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May 2020 · 159
Jean Garnet May 2020
Taking a break from Hello Poetry, I would be using a different platform to publish my other works. Please feel free to follow me on my Instagram account [@ctfjngrnt]. I would try my best to post my works there daily or weekly. Thank you so much!
Aug 2019 · 148
New Beginnings
Jean Garnet Aug 2019
As we close another book
  a new one opens
A blank sheet at first
  ready to be filled with stories
Arise! Get out of your bed
  find a new tale to tell
A new beginning awaits
  outside of those doors
Seize the day
  it is all yours
Mar 2019 · 168
Too Late
Jean Garnet Mar 2019
"Is it too late to confess?", he said.
They stopped. The world seemed
to have slowed down for her.

She looked at his eyes. Hers meeting
his. His eyes were tantalizing at that
moment. It was impossible to look away.

The sun behind them began to set.
He held her hands, caressing them
as if they were his. She cried.

"Why now?", she said. He looked at her.
At that moment, he can't seem to find
the right words. "I'm sorry.", he replied.

Night has come. He wiped her tears
one last time, before a man took her
away from him, holding her hand.

She looked back at him. Their eyes met.
Right there and then, he knew, she was no
longer his. Nor will she ever be.
Feb 2019 · 422
Drunk in Love
Jean Garnet Feb 2019
"I love you.", she said. But, he didn't say a word. His expression didn't change. "I mean it.", she added. It took all of his strength to open his mouth. "I'm sorry.", that was his only response. She was a strong woman. She smiled at him, but inside, she felt her heart shatter. "It's okay.", she said. He stood up, then left. She drank the last bottle of beer, as the tears she held back trickled down her cheeks.
Jean Garnet Feb 2019
Pagbangon ko sa kama
Ikaw ay nawala na
Nangibang-bansa na nga
Upang doo'y kumita
Mabuhay ang mga Makabagong Bayani! Isang pagpupugay para sa mga Overseas Filipino Workers!
Jun 2018 · 558
Don't Blame Me
Jean Garnet Jun 2018
People always ask me,
why am I like this.
I just have one answer.
Don't blame me.

Don't blame me,
if sometimes I do something bad.
I once did nice things,
but you abused my kindness.

Don't blame me,
for not joining those parties and get-togethers.
I just don't want to be criticised anymore,
especally by the people I consider "family".

Don't blame me,
if I sometimes lock myself in my room.
I just find it hard to act nicely,
around the people that always hurt me.

Don't blame me,
if I don't join your conversations.
Because I find it hard to talk,
when the topic is, well, me.

Don't blame me,
if I didn't meet your expectations.
Understand that I have my weaknesses,
and I can't be like you.

Don't blame me,
if I choose to hang out with my friends.
I find their company better,
compared to yours, you hypocrites.

Don't blame me,
if sometimes I don't respect you.
In life, there are no menus,
you get what you deserve.

Don't blame me,
if I turned out like this.
I wasn't born this way,
I just, well, changed.

Don't blame me,
if one day I turn my back on you.
Understand that I've had enough.
I've had enough.
I've had enough.
Mar 2018 · 216
Toss Coin
Jean Garnet Mar 2018
A game of luck.
Who will it be?
On one side, it says 'me'.
On the other, it says 'him'.
She flipped the coin.
A slight pause.
She took his hand.
I took back my coin.
I'M BACK! Sorry for the looooong break from poetry. Enjoy my new piece.
Dec 2017 · 290
Jean Garnet Dec 2017
I was walking home, one day.
When I overheard a teenager,
telling his mom,
"I have depression."

It got me thinking right away.
Not one single person will say such a thing.
Depression can not be self proclaimed.

It can not be said so plainly like that.
It is not a fever that you can easily tell,
just by looking at the thermometer.
It's different.

It is a mental illness,
and it lives inside you.
It is a parasite,
destroying your connections with the world first,
before it makes you **** yourself.

