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Feb 19 · 63
Just a disaster
J Rodriguez Feb 19
We go through so many ****** up situations with nobody to talk to for thinking that the next person will judge you for all the mistakes you have done and continue with dealing with thinking that the days will go by faster and faster waking up and it’s a disaster.
Dec 2019 · 58
At that moment
J Rodriguez Dec 2019
I knew I grew up when I sat right next to my enemy and had no reaction!
Dec 2019 · 102
You know somethings wrong
J Rodriguez Dec 2019
Every time I tried to leave the devil always had something to offer me!
Dec 2019 · 122
Random emotions
J Rodriguez Dec 2019
Every female at some point in some relationships ask them selfs am I that bad ? Am I not enough? Why is he trying to change me now ? Why do I try my best and it’s still not enough? Am I to fat? Why is everything about him ? Why don’t I feel important sometimes ? One thing I will say is if can’t accept you the way you are he is not worth it and for mans that go through the same remember you are worth it and more sometimes u need to change the person you are with not your self maybe just a little but whatever makes you feel better do it for your self not because someone is forcing you to .
Oct 2019 · 457
Mad at the world
J Rodriguez Oct 2019
I had a lot of anger because of unanswered questions
Oct 2019 · 65
J Rodriguez Oct 2019
Deep down I want to start crying deep down I want to start screaming deep down .
Oct 2019 · 92
Eyes see everything
J Rodriguez Oct 2019
Believe it everything will come to the light .
Aug 2019 · 97
Almost lost my self
J Rodriguez Aug 2019
I remember when I would look for healing on those who broke me
May 2019 · 143
Dating a narcissist
J Rodriguez May 2019
April 17 2019
It took me 4 years to get over this relationship to realize how blind i was the whole time he didnt love me all he would do it disrespect me i learned that i have to say no to what i don't like of feel comfortable with the person i was with he would always put me down i remember a cab guy told me sometimes it's not all about the money which didn't make sense to me because i'm not a gold digger but now i understand what he meant to say about that i needed to move on from this toxic relationship. I want better for my self men wise and respectful wise . i live and i learn i hope to never do this mistake again i need to stop picking the wrong guys an i would not tolerate a rude men and talks down to a women when mad i would not deal with all of that NO NO i felt humiliated with him he made me feel like **** even if he was sweet at times he would turn sour quick .f it's a turnoff for me .one time we went to the mall u know what he did he made me hold all his bags in front of people so embarrassing until i told him to hold his **** im not a slave like WOW nobody would believe me when i say i been through *******. He would always blame me call me crazy for always being right
May 2019 · 142
Think for a second
J Rodriguez May 2019
Sometimes its not worth swimming far for someone.
May 2019 · 88
So hurt
J Rodriguez May 2019
I’ve seen the people that mean the most to me get destroyed in front of me. what kills me the most is I couldn’t do anything .I’ve seen someone break down in my arms what kills me the most I can’t heal their wounds.
May 2019 · 307
J Rodriguez May 2019
I've opened up to the wrong people in my life now i'm completely shut down when it comes to the past ,present ,and future i move quietly azabache always with me to much evilness.
Feb 2019 · 201
February 13th /2019
J Rodriguez Feb 2019
I fight my own demons I rather deal with them my self.
Feb 2019 · 192
J Rodriguez Feb 2019
I’m slowly but surely learning to love my self .
Feb 2019 · 145
So mad
J Rodriguez Feb 2019
I hope one day he realizes that the way he treated me and made me feel was so messed up I hope karma knocks on his door and feels the same pain I felt and all the tears I cried he crys I hope I pop up in his head when he realizes that was the same way he made me feel I leave it to karma and god he sees everything
Feb 2019 · 147
February 10th 2019
J Rodriguez Feb 2019
Once in my lifetime i wasn’t happy with my self and who I’ve became weak, sad, depressed, I felt worth less angry, and alone just because one person that I fell for made me feel so low about my self never again will I ever let some one put me down to the point where I drop my crown never again will I ever not know my worth !
Nov 2018 · 356
To what broke me once
J Rodriguez Nov 2018
He made me feel low even at my worst
He made me feel worthless
He made me feel pain
He made me feel unwanted
He disrespected me
He was never honest
He said he will always change
He would call me mean names
He would yell at me for no reason
He made me think that I couldn’t live without him
If things didn’t go his way there was no way.
