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Jenay Jarvis Oct 2018
In a home amongst stars,
Openings are pressed into,
Impressions of the infinite,
Warmed with solidarity,
In an exhale of sheets,
Cosmic backs draped and falling,
Into streams of sight.
This liquid golden air,
Crisp and gleaming across
A reflected iris.

The corners basked
In a sunken glow of
Comets tethered,
Stolen times sought for release.
It's stage is immaculate,
Blessed in truth,
Like the weight of something,
In a new age unmeasured.

My house was of billowing air,
It was flightless but floating,
Haunted but hoping.
Every brick crumbled,
Every tool tossed,

My house was a cathedral,
Rich in faith and wanting,
Illuminated in devotion,
It's pages sacred and kept.

You can stand in awe,
At my structure, whole,
This place, a nameless destination,
Unwavering in possibilities,
A final ground for love.
Jenay Jarvis Aug 2018
I fall into puddles.

Inky with resolution.
Sunk down like
Lesser comets.

A new age,
Thickens the throat.
Drifting into lights,

This atmosphere below,
An anomalous abyss.
Jenay Jarvis Aug 2018
It is quiet, finally.
The spiders they tell me,
That dreams are funny things-
Heavy like stones. Disappearing.

At night, it rains.
Water is on the inside,
It fills me.

It permeates the skin,
Past leveed lungs,
My mouth-a ****** dam.

The tips are bursting.
It all overpours.
Like stars thick with oil,
Like visions in a well.

Immersed- you can float here.
It's like a nameless place.
It's like falling into rivers.
Jenay Jarvis Mar 2018
You sleep now
Memories that make us remember-
Early mornings, the smell of school, crisp clothes, the fall of your jewelry, the sound of your shoes.
It's immaculate.
I can see it.
(and) Seeing you weak makes me weak.
As if the loss of one is the loss of many
And it is.
A tribute to my grandmother who passed this morning.
Jenay Jarvis Oct 2016
A stupid girl.
With ideas in bloom
How elegantly I think I'll watch the world
Easily-balancing bones on string
Foolish porcelain thoughts snap-
The edges dissipate.
What's life without honor?
A wilted flower.
Jenay Jarvis Feb 2014
The single stressed beat
of a newly formed heart,
developing slowly in
light snow.

Sick by sunset,
dusted gold and
meek mauve beams
glitters across
An unexpected young

She waits.
It's eight months
until September.
Jenay Jarvis Aug 2013
When the world is quiet,
And we're alone...
You and I,
Cusp in the sweet stark night.

Like single piano key,
I'm softly spilling
Creamy words upon your chest.

It is in our light that
tenderness traps my

We lay in the lemonade dusk
and we drift into
astral dreams.
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