Her mother asked him,
"How can you say so?"
Then he replied,
"I can't tell. It's hard to explain. But I feel sad."

Being sad is far from being depressed.
For a sad person can be lifted up,
but a depressed person can't.
He, or she, tries to.
But his, or her, urge to sit and do nothing but stare blankly, thinking another way to end this miserable life, always win.
The only way to lift his or her spirit is thru the use of a rope,
hanging from the ceiling,
waiting to be used.

Sadness can occur within the day.
But the sadness, a depressed person feels, occurs the moment he or she wakes up.
It feels like sleeping from 5 PM to 10 AM,
but wakes up, just to feel tired.
Without even moving a muscle.

Depression comes out involuntarily.
It affects the way you think,
the way you act,
the way you do art,
such as poems or paintings.

Depression is like a piece of clothing,
that no one liked.
But ended up in someone's closet.
Depression is like a stranger,
gate crashing into a party.
But what you don't know is,
you are the venue for the party.
He's unwanted.
But got inside anyways.

That is Depression.
Sorry for the delay. This poem is also about depression. Please note that I am not depressed. I wrote this because people nowadays always proclaim that they are depressed. This poem is dedicated to the people who intertwines sadness with depression. Enjoy! :)
Dec 2017 · 189
Two Sides of a Story
Jean Garnet Dec 2017
I saw him earlier today.

          I saw her earlier today.

He looked dashing more than ever.

          She's beautiful as ever.

He didn't even said "Hi".

          Maybe she didn't noticed me.

Is he mad at me for dumping him?

          Is she mad at me for letting her go?

I want to talk to him, but I can't.

          I want to talk to her, but maybe she's with her boyfriend.

Does he even know I'm single at the moment?

          Lucky for her. I have been single ever since we broke up.

I still miss him.

          I still love her.
Nov 2017 · 447
My Hobbies
Jean Garnet Nov 2017
I read.
  I write.
    I dream.
      Of you.
        Every night.
Nov 2017 · 250
Comfort Room
Jean Garnet Nov 2017
Crank up the shower and let the water pour.
          hopefully it can hide my tears.
Let the walls surround me
       and let them hear my laments.
I'll wash my body 'til it burns
        maybe it can lessen the pain I feel right now.
Time to rinse off.
          Let my sorrows be flushed down the drain, too.
          No one ever listens anyway.
Might as well dry off now
          and face the world again
with a pearly white smile.
Nov 2017 · 228
Jean Garnet Nov 2017
They have told me this,
a thousand times.
Or maybe even more.
I lost count.
They said I have to socialize.
I need to socialize.
It's not fun to be alone.
They said.
I cringed.
What are you talking about?
I asked them.
Being alone gives me happiness.
It shelters me from your painful judgements.
It isolates me from the cruel world.
And, by being alone,
I have found myself.
And, for once,
I am at peace.
Oct 2017 · 130
Jean Garnet Oct 2017
The heart is a wild creature.
It has its ways.
Maybe that's the reason
our ribs form a cage.
Oct 2017 · 134
Jean Garnet Oct 2017
I'm trying not to.
Believe me.
I'm afraid of it.
No joke.
But the heart is a wild beast.
It can never be tamed.
I had fallen for you.
Oct 2017 · 140
Jean Garnet Oct 2017
Two wandering hearts
Searched the world for each other
They never did meet
Oct 2017 · 2.3k
Jean Garnet Oct 2017
Oct 2017 · 253
Jean Garnet Oct 2017
I want you.
I need you.
Your scent is my drug.
Your body is my world.
I want you to kiss my lips.
And tell me that I'm pretty.
I want you to touch me.
And say that I'm all yours,
And you're all mine.
Just like what they say,
'Til death do us part.
I will **** whoever tries
to keep you and me apart.
Sep 2017 · 201
The Memory of You
Jean Garnet Sep 2017
I can't go on.
I can't move forward.
I feel like I'm stuck
in a car without gas,
in a coffin made of stone and steel.
It's suffocating.
I need to get out.
But I can't.
For the memory of you still lives within.
Sep 2017 · 133
Jean Garnet Sep 2017
I came home
late one night.
I noticed the figure by the stairs.
I noticed his ***** clothes,
his acne-infested face,
and his fat body.
I'm disgusted by the image.
I grabbed my coloring kit
and my mom's make-up.
I started drawing at his face.
"You're disgusting! This will make you likeable!", I said.
Tears come running down my eyes.
for I realized,
I was in front of a mirror the whole time.
Sep 2017 · 2.5k
These Broken Things
Jean Garnet Sep 2017
I tend to love
broken things.
And sometimes, I get broken
by the things I love.
Sep 2017 · 274
Emergency Exit
Jean Garnet Sep 2017
Mayday! Mayday!
Send help!
It's going back!
Back to the memories I want to forget!
Back to the times I wish not to remember.
Help me! Please!
I tried to find the way out of here.
The sign said.
I jumped out through the emergency exit.
At last.
I was safe.
Sep 2017 · 135
Jean Garnet Sep 2017
I burn myself every night.
And every morning,
out of my ashes,
rises out a new me.
A bigger me.
A better me.
And a stronger me.
And like a Phoenix with vibrant colors,
I will outshine everyone
who turned my old self down.
Be a Phoenix. Be a better version of yourself everyday.
Sep 2017 · 215
I Am Me
Jean Garnet Sep 2017
I quit.
I'm done.
I'm so effin' tired of all of you.
Telling me what to do
what not to do
trying to make me
look like you.
Well, I'm not you
and I will never be.
For I am me
I am my own unique self.
Honey, you are perfect just the way you are. Don't let anyone change you.
Sep 2017 · 149
Jean Garnet Sep 2017
Have you ever been in a situation
when you've spent a lot of time
looking at some old photos
and just focusing on yourself?