He was always cranky
He made me cry every night
He would hide everything
He would always accuse me
He try to destroy me
He would call me crazy
He did so much to me that I thought one day he would change
Don’t ever burn yourself to keep others warm cause at the end it’s only you ! It took me years with being with this person to realize he was never going to change .i up lifted my self from this toxic relationship and left it hurts to see people are just heartless and love to take advantage of people and sometimes it has to do with mental illness and trauma they had in the pass lady’s and men don’t stay in a toxic relationship run as far as you can !I made a promise to my self that I would never look back to what broke me at one time.
Nov 2018 · 126
J Rodriguez Nov 2018
gave you all the love i had in me did my best at all times nobody is perfect but as soon as i did one little thing wrong i was the bad guy but when you hide your kids from a relationship i see you as a different person what did i do to ever deserve this pain you have a whole family and now i have to carry with this pain but at the same time i feel so stupid i knew something wasn't right in this relationship but i stayed through it because i loved you but i cant continue to hurt my self over people I've been nice for to long time to change the papers for once.some times god bring people into your life to make you learn a lesson and mines is for not to trust or give my all to someone ima always keep my distance past years ive wasted on a person that was never their for me judges me for anything the toxic person will always blame you and will try to manipulate you in all types of ways .
Nov 2018 · 100
J Rodriguez Nov 2018
i had to hold my tears in so many times that its getting worst by the day i was always the tough one now look at me holding so much pain in me ..
Nov 2018 · 126
Nope not again
J Rodriguez Nov 2018
Have you ever just sat down and said wow I was just about to open up to this person WOW!
Oct 2018 · 253
Had you in mind baby
J Rodriguez Oct 2018
I just want to tell you that your so beautiful you have such a good heart your so caring I love it baby , every day you just blow my mind baby . I can’t wait to lay my tongue on that ***** baby I think about you day and night baby, I wish I was really close to you right now baby I wouldn’t even mind smelling your breath in the morning baby, I’m so goofy I can’t help it baby I want my arms around you baby I’m never leaving you baby ,your all mines baby and when you wake up baby just know you already on my mind baby , I want to be your ride or die baby like the one you never had baby just know you shine more than a diamond baby , I don’t even try to rhyme baby it just comes out of me baby I can’t wait to make you mines baby ! i usually don’t do this baby but you got me baby .
Oct 2018 · 110
Protect your heart
J Rodriguez Oct 2018
I don’t believe in love I believe in living long !
Oct 2018 · 109
J Rodriguez Oct 2018
sometimes I have to be a fool to fool the fool
Let it go with the flow at the end their the ones that are going to be hurt , since you already know the truth pretend you never seen anything  .
Oct 2018 · 205
J Rodriguez Oct 2018
Arguments never seem to stop the past always seem to come up , leaving cant find a way the next day a good day the following allowing your whole day ruined.
Oct 2018 · 105
Once in a blueee
J Rodriguez Oct 2018
Sometimes I just like to chill with the lights low and turn on some sad songs and just cry my *** off
Oct 2018 · 115
J Rodriguez Oct 2018
I do what I want
when I want and how far along I have to go to become better.
Oct 2018 · 106
J Rodriguez Oct 2018
I’ve finally let my self go.
I’m free as a bird no attachments.
I’m better than ever never on a rainy weather.
I’m better not bitter sometimes sour you’ll always remember when to be sweet ! It’s now or never better than forever !
Aug 2018 · 514
J Rodriguez Aug 2018
All I ever wanted was for you to bring my mood up and all you did was bring it down but I got back up.
Aug 2018 · 108
Monday13th 12:27am
J Rodriguez Aug 2018
Just watch how the person that means the most to you express he’s words listen to every single word even when he’s mad .that’s when it matters the most the truth comes out just observe he’s moves look at his eyes to see how quick he switches up on you those evil dark pupils of his transforming into this person you never seen before attitude on 100 now . Loud voice trying to make u feel less you always blame your self for everything even when u didn’t do anything trying to figure out why me ?
Aug 2018 · 89
Monday 13th
J Rodriguez Aug 2018
Games games play play poke poke my heart one more time so I could bleed more !
