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Nov 2019 · 273
The Astonishing
Jenay Jarvis Nov 2019
In the park I write:

I wonder if the trees ever feel such longing...
Do they wait achingly in the night for the warmth of the sun?
Do they dream in promises of green?
Emerald, jade, olive, sage, chartreuse....

Imagine it.
A life full of color.
The right words chosen,
A destiny written.
There we lay.
Sleepless under shooting stars,
Awaiting slips of light in dark places,
A morning back-lit from the perspective of pines,
This is what Loblollies dream of.
Streams of sunlight aglow,
Aflame and pulsing.
It's your
Warm hands and soft lips,
A vessel lit from within.

I imagine to be loved by you
Is like-
Swallowing throatfuls of the
Deep chilled celestial blue sea.

Well earned after long quests,
Lead by intuition and determination,
A thirst satiated only by glacial drippings.

The taste - astonishing.
A future rising and swelling,
Like a lunar luring.
The inevitable pull of the tide.

Emerson once said, "When it is dark enough, you can see the stars."

But I see them regardless of the night.
Sometimes even in the morning
Across your skin,
Spilled past your shoulders and
Woven through your finger tips.

I can taste them.
Like a galaxy hidden on your tongue.
As if the universe spilled through your lips,
As if you were the mirror to all things.
As if you were the mirror to me.

Me, this soft thing.
A woman of blessed dark waters,
A developed taste for blackberry jam,
Darker chocolate and deep wooded paths.

I am drawn to you.
If you were the flame
I would blow past the moonlit moths and be the oxygen that ignites you,
That lights you further.
If you were the moon,
I would be the stars.
You lighting the endless stories
I've meticulously strewn across the world.
We would write them.
Glitter this fallen sky in
Continuous constellations,
A map of our creation.

These words would be first,
Drops of light amongst the inky night.
The comets you've dreamed of,
So melodically converted into these words,

I've written here.
Aug 2019 · 497
Late August
Jenay Jarvis Aug 2019
To put into words
Would add a sense of permanence.

Instead can I skip around this one?
Can I instead speak of spilled sunlight?
Solitary thoughts? The windless moon?

And of a distant boy,

Here on a late August evening,
Somewhere dreaming.
Oct 2018 · 196
Jenay Jarvis Oct 2018
In a home amongst stars,
Openings are pressed into,
Impressions of the infinite,
Warmed with solidarity,
In an exhale of sheets,
Cosmic backs draped and falling,
Into streams of sight.
This liquid golden air,
Crisp and gleaming across
A reflected iris.

The corners basked
In a sunken glow of
Comets tethered,
Stolen times sought for release.
It's stage is immaculate,
Blessed in truth,
Like the weight of something,
In a new age unmeasured.

My house was of billowing air,
It was flightless but floating,
Haunted but hoping.
Every brick crumbled,
Every tool tossed,

My house was a cathedral,
Rich in faith and wanting,
Illuminated in devotion,
It's pages sacred and kept.

You can stand in awe,
At my structure, whole,
This place, a nameless destination,
Unwavering in possibilities,
A final ground for love.
Aug 2018 · 608
Into Puddles
Jenay Jarvis Aug 2018
I fall into puddles.

Inky with resolution.
Sunk down like
Lesser comets.

A new age,
Thickens the throat.
Drifting into lights,

This atmosphere below,
An anomalous abyss.
Aug 2018 · 1.3k
Falling into Rivers
Jenay Jarvis Aug 2018
It is quiet, finally.
The spiders they tell me,
That dreams are funny things-
Heavy like stones. Disappearing.

At night, it rains.
Water is on the inside,
It fills me.

It permeates the skin,
Past leveed lungs,
My mouth-a ****** dam.

The tips are bursting.
It all overpours.
Like stars thick with oil,
Like visions in a well.

