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Arrywill keepya smilin
Medford Oregon,    I am Jessica Applegate hit it up?' stay true to the realist, make proud stay loud, in a bad mood?. don't ever be rude. don't ...
Wolves and Lilies
Yellow Brick Road    A grenade wrapped in love letters.
Sarah Moseley
"If your daily life seems poor, do not blame it; blame yourself, tell yourself that you are not poet enough to call forth its riches, ...
New York, New York    Doctoral candidate at Columbia University
Sasha Scarr
22/F/Miami, FL    Sasha Scarr is a fucking rebel.
Kristo Frost
The Moon    Poet first, lawyer later, plenty in between.
Neva Flores Varga Smith
53/F/Rochester NY    I have walked in the darkness of I can’t feel because I choose not to. Fell face down and bumped my head on every feeling ...
flaming arrow    “The only man who never makes mistakes is the man who never does anything.” ― Roosevelt / If you could time-travel to a moment in ...
Relyn Anne Ramos
Penny for a poem? Two for bacon.
Amy Carmichael
All the poetry is mine unless stated otherwise
M P Hill
29/Midwest    I do this for pure enjoyment please support my hobby Cash app: $follyofmatt
Saul Makabim
What does it matter...

— The End —