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Winter Jan 2021
Together we drift
Floating high above our sphere
Surrounded by love
we reach new heights
Winter Jan 2021
At the top of the world
my inferno swells
the masquerade
of my blood heart
once, founded upon red mountain
I lost myself
in billows of black,
my sordid hands
through the sands of time-
a pyramid of translucent rage
my whimsical mind
pathed an oblivion
to the depths of the sea.

There my soul awaits
encapsulated by
ice and a curse-
forever, he writhes trapped
in shards
of tormented black
they cut
his frosted wings dead
eaten alive
living sea bed
the shadow of his touch
my fear.

Then alone
we atone

so emboldened
his & my
****** & pulse
wrapped in rebirth
we rise
to blinding lights
to taste
world's end-
before our
with song
in C-minor.

Jennifer Alé
spoken word poetry
Winter Jan 2021
As the light pierces the sky,
the day breaks once more,
the eye of the red sun
beholds her majesty.
A slender black frame-
the cocoon to her chi that burns
like the soul of an orchestra
composed in the wild.
A-foot a tree, she sits-
the wings of a butterfly beat for her heart
in natures nest- she grazes
with fur as sharp as her...

Then the passing of the day turns into night...
and the hunt ensues her fiendish rite.

Silent black features
she glides, a regal creature-
with yellow orchid eyes
observing an oblivious pool.
At the East River lake
a-thousand breaths lay in wait,
a mother's young doe-eyed doe,
is to follow in his ancestors' wake.
Flesh cuts through flesh, then
chaos lives in their eyes-
over as soon as it began
his unsuspecting heartbeat dies...

Perhaps our own gods
once lived to blur the lines
between natures beauty
and it's cruel fate -
For how often have humanity's
black creatures existed
as prey, unbeknownst to
a destiny that is great.

Jennifer Alé
Winter Dec 2020
The snow is falling
on the dawn of our love
I suffer through it, though
you suffer more.

Where do you exist now?
If no longer in the void
of my lost heart,
lost once, when I lost you...

For you, my first words written
now a thousand words
I wish to say, but first
je cherche pour ton visage

Blood I gave first,
then the taste for your thirst
my life was created by you-
now my cards fall away

into silence...

Jennifer Alé
it hurts
Winter Oct 2020
She's a fragile rose... that can't be opened.
Jennifer Alé
Winter Oct 2020
My body tells me that you're mine...
my mind doubts that when the sun sets
on the youth of our life, we'll stay...
my heart has no protection,
it doesn't want to bleed again...
As I stare at you,
through the mirror of our lives,
I reflect on the dejected lies
that love has taught us-
yet I long to be deep with you...
all over again.

Jennifer Alé
Winter Oct 2020
"Oh Aslan..." sighed she.
"I want to lay in your mane of red gold...
will you protect me from the world so cold,
whilst we explore these white lands of old-
behind the doors of my secret wardrobe."

Jennifer Alé
Narnia never stopped existing
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