Immersed- you can float here.
It's like a nameless place.
It's like falling into rivers.
Mar 2018 · 1.9k
A Lack Of Eloquence
Jenay Jarvis Mar 2018
You sleep now
Memories that make us remember-
Early mornings, the smell of school, crisp clothes, the fall of your jewelry, the sound of your shoes.
It's immaculate.
I can see it.
(and) Seeing you weak makes me weak.
As if the loss of one is the loss of many
And it is.
A tribute to my grandmother who passed this morning.
Oct 2016 · 1.1k
Jenay Jarvis Oct 2016
A stupid girl.
With ideas in bloom
How elegantly I think I'll watch the world
Easily-balancing bones on string
Foolish porcelain thoughts snap-
The edges dissipate.
What's life without honor?
A wilted flower.
Feb 2014 · 1.2k
Jenay Jarvis Feb 2014
The single stressed beat
of a newly formed heart,
developing slowly in
light snow.

Sick by sunset,
dusted gold and
meek mauve beams
glitters across
An unexpected young

She waits.
It's eight months
until September.
Aug 2013 · 1.5k
"Astral Dreams"
Jenay Jarvis Aug 2013
When the world is quiet,
And we're alone...
You and I,
Cusp in the sweet stark night.

Like single piano key,
I'm softly spilling
Creamy words upon your chest.

It is in our light that
tenderness traps my

We lay in the lemonade dusk
and we drift into
astral dreams.
Aug 2013 · 553
Jenay Jarvis Aug 2013
A throat tightened with
steamed words of
I want you to myself.

The saline works its way,
blistering itself across
miles, my head, this screen.

Making you feel guilty makes me feel guilty.

In the afternoon, I run.
Staring at perforated sunlight stretching across Pine trees,
I gaze ahead.
There is liberty in solitude.
Jumbled thoughts. I've forsaken the art of poetry for some time and have been working on a mental poem. It will be available eventually.
Jun 2013 · 715
Short Story.
Jenay Jarvis Jun 2013
Before I sat in the dark,
Swaying sleepily on my own,
I became rooted in the madness,
Day dreamed into stone,

He wrote it in the holes
Perforated through my heart
And that was just the beginning,
I knew we couldn't part.

We always were together,
I never strayed too far,
And it wasn't long before my dear love-
Grasped for the stars,

As the galaxies fell
Before his eyes, I begged
'My world please stay with me,
We'll flow like water instead. '

It all went up in smoke,
On the blessed first of May,
He left me then, my security
He simply could not stay.

In truth,
I guess I always knew,
The words just weren't right,
You can’t contain a star.
You can’t hold onto sunlight.
May 2013 · 729
Winfred Hartsell
Jenay Jarvis May 2013
It’s dark as I stare…

The words not quite right,

I glance towards my chair,

Soft shadows limited by twilight.

Grey-blue, May-Violet and Rose-Pink.

There’s boxes to pack, sweaters to mend,

and dishes in the sink.

There are holes in the wall,

scrapes in the paint, and a hinge misplaced.

This is not a crisis-but just a reminder

of what must be done

And what must be faced.

He trailed off on Tuesday,

That was that.

He was just gone.

My hand glided along the wall

And turned the light on.
My grandfather passed tuesday.
Apr 2013 · 795
Tiny Poem
Jenay Jarvis Apr 2013
At a distance
The soft rain restrains me from
Your tangled web.
An almost haiku
Apr 2013 · 1.0k
Consistantly Inconsistant
Jenay Jarvis Apr 2013
The trembling smell of honey aches

like sugar coated stings

up from my chest.

It’s warm and salty as it seeps

from my throat-

across my fingertips it floats like

familiarity and bitterness.

Twisting in tides-

I’d say I was lost at sea

but really it was

your inconsistent nature

combined with my

empathy that left me like a stone.

Laying on the ocean floor,

I dreamily trace the faint lines of daylight.

It’s in the depths of solitude that

my chest breathes open

and I awake.
Mar 2013 · 1.1k
Jenay Jarvis Mar 2013
They grasp their hands on the sidelines,

White knuckles blazing with anxiety,

Eagerly they await for the moment to thrash their tongues,

Products of impossible societal standards, spoiled bellies, and habitual caffeine breaks,

Leading into endless hours of social networking-

internet induced boredom.

