Jun 2021 · 548
Winter Jun 2021
At night,
Sadness tends to sing my song
in E-minor.
How am I supposed to
write a eulogy
for my broken heart...?
I'm sure I'll be
jealous of my pen-
that gets to find true love
on this page...
In the dark,
my mind wanders away with my dreams,
wanders willingly
towards your translucent smile,
that once
served to fool...
towards your opaque love
that now lives unrequited.
the day shines through
my eyes
shrouded in one blank stare
after blank stare-
I share a new drink with
Jennifer Alé
Mar 2021 · 961
Winter Mar 2021
After the darkness
a new day in light,
love is rejected
like flesh on unfamiliar bone,
the heart is
neither open nor closed,
life in between
and falls like autumn leaves
Mar 2021 · 952
Blank Canvas
Winter Mar 2021
he said
a blank canvas
for the day is breaking...
what will we paint
today my love?
for the incense, we burn
to warn of the wards
gives us a new spirit
so when the ground
softly breaks
under our pleasure bed
relinquishing our dreams
we make way
for our new
Mar 2021 · 489
Winter Mar 2021
This renaissance mind
has rejected
my being...
I can no longer
the world that
I am seeing,
take shape
of late-
are we fated
to hate?
This race war
it's an
but not a joke
Jan 2021 · 456
Winter Jan 2021
Together we drift
Floating high above our sphere
Surrounded by love
we reach new heights
Jan 2021 · 1.1k
Fire & Ice
Winter Jan 2021
At the top of the world
my inferno swells
the masquerade
of my blood heart
once, founded upon red mountain
I lost myself
in billows of black,
my sordid hands
through the sands of time-
a pyramid of translucent rage
my whimsical mind
pathed an oblivion
to the depths of the sea.

There my soul awaits
encapsulated by
ice and a curse-
forever, he writhes trapped
in shards
of tormented black
they cut
his frosted wings dead
eaten alive
living sea bed
the shadow of his touch
my fear.

Then alone
we atone

so emboldened
his & my
****** & pulse
wrapped in rebirth
we rise
to blinding lights
to taste
world's end-
before our
with song
in C-minor.

Jennifer Alé
spoken word poetry
Jan 2021 · 492
Black Panther
Winter Jan 2021
As the light pierces the sky,
the day breaks once more,
the eye of the red sun
beholds her majesty.
A slender black frame-
the cocoon to her chi that burns
like the soul of an orchestra
composed in the wild.
A-foot a tree, she sits-
the wings of a butterfly beat for her heart
in natures nest- she grazes
with fur as sharp as her...

Then the passing of the day turns into night...
and the hunt ensues her fiendish rite.

Silent black features
she glides, a regal creature-
with yellow orchid eyes
observing an oblivious pool.
At the East River lake
a-thousand breaths lay in wait,
a mother's young doe-eyed doe,
is to follow in his ancestors' wake.
Flesh cuts through flesh, then
chaos lives in their eyes-
over as soon as it began
his unsuspecting heartbeat dies...

Perhaps our own gods
once lived to blur the lines
between natures beauty
and it's cruel fate -
For how often have humanity's
black creatures existed
as prey, unbeknownst to
a destiny that is great.

Jennifer Alé
Dec 2020 · 566
Winter Dec 2020
The snow is falling
on the dawn of our love
I suffer through it, though
you suffer more.

Where do you exist now?
If no longer in the void
of my lost heart,
lost once, when I lost you...

For you, my first words written
now a thousand words
I wish to say, but first
je cherche pour ton visage

Blood I gave first,
then the taste for your thirst
my life was created by you-
now my cards fall away

into silence...

Jennifer Alé
it hurts
Oct 2020 · 341
Winter Oct 2020
She's a fragile rose... that can't be opened.
Jennifer Alé
Oct 2020 · 629
Winter Oct 2020
My body tells me that you're mine...
my mind doubts that when the sun sets
on the youth of our life, we'll stay...
my heart has no protection,
it doesn't want to bleed again...
As I stare at you,
through the mirror of our lives,
I reflect on the dejected lies
that love has taught us-
yet I long to be deep with you...
all over again.

Jennifer Alé
Oct 2020 · 250
Winter Oct 2020
"Oh Aslan..." sighed she.
"I want to lay in your mane of red gold...
will you protect me from the world so cold,
whilst we explore these white lands of old-
behind the doors of my secret wardrobe."

Jennifer Alé
Narnia never stopped existing
Oct 2020 · 537
Blank Space
Winter Oct 2020
Green electric messages
buzzed through her head.

"Will I ever make it?" she said.

"Will I make it to a place
where my unrealised dreams do not fade
and disappear, like snow
fighting the sun on a winters day.

Disappear and leave my empty thought-shells
sitting on a couch in the corner of my heart
- so that I feel I need to hug someone
just to restart.

When the fibers of my mind restore,
will my synapses come alive?
Like those little lights
that don the backs of wild firefly
on a summers night...

...and perhaps with all my might
I'll try to push letters out onto a page
to replace what was once there
- a blank space.

Yet, what a waste-"

Jennifer Alé
the woes of writers block
Sep 2020 · 483
Our fire
Winter Sep 2020
Did you enjoy the fire?
The burn that kept you alive,
the wild that made you see
that love lived in her eyes.

We meet again, o' demoted one
at the impasse of our darkest thoughts,
once destined to fly far above-
If only dreams were a metaphor for our love...

You lost her once you said-
now you converse through blank pages
in your head. Trapped by a blessings' curse,
her love was rare, you see... like this verse.