Have you found yourself,
getting lost in your own thoughts
thinking about what you look like
if you were not fat?

Have you ever pictured yourself,
mingling with other people
but you cannot
because you think you look ugly?

Have you spent your time doing nothing
because you think
that everything you do
is wrong for them?

Have you walked alone in a busy community
and think to yourself
that everyone is secretly judging you
behind their minds?

Have you?
Lucky you.
Sep 2017 · 410
What Is Pain?
Jean Garnet Sep 2017
In the language of medicine
and in the dictionaries
Pain is a physical feeling
caused by an injury
that hurts the body

In the language of romanticism
and for the lovers out there
Pain is the result
when someone you loved dearly
has left you behind

For me,
Pain is the time when you
look at the mirror
calling yourself fat, ugly, and worthless
as tears fall from your eyes

That is pain.
Sep 2017 · 152
Jean Garnet Sep 2017
Every night, before I go to sleep
I close my eyes and think
Of the memories spent together
You and me

Although it seems blurry
Because some memories get lost, too
I still remember the details
Precisely and true

Eight years ago,
I was still a little boy,
About eight years of age,
When you left us

It was painful
For us to see you suffering
But it was agonizing
When you slept for good

You appeared in my dreams
and we played, just like the old days
Then you said that you will go away
to a place where you'll forever stay

