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 Jul 2021 Winter
Ayodeji Oje
Hear once
but listen twice
for misinformation
is the mother of all ******.

Hear once
but listen twice
for misinformation
is the miss in information.

Hear once
but listen twice
for misinformation
is the salt in the deep cut.

Hear once
but listen twice
for misinformation
causes miss in our formation.

Hear once
Listen twice.
Unbridled possession
Breeds obsession
Emotional obsession
Hatches oppression
Oppression let loosed
Leads to depression
Untamed depression
Produces aggression
Galloping aggression
Runs to destruction
To eschew destruction
Apply your break!
Divine asset to every living
Gift to every  being
Life makes every being
Life keeps all being

Hold your life,keep your life
Give your life, find your life
Loosed life;lost life
Caged life,costs lives

Live to give;give to live
Life of giving;life of living
Leave to give; cease to live
Life,a rare gift
Life;uncommon treasured egg
Live  the word;change the world
Life;gift of gifts,
Live  fully!Live carefully!
Be the shade,
The shade where souls rest.

Be the shade,
The shade where succor breeds.

Be the shade,
The shade where families roost.

Be shade,
The shade for the lonely.

Be the shade,
The shade for better tales.
 Jul 2021 Winter
lime green
 Jul 2021 Winter
The leaves
were lime green -
it was a pretty colour

They swayed
and danced and talked
in the wind

Life was
beautiful for them
and because of that

it was beautiful for me
 Jul 2021 Winter
Love potions
from both eyes.
There are apparently science and chemistry
involved in love and tears
 Jul 2021 Winter
Thomas W Case
I can hear
Them playing,
The devil inside
from the carnival
down the street.
All the bleak
eyes wandering
through the
empty crowd,
looking for
love or dope;
something to change
their perception.
 Jun 2021 Winter
Lawrence Hall
Lawrence Hall

                                Is Love Delivered by UPS?

            Wishing You and Yours a Happy and Holy Prime Day

All the empty boxes won’t go away
So I’m burning them outside after the rain
Automatic gunfire from the next road over
And is there a meaning in all of this?

We have mail-order cameras to protect
All the mail-order things that we don’t need
From the neighbors firing off rounds at dusk
Maybe at a menacing metaphor

All wants are now delivered to a home address -
And is love delivered by UPS?
To paraphrase E. M. Forster's "The Machine Stops," "O Alexa! O Alexa!"
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