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Jennifer Jan 21
I caught fireflies that escaped from your jar and used them to relight the room I’d kept dark,
But those too eventually lost their light leaving nothing but a vague glow of what could have been and a remembrance of why the room was dark in the first place
Jennifer Jan 19
I have a weird feeling inside.
My chest tightens as I think of you;
Each side tugging my ribs closer together until I can’t breathe.
When my eyes close,
I see her;
Dark and beautiful standing next to you.
You towering over her,
Her fingers playing the piano on your skin
Only the melodies you’ve created together.
With each press of a key
I can almost hear them.
Jennifer Jun 2021
They say good girls like bad guys,
But good girls only like the guys with abuse in their eyes.
The good girls only want to please those that can’t be pleased;
It’s a mission only with no intent to succeed
not always, but sometimes
Jennifer May 2020
although we never will,
i wish we could be
Jennifer Mar 2020
A worrisome traveler struggling to find their way out of the abyss;
I carry the weight heavy on my shoulders.
Jennifer Nov 2019
let us learn about the building blocks of our love;
just let our atoms collide
find me in the plana
Jennifer Aug 2019
like living in a dream, I’m constantly running for a finish line I’ll never reach
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