Aug 2018 · 161
Emotions Agust 13th
Jul 2018 · 94
J Rodriguez Jul 2018
As soon as you start to do better with your self  he starts acussing you !
Jun 2018 · 112
In my cup
J Rodriguez Jun 2018
I fall apart when I take a couple sips can’t help to think how hurt I feel take one more to see if I can go into this different world of no feelings try to forget where I’m at the moment and just float away .Take a sip of *** cause I don’t like anything clear. Take another sip you can’t get near, thoughts running through my brain can’t control it but to fear always open up and break into tears
May 2018 · 686
J Rodriguez May 2018
I feel alone
I feel like I’m always their for everyone
I feel like I listen to everyone
I feel like I help so much and get so little
I feel like I need someone
I feel like I’m not good enough but I do the most
I feel like I’m not loved
I feel like every time I put my all into something always end up betrayed
I feel like I have nobody but my self
I feel like I need a hey how are you doing text
I feel like I’m the only one chasing
I feel like I’m not wanted
I feel like crying sometimes
I feel like I deserve to be happy for once
I feel like I’m in a dark space and I need to see some light !
Apr 2018 · 993
J Rodriguez Apr 2018
No matter how busy I was !
I always had the time to text you!
No matter who I was with I gave you attention!
You can give the simplest things to mean so much ! But I don’t even cross your mind ! Morning texts never counted once middle of the day hey what’s up hello ! Where have you been always an excuse! Why you didn’t pick up the phone sorry didn’t realized it was ringing! Now I come around accusing of cheating ! Flip it back around I’m stressed and I’m tearing ! I love you but I’m leaving !
Mar 2018 · 379
Once upon a time
J Rodriguez Mar 2018
Once upon a time I fell in love , loved so hard I had butterflies in my stomach, felt so real but it was all a fantasy. Blinding my eyes , ripping out my heart sending it to a cardiologist, couldn’t help the chest pains ,Fear was all I had in mind , the thought of you living without someone .. your going crazy ! Your going crazy ! Never knew it will get this far, sleepless nights waiting for the sun to rise my mind running miles, I asked my self what did I do wrong ?.. I gave you my all ,
Feb 2018 · 155
Cry out
J Rodriguez Feb 2018
Sometimes I just like to chill with the lights low and  turn on some sad songs and just cry my *** off
Feb 2018 · 553
J Rodriguez Feb 2018
Always put your worth before your feelings!
Jan 2018 · 541
Why me !!!
J Rodriguez Jan 2018
I was never suppose to feel so down like this you made me feel like you would never leave and their you go out the door like nothing ever matter to me , I just wish you can feel this pain I feel you told me you loved me but that was just a simple lie how can you make someone feel so down and incomplete! They say love was pure and unforgettable but this right here is an awful feeling unexplainable until you go through! I’m down now but I will come up ...
Jan 2018 · 724
New Years
J Rodriguez Jan 2018
Happy New Years !
New Year letting go off all the negativity welcoming positivity...........
Dec 2017 · 463
J Rodriguez Dec 2017
sometimes I have to be a fool to fool the fool
Let it go with the flow at the end their the ones that are going to be hurt , since you already know the truth pretend you never seen anything  .#Fool # toFool
Dec 2017 · 2.1k
J Rodriguez Dec 2017
Im better of alone , being with myself wont hurt me ima love my self more than ever, get to where i want to be in life,stress free no more fake love from people negative vibes to the trash it goes, closing my circle
Sep 2017 · 323
J Rodriguez Sep 2017
Lies lies and more lies I ask my self why ? Why? Am I still here ......
Aug 2017 · 1.1k
Day Dreaming
J Rodriguez Aug 2017
Im day dreaming cause of you !
Aug 2017 · 2.3k
Caught my eye .
J Rodriguez Aug 2017
When you met a soul you've never seen , it can never compare to how good it feels , caught my self smiling for no reason , replying to kissy heart texts not knowing what can happen next . All I ever asked for was a better men than my ex which I will never have to wait for a text ...
Jul 2017 · 287
J Rodriguez Jul 2017
ive been through alot but dont show it ,i remember struggling to hide my tears. i remember being in class trying to focused..
Jul 2017 · 308
how you feel
J Rodriguez Jul 2017
Dont be afraid to tell someone how you feel weather they like it or not ....
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