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Jenna May 2014

To drown out
Baby cries.
Engines exhaling.

"Don't be afraid"
"You've done this before"
"He knows what he's doing"

The tired.
The disagreeable.
The impossibly experienced.

Smile-free faces.

I'm ready.
You're ready.
Let's go already.
Jenna May 2014
Soldiers side by side,
Collecting our wounds and bullet holes,
Not glancing behind, but hastening forward,
Guns ablaze.

We looked to one another,
Believing we could take that hill,
Win the battle.

Guardians side by side,
Saving one another from deadly blows,
Welcoming the scratches and scrapes,
Hearts still racing.

You took a hit, So did I
Still Smiling,
We picked each other up
Running to defeat it.

In the end we were side by side.
You stood, my body curled around your feet,
My jacket and jeans littered with seared holes.
Jenna Jul 2013
Collapse, Wreckage
Settling, Salvaging, Crumbling
Profound loss of rose-colored glasses
Jenna May 2014
So when my dreams came true
When I got everything I wanted,

I was overcome with joy.

Because desire isn't wrong &
You are allowed to be wildly happy

by being uncommonly blessed.
Jenna May 2014
I stood there.
A snow-capped peak stared back.
I became exceedingly captivated.
Captivated by the thought that he and I existed;
Existed now.
Existed here.
Existed together.

I became a shell.
A shell filled with explosive joy.
And I could no longer become underwhelmed.
Nor could I become whelmed.

I lived.

I will never believe in myself more,
Never trust in Creation more,
Never be enveloped in the stillness more
Than I did in that moment.

Glimpsing that skyline.
Staring down a mountain.
Jenna Aug 2018
the  time  of  day  that  makes  the  sky  shine  gold
the  feeling  of  distrusting  your  own  eyes
and  appraising  your  surroundings  threefold
observing,  absorbing  the  slothful  sun  rise

in  these  moments  serenity  i  find
in  these  moments  myself  i  do  most  feel
both  the  breeze  and  fresh  air  align  my  spine
paradise,  heaven,  feels  nearly  unreal

what  can  i  do,  what  can  i  say  to  stay?
way  back  to  reality,  so it  seems
opposite  of  this  day,  my  day - to - day
but  here,  near  mother  nature  i’ll  daydream

surrounded  by  animals,  flowers,  trees
the  outside:  my  favorite  place  to  be
Jenna Aug 2018
your  look  saturates
your  focus  brings  me repose
and  rattles  my  bones

my  heart  overflows
as  I  witness  your  passion
all  day  I  could  gaze

dire  desire
shivering  at  the  thought  of
a  vanishing  graze

never  more  than  a
fleeting  glance  or  short - lived  touch
our  blockades  entrench

our  confines  have  names
mine  is  called  he,  yours  is  she
our  shackles  we  vowed

our  love  manifested
if  perhaps  time  allowed
us  as  one  maybe

left  unrequited
we  are  left  unsatisfied
us;  left  unanswered

— The End —