Now that I am sixteen
I still reminisce these memories
But, alas, the times that were well spent
Can never be brought back again
This was supposed to be posted yesterday. Because yesterday was my late maternal grandfather's eight death anniversary.
Sep 2017 · 243
A Hideaway Lover
Jean Garnet Sep 2017
I admire you from afar.
Guess you didn't know that.
I love your face.
Really, I do.
Also your eyes,
that are magneted to his.
And your smile,
even if I know that behind it
is the thought of him.
Sep 2017 · 197
Jean Garnet Sep 2017
A beautiful sight
but a painful experience
if not handled right.
Sep 2017 · 222
Jean Garnet Sep 2017
come running down my cheeks
represents sadness
that could not be expressed,
among the things I refused to try,
that I could not contain,
and longingness
for a long lost friend.
Sep 2017 · 106
Jean Garnet Sep 2017
Let's paint
all the memories we made
in separate canvases
Sep 2017 · 125
Jean Garnet Sep 2017
There were two voices,
arguing inside me.
I silenced them with the gun
aimed at my head.
Sep 2017 · 149
Why Does The Moon Shine?
Jean Garnet Sep 2017
The Moon and her lover were walking,
one night.
But a heavy rain poured,
and a strong wind blew.
Frightened, the Moon took cover
and her lover ran away
never to be seen again.
But the Moon, never stopped searching,
and kept on hoping
that they will meet again.
That's why everynight
she lights up the sky
hoping that her lover will recognize her.
Maybe, I'm her long lost lover.
Sep 2017 · 258
Jean Garnet Sep 2017
It was raining
and I brought my umbrella
it was pretty small, if you ask me
that only I can fit in it

Then I saw you, under his umbrella
you were together, holding hands
At that moment, I said to myself
"I should've brought a bigger one"
Aug 2017 · 101
Am I Not Worth Loving?
Jean Garnet Aug 2017
I will walk a thousand miles
just to see your smile
I will swim the deepest oceans
just to get you a pearl for your ring
I will climb the highest mountains
just to give you the brightest star
I will fly to the Sun and give you its light
just to brighten up your gloomy day
I will write a thousand poems
magnifying your beauty
I will do all these things
for you to end up with me
But why bother?
After all,
you'll still choose him over me
Aug 2017 · 92
A Mask
Jean Garnet Aug 2017
I can see
very clearly
behind those smiles
you are very lonely
I'm back, but not for long. I still have like four exams to take. ✌
Aug 2017 · 219
Jean Garnet Aug 2017
I am forgetful
of the things that were never mine
That is why,
I am trying to forget about you.
I will not be posting some poems for—more or less—a week. We are having our mid-term exams. Have to review on those.
Aug 2017 · 109
It's A Complicated World
Jean Garnet Aug 2017
The world is too small
For two people
Who doesn't want to see each other

Yet, the world is also too vast
For two hearts
Who wish to be together
Aug 2017 · 183
Jean Garnet Aug 2017
She wanted a man
Just like in her books
She dreamt of a relationship
Written in fairytales
That's why
She is filled with sadness
Aug 2017 · 498
Never The Chosen One
Jean Garnet Aug 2017
You were a damsel in distress
And I was a knight in shining armor
I had saved you from your unhappiness
And I treated you as my princess

We rode to the sunset
As I held you in my arms
You hugged me tightly
Afraid you might let go

You looked at me,
And I looked at you
You smiled so delicately
And then said these words

"Thank you, O brave Knight,
For saving me.
Now, take me to my prince
And together we shall live happily."
Aug 2017 · 160
The End
Jean Garnet Aug 2017
We went out for a stroll
I held your hand tightly
but to my surprise,
you let go of mine

I reached out my hand
to grab yours
but you replied,
"I love you no more."
Aug 2017 · 600
Soft and Mellow
Jean Garnet Aug 2017
Pillows and stuffed toys
Things that are soft and mellow
Your beautiful hands
Aug 2017 · 139
Jean Garnet Aug 2017
A gentle breeze blew
On a sunny afternoon
The sound of silence
Aug 2017 · 742
Jean Garnet Aug 2017
Unconscious desires
Attracted to cold corpses
Unfulfilled pleasures
I made this poem beacause my teacher told us to write a haiku based on a story we read. No offense to my fellow readers. ✌
Aug 2017 · 181
A Wish
Jean Garnet Aug 2017
Though impossible
I wished for something tonight
For you to be mine

— The End —