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j Apr 2017
Been dreaming about you lately,
Seeing someone like you and feel happy,
Missing your loud voice, your round big eyes,
Your endless stories and all the thing you taught me,
the way you listen to my problems and believe in me,
I'm sorry if I did that to you,
I can't get you out of my mind lately,
I'm really missing you,
if only I can talk to you again but I can't.
j Dec 2015
I did not mean to do it,
it just happened.
I have no intentions to make you fall,
but every day that we talk,
I know every thing is starting to fall,
I am not ready yet,
sorry if I am going to leave you now,
I am afraid to let you know,
how much you mean the world to me.
we used to share thoughts about every thing,
but we need to part our ways,
this feeling is not right anymore,
I love you but I know you will never be with me.
I am sorry,
I fell for you,
and I am not willing to let you know.

j Nov 2015
you are my first thought in the morning,
and you are also my last though before I go to sleep.
I always look for you,
find ways just to talk to you,
just to be with you.
To see that smile of yours,
that I fell in love with.
I hate to admit,
I love being with you,
and definitely enjoy it.
I am getting used to those things,
and I know it is not right,
but I love it,
at the same time I hate it.
j Oct 2015
"do not be attached"
I keep saying it to my mind,
but my mind just laughed,
and said
"you keep on saying that,
but you never do it"*
and then suddenly,
I realized,
it is easy to say,
but hard to do...
because, once you get attached,
detachment will leave marks.
j Sep 2015
we know it is not right,
but we continue on doing it.
we know we can hurt,
but we never admit.
we know someone might fall in love,
but we have no intention to make them fall.
we know it is never easy to forgive,
but we do not know how to say sorry.
we know it is easy to say good bye,
but we know it is hard to do.
in every thing we do,
there is an equal and opposite reaction.
j Sep 2015
do you still remember me?
I am the one who stand by your side,
during those times you need someone.
can I ask you a question?
Am I really a friend of yours?
Or I am just a friend of you
whenever you have no one?
you can't even say hello to me,
and never bothered to ask how am I.
how I miss those days,
those days that you need me.
and maybe I am nothing you now,
maybe I am the only one,
who misses our friendship so much.
I hope you still remember me somehow,
not just every time you need something from me
because I am not a supplier of your needs,
I am a friend of yours,
that no matter how much you ignore me,
I will still love you, my friend.
j Aug 2015
you are simple,
you got the sweetest smile,
your heart is big as your size,
you never fails to crack a joke,
you always makes me smile,
you always listen to me,
you always find time,
you made me believe.
yes you, you are the one
that I can never have.
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