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 Feb 2018 Jenna B
You should know
that I eat mini Oreos like cereal
and I think most things are beautiful
and I'd rather stay up way too late
than miss an adventure
because good adventures
are few and far between.
You should know
as much as I strive for perfection
I'm terrified of being perfect
so I don't take off my makeup
so when I look in the mirror in the morning
I'm reminded that a mess means
someone's been there.
You should know
that I usually wear sneakers
because nothing, especially shoes
should hold you back
if there is ever a desire to run.
You should know that there is constantly
a five ton rock on my shoulders
a monkey on my back
and a mask on my face.
You should know
that robots have feelings too
and if you ever find a perfect field
save me a spot next to you.
You should know
nothing would make me smile
more than perfect strawberries.
You should know
nature isn't meant to be perfect
but it'd be a nice sign
that someone's on my side
and knows all that you should.
 Feb 2018 Jenna B
 Feb 2018 Jenna B
I was at the supermarket
in front of aisle three
the first time you said
that you loved me.

It was through a text
because you're a ****
and it was only because
I gave you the homework.

I was getting dressed
just standing there humming
the first time you asked
me to homecoming.

It was over the phone
because you're so lazy
and it was only because
your first choice went crazy.

We were in class
hardly learning a bit
the first time that we
exchanged some spit.

It was through a drink lid
oh so nonchalantly
and it was only because
you wanted my coffee.

Only friends
is how we ended up
and I don't mind sharing
love, dates or a cup.

Somehow you still seem
to make me happy
but prom is coming up
and please don't ask me.
 Feb 2018 Jenna B
Shelby Lynn
roses are red, violets are blue
sugar is sweet, and perhaps so are you
now the roses have wilted, the violets dead
the sugar bowl's empty, and my wrist are stained red,
the sun isn't shining, the skies aren't clear
there's no silver lining, cause your no longer here
rain keeps on pouring, there's no end in sight
your laying there frozen, so far from the light
your beauty's unreal, your smile the sun
but time cant be turned, nor your actions undone
the words that you wrote, which only I read
"I love you so much; please don't cry when I'm dead"
a bond that we formed, a love that ran deep
a pain that we shared, a friend I could keep
I wanted to hold you, wipe the tears from your eyes
been there the moment you said you goodbye
I want to forget but most times I don't
I want to let go but I know I wont
tears on my face, memories burned in my head
the roses have wilted, the violets are dead
I didn't write this, I just wanted to share.

— The End —