And at the intersection of a migraine and apathy

I think,

*"I don't have time for this."
Feb 2013 · 2.1k
Jenay Jarvis Feb 2013
Part darkness

and part light,

She released the duality,

She gave up the fight.

Allowing the two

to coexist,

it's only her "self"

she will miss.
Jan 2013 · 896
Living is Painful
Jenay Jarvis Jan 2013
A red wrist

from knives-


Red eyes-


an overabundance

or under-abundance

of emotion.

Pull out a smoke-

**Living is painful.
Jan 2013 · 1.1k
Your Laugh Is Like Honey
Jenay Jarvis Jan 2013
The lightened

sensation of


and falling melodies,

skipping along paths

like rose petals in

summer winds

making their way

into my lustful

ear drums.

*Your laugh is like honey to my ears.
Dec 2012 · 894
Jenay Jarvis Dec 2012
He was the boy who sat too close the fire-
Who stirred a stick in the flames,
And pulled out only to hear his father
Exclaim that he was the holder of the light-
He was ‘the man of the house’.

At the age of seven he slaughtered his first animal-
In one shot.
Straight to the heart.

He was wiser than others his age,
And always much taller,
Much faster,
Much stronger,
He knew immediately what was right
And what was wrong.

Upon his birth,
I held him for the first time and knew
We were cut from the same cloth,
I knew he’d change me-
And he did.

Saving me many times,
From myself.
For my little brother.
Dec 2012 · 735
Where I Want To Take You
Jenay Jarvis Dec 2012
I gaze across the city lights
and dream of telling you how
I want you to experience
the roots of my soul.
The places where dust settles
and thoughts dissipate into-
moving objects,
and seamless sensations.

These are the places
I want to take you.
"Aska- There Are Many Of Us" inspired the thoughts behind this poem
Dec 2012 · 1.3k
Jenay Jarvis Dec 2012
She seemed to burst with the energy of stars.
I was transfixed beneath the light that carries her.
How can one love so openly? I thought.
“Easily” she replied.
I glanced further into the stream.
“I've missed you.”
I sat immersed within the winds of liminality.
Nov 2012 · 1.0k
Love Melts
Jenay Jarvis Nov 2012

The twentieth of every April,
You and I take off work,
Take off school-
Take off from life.
We spend a day
Away from anything
That requires batteries
Or a socket,
And immerse ourselves in the sweet solitude
Of herbal affirmations.
We sit silently
Halfway up the nearest mountain,
On a ridge we discovered two Aprils ago,
Peering across valleys
Your fingers interlocked into my left hip.
I breathe out and watch as thick trail of smoke
Leads its way to you
“Love melts” you say out loud.
I smile,
Everything melts with you.
A short 'story' of an ideal future.
Jenay Jarvis Nov 2012
There’s so much about you,
That makes me feel refreshed.
It’s not the glint of fire in your hair,
Or the fire in your heart,
Or even the simmering warmth of-
Your homemade tea,
Or homemade verses.
It’s the general sensation of knowing
Someone like you exists-
A creature of compassion,
A creature beyond the realms of flesh.
You ignite me and inspire me,
You drive me further,
And so in writing this,
I acknowledge the fact that-
This small composition lacks
In displaying your true aura-
Your vibe, energy- semblance,
I just wanted to-
Press into your perception,
Just how radiant-
And how vital-
You are to-
This entity of an ecosystem,
This ever-changing atmosphere,
The rotation of winds-
This world, this life,
For Miss Ashley Parker
Nov 2012 · 5.4k
Jenay Jarvis Nov 2012
I don’t know how much longer I can keep it together.

‘It’ meaning…. Well, I’m not sure.
I just know your love isn’t the selfless kind…
It’s the kind with limits, with rules, with fences,
The kind I can’t endure-

I can’t remain caged in your expectations-
I’m not yours after all.
I’m my own island-
My greatest downfall.

There’s no comfort your arms;
Only the false sense of home,
I’m singed with vulnerability,
And I’d rather be alone.