Jennifer Alé
Sep 2020 · 750
Winter Sep 2020
love has a taste
it dazzles like gold
makes you feel old
like stories untold
like lights iridescence
I'd pay a pretty pence
for the feel
it's so unreal
my lips seal
my heart sings
a tune to the wind
for the pulse of loves air
is so unfair
like the spirit of a kiss
lost in a dream's reminisce
my mind bows submiss

when life's breath spirals
without love - it's vital

Jennifer Alé
A love that always feels brand new
Sep 2020 · 808
All that really matters...
Winter Sep 2020
All that really matters is You and I
Our hearts juxtaposed
flutter and fly high

I call once and you say
My beloved, on this day...

Our moons have crash-landed
amongst billions of burning stars
Can we leave this galaxy
to discover the truth of who we are?

Jennifer Alé
thoughts by a river
Dec 2019 · 183
Winter Dec 2019
To document one’s perception of reality is to understand the true importance of a memory.
Journal prologue
Nov 2019 · 209
Winter Nov 2019
Social Media
Our new god Media
is so social, with
Such a buzz, regard her
Oct 2019 · 987
Black Man
Winter Oct 2019
My Black Black Man
The Walls of your Mind
Beckon only a Unique kind
The Love of a full Woman
An illusioned witness to
the Truth behind You
and your fettered prime, can
Be more black, more diaspora than
thee. Educated with sight
Yet conflicted by societal rite
And a King in every Troubled Stage
Unable to Fight
Can or cannot Love right?
My Black black man.
Mar 2017 · 483
Man made wall
Winter Mar 2017
The wall is a place where dreams can happen
Look to the left. Why?
Screams emptiness at you
To make you regurgitate your thoughts
Into a blank place.

Give me your mind
The wall screams silently
One colour one tone one grey
Wall, another grey wall
Making up my grey home

I am in the corners of your mind
Says the wall
The wall laughs at me for it can be as still
As I ever could be
I long for quiet- I long for space
I long for emptiness no emotion no pace
Forever still like the wall

I envy its maker. Man.
Man made wall.
Feb 2016 · 403
01:19 am
Winter Feb 2016
And I see your tears
Falling like the heart of
The Ocean
All I see is you
Standing at the Golden gates
of Love

I dream dreams true
Of your love and your strength
but your loneliness
seeps through... and
I cry the world's tears
For you

I just met you
But your soul flies
With doves wings,
cutting blue
skies and I lie
Nov 2015 · 431
Winter Nov 2015
I look up to you Sweet Jane
And try a smile amidst this pain.
The hands of sorrow, stroke me slight
While I long to be relieved from this night.

My heart fails to tell a lie
But sings to fools until it dies
Rich with impeccable sloth, plain
I pray, dear Jane to rid me of these chains.

Tempts, with fingers quick to please
Dark ecstasy fills me with ease
Cold wetness waits for the impure
For the slow rage of ***, there is no cure.

Go forth into the world, to ****- to play
Mad Jane, take your time. They will pay
Finally, bid my mind welcome peace
And lay with my lost soul until we cease.
Nov 2015 · 745
Winter Nov 2015
'The End' I sigh 'is near'
I fear
I'm high
And my love is gone.

London's maze, and then
August love
A faze
But now my love is gone.

The sea in me
Is icy & free
But my tears- are still
And now this man is gone.

I need him more now, but
Then I don't
No eros,
No love
Nor passion
My soul- once sweet, is gone.
the fear of loss is imminent and then to embrace the unexpected can swallow you.
Nov 2015 · 479
My Night Walker
Winter Nov 2015
If dreams were a metaphor for love
His sorrowful soul will live in my mind
His spirit will drift like a beautiful dove
Then depart and leave nothing behind

If he that walks through the cold night air
Can feel the quiet love his body has lost
No sound nor wind can change the hair
That now lingers with a little bit of frost

If I were to join the man on this sweet night
All his grace and his love unified within me
I will take his hand with no shame or fright
To truly capture what the eye cannot see
The beginning of the end. The start was alive and then there was no finish.
Like the night we stayed endless..
Nov 2015 · 1.3k
2 Days
Winter Nov 2015
Prescription drugs
They my only love
Back in the days
Deep in the 80's faze
We play, blaze
In the front yard of maze
Mother was a stoner
Father used to **** her
Beat her choke her
Gave her the kiss of death
And where she laid
He danced on her grave
My brother cried
Our hearts went numb
Remembering the song
She used to hum
Running her hands
Through our hair
We whispered her stoner prayers
The lily song she sung
'pon our ears it hung

'hypocrites and parasites become men at night
don't lay too close or you'll catch a fright
just take these chains away and set me free
remove me from this ******* and
then we can agree'

Prescription drugs
They my favourite love
Whether you black
Or be it blind white
The streets of Babylon
Be too dangerous at night
He made us run
Before we could walk
The road was rough
Our feet like chalk
The slave in me
Never be free
(Never be free...)
And in the dark
The parasite come
Grind the sweet kush
Between my legs they come
The sound I make is none.
My soul be broke
My mind be stole
******* so tight
No control

But nothing can compare
To the Creole bird
My mother love us sweet
Her hands through our hair
As we whispered for her
The Stoner Prayers
Nov 2015 · 451
dear W
Winter Nov 2015
every night I feel your love
white, pure like heavens dove
when you're gone, I yearn again
to burn this soul- you leave me plain

every night you keep my soul still
lotus' peace, you mastered your skill
without your touch I feel heavy pain
my suffocated heart now black with taint

every dreamless night makes me cry
(I cry) the world's tears- it ***** me dry
I fall for the free spirit that possesses thee
I kneel when you cannot bless me

your power leaves me bound helpless
heaven's presence is only water I confess
you're all gone at once my hands fail
you've fled my life, my love cannot prevail
perhaps it is naive to believe that love is the purest thing of all. the heart can be restrained by the mind haunted by society

— The End —