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Jeannery Feb 10
It's good reminiscing every night
Remember the good times we had
It became my habit, looking back to our yesterday
It's just a happy memory

I feel the other way tonight
I realized something
Asked myself
"What if you're just being forced by the idea of my love?"

Maybe our ideas of love won't just click
If we still continue this, we'll be sick
I love you, I want reasons to stay
I hope you still feel the same way.


What if you're just being forced by the idea of my love? What if I'm just forcing you to love me more when you can't? Honey, help me. Those what if's are slowly killing.
Jeannery Jan 21
Hearing it makes me wonder,
How do I love that heart?
Will it make my heart apart?
Will it make me suffer?

I met you with that heart
We are the same
We're not the firsts
And it's hard


As katy perry said, "Comparisons are easily done once you've had a taste of perfection" and that hurts the most and that's just so true. How do we really love a secondhand heart?
Jeannery Dec 2018
funny the way we laugh
but we can't stay like that
some times we are rough
someone's always putting a dot

i hope you get it
but I think you don't, I bet
I want it to be fixed
I hate it, you broke us at six

tired, I'm losing my grip.
i dont wanna lose you.
but what can I do?
**** girl, you already tripped.

and now that we're over
i want you to remember
the night we kissed on november
wretched, I lost my lover.


an untitled poem for the person who gave me reasons to write again, and now she's giving me reasons to stop again but I've been thinking about it. The pain she gave, the more my words are becoming powerful. Oh, i need her like the poet needs pain. Untitled, x.
Jeannery Dec 2018
december's eve, everything's in freeze
wish i could turn back time
i can still remember the way we ate the lime
hard to forget, you're an amazing piece

i couldn't take the coldness
i am longing for your arms
****, i miss our closeness
you're expected to leave, storm


it's cold and i am longing for your arms
Jeannery Dec 2018
its three o'clock
i wish i wasn't going home alone
my sadness, it *****
then add this playing melancholic tone

the same playlist on repeat
i keep on thinking of you
my heart still skips a beat
i love you, always
what's the date five days ago? It was written five days agoo soooooooooooo
  Nov 2018 Jeannery
*      *      *      and you are      *      *            
   *           *  just­ like the moon *      *          
*        *   *      -----so, alone-----      *      *    
   *      *    but you shine bright  *      *    
*     *            at the darkest  *      *     *
   *      *      *     of times  *      *      *      *    
*           *           *           *         *          
Jeannery Nov 2018
In the middle of the afternoon
I realized, everything will be gone soon.
I have a problem that I can't say
I don't know how to make people stay.

Everything's falling apart,
I know what to do in my part
But I let ***** happen
In the end, I'm always forgotten.

I know I'm the one to blame
Why things are like this
For my reasons are always lame
And that's why I'm not in peace.


It's afternoon and my mind's a mess, my heart's not in peace and my body is weak to process things. How do you make people stay?
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