Trusting you is much like-

Freefalling into pits of oil. Pits of glass.
I'm stopping now and I won’t look back;

My throat is tightening- but in my head it’s clear-
I can’t reach for you,
If you were never here
Nov 2012 · 6.3k
Lets Fuck
Jenay Jarvis Nov 2012
I want to sink my teeth,
Into your lobes-
I want you now,
I want you close,
Inappropriate behavior,
In the back of a car,
You’re just not here and
Four hours is too far,

Thoughts of scenarios;
My leather jacket,
Thigh highs and,
Your skin; like magnets,
Your teeth and,
Clinging to cabinets,
Your tongue- THAT jaw,
Come closer,
I’ll un-cage my bra-
And arch my spine,
If you restrain my wrists,
Scraping my nails across your back,
And yours sinking into my hips,
You can watch,
The back of my head pull up from,
Generic damask sheets,
100 thread count and I don’t give a ****-
I won’t be discreet.

You can rip into my hair,
And I’ll rip into your pores,
With uneven nails,
Leaning on all fours,
We can always take it slow,
Yes, we can keep it sweet,
I just want you so badly,
I can’t contain the heat.
Jenay Jarvis Oct 2012
The wind was knocked out of me,
At four a.m.
It tore from my corpse,
Landing upon the ledge.
It leapt-
Skimming over the blackened sky,
Drowning in endless alleyways,
It was straining out-
Towards you,
And away from the yellow anxieties,
Of a marooned mind,
An unsettled soul,
This exposed heart.
In an instant-
It glazed across your lips,
It fell beneath the depths-
Into the opals of your eyes,
It stirred in the gentle flow of your
Pulled in the rhythms of your
Burning holes in your blood stream,
It ached towards the center of your chest,
It arrived at 4:01-
In your cardiac cavity,
And finally,
It rests.
Oct 2012 · 1.4k
Jenay Jarvis Oct 2012
I can’t say I know,
The bed where you lay,
The shape, color, and patterns,
That makes up your day,

I can only say now,
In the space where you lie,
Is a small space,
For me to reside.
Oct 2012 · 46.9k
Jenay Jarvis Oct 2012
I like you.

I like the gold in your eyes,
The solidity behind your stare,
Soft, but knowing,
I like every strand of hair.

I like that you play banjo,
I like your sentences, phrases and words,
I like how you string them together so delicately,
Like a melody waiting to be heard.

I like our small talk,
Even if it’s cheap,
I like our conversations on the phone,
And the frequent lack of sleep.

I love your voice,
How say my name like a dream,
I love all of your truths,
And every smile in between.

So take all of my likes,
Put them in the palm of your hands,
Let’s spread them out-
Let us make a plan:

I can’t promise you much,
But I can promise you this,
I won’t try to steal away a heart,
But I might steal a kiss.
Oct 2012 · 801
Implications (haiku)
Jenay Jarvis Oct 2012
No implications,
Did I notice at the time,
Only the key strokes.
Oct 2012 · 492
Your Hand
Jenay Jarvis Oct 2012
I’m always enamored with,
Short periods of time,
With fantasies of;
Your hand in mine.
Oct 2012 · 378
Before It Could Start
Jenay Jarvis Oct 2012
I could almost taste your laugh,
And I almost felt your heart,
But you left,
Before it could ever start.
Oct 2012 · 628
Jenay Jarvis Oct 2012
You collect calluses,
Like precious gems,
Revering their form,
Keeping them close,
And if it wasn’t for me,
You wouldn’t even notice them.
Oct 2012 · 2.1k
Jenay Jarvis Oct 2012
The language of love flowed freely,
Through the rivers of our veins,
During the summer we discovered marlboros
And razors edges.
We used the torn corners,
To rip out fistfuls of hair,
And later,
Fistfuls of skin.
Ritually dancing under the moonlight,
Claiming freedom,
But in all reality,
We were simply stuck
In the wrappers
Of our youth.
One of my favorites; written for my bestfriend.
Oct 2012 · 431
Last Night
Jenay Jarvis Oct 2012
Last Night.

Was the first night I had a thousand dreams,

Perforating with tender thoughts in between.

Last Night.

Was the the first night, in my life,

I’ve slept completely through.

The spotlights and fine lines,

Leading to Something New.
Oct 2012 · 903
Live and Die
Jenay Jarvis Oct 2012
‘We’re the same’,
Teetering on edges of lines, I cannot seem to grasp,
And you say again ‘we are the same’.

Conflating words,
Of an honest one,
An elixir of free thought,
And they said it couldn’t be done.
Oct 2012 · 7.7k
Jenay Jarvis Oct 2012
under florescents,
the cigarette butts are like confetti,
glittering the sidewalk,
with anxiety.
Oct 2012 · 1.2k
Jenay Jarvis Oct 2012
She melds into the rhythm,
listening for a heartbeat,
escaping into the fumes,
  her thoughts incomplete.

  She escaped through the cracks,
  Before-she would withhold.
Dissolving into sunlight,
Gently, she’d unfold.
Oct 2012 · 726
Jenay Jarvis Oct 2012
Despite the rips in the seams,
I can’t escape my bones,
can’t fight the dreams.

So I wait-but,
I can’t manage to speak,
I feel too small,
The air is too weak.

I slip into the clear,
Of my mind,

This the last year,
This is the last time.
Oct 2012 · 1.4k
Jenay Jarvis Oct 2012
Carefully and slowly,
I unfold myself from inside,
Dark and lowly,
I swallow my pride.

I let her out,
Escaping for an hour,
She slips into the sheets,
And though I might devour-

Radiance, that calls to me in the night,
She is unbound,
This small bit of light.
I try to cast dread,
But she clings so tight.

I swallow her down,
I keep her within,
But she’s really here,
She’s in my skin,

Looking to the mirror,
I can finally see,
That I am her,
And she is me.
Oct 2012 · 456
Jenay Jarvis Oct 2012
I feel like I could ***** tears,
But that wouldn't suffice-
For the amount of years together,
Exactly twice.
I have no idea…
Where to go to now,
And whatever it feels like-
These words won’t allow,
To express what truly I will miss-
It’s not me, it’s not that,
It’s not even a kiss.
Oct 2012 · 3.9k
Jenay Jarvis Oct 2012
I’m not a side dish,
I’m not a left-over,
You can’t put me away,
You can’t save me for later,
As with all things,
Moments in life expire,
Sometimes much too quickly,
So let’s focus,
On my rising chest,
So I can pull you in,
And find some rest.
Oct 2012 · 2.9k
Jenay Jarvis Oct 2012
And although abuse,
Is a good excuse,
To  recycle, refurbish, and reuse-
Every woman that you’ve ever met,
JUST STOP- but I know that won’t happen,
Not now,
Not yet.
Oct 2012 · 1.2k
Jenay Jarvis Oct 2012
You never loved me,
Only the taste of my name,
As it lingered on your slithering tongue,
Falling out, dripping,
With poisons of promises,
Never kept,
And expectations that you never met.
Oct 2012 · 2.4k
Anticipation (free verse)
Jenay Jarvis Oct 2012
I never thought I could crave a smile more
Like the one that sits across your face
Distinctly scraped from the corners of the universe
Made in depths of dreams and foreign kingdoms,
Its own presence, reflecting galaxies
That can’t exist in conceptual thought.
I marvel at the small things it does….
Like, the way it says my name,
Or even in the simple way it exists.
I think about you and how the
The cascades of your lips
Like the blooming perfumed body of-
A thousand honeysuckles,
Dipped in ecstasy,
Sit, lingering in anticipation,
For the day that my own solemn mouth,
Might meet yours.
Oct 2012 · 1.1k
Jenay Jarvis Oct 2012
Stumbling over words,
Like a child stumbles over shoe laces,
Left undone.
Every word I want to say,
Left undone.
With small bouts,
Skipping out carelessly,
Out of my ears, my nose, my eyes-my mouth,
In such an unflattering fashion,
and with such little grace.
I can’t seem to figure out,
How I managed to sway you into my arms.

— The End —