12h Jazeera
Mane Omsy

Amid the obstacles, went through
A huge pit downward, survivors?
Who do you expect to fall for traps?
Said you thought through, roughly?

How many lives will end up in ropes?
How many futures crash on rail roads?
The purple papers start to stink blood
You smell the perfume with those stacks

Indian citizens are suffering from the great change of the century (banning of 500 and 1000 rupee notes)
Many poor people are hanging to death becoz the money they stacked to marry their daughters are useless now.
  12h Jazeera
Mane Omsy

Got my background dirty
Never my fault, I've tried
Don't even blame my fate
Everyone littered constantly
Put my life under many sweats

Had to wake up and run
Never turning back, just trying
When hardwork pays off
To get that taste in every level
Cramps transformed to rewards

It's a risk to root down deep
Staying in that mode unshakeable
That's how I'm growing through
With all these dirts beneath me
Strengthen my stem and blossom
On the surface like a lotus

Strive hard to the top even if your background haunts you
  12h Jazeera
Mane Omsy

You can’t stop smoking
I can
You can’t ignore weed
I can
You can’t avoid drinking
I can
You can’t stop shouting
I can
You can’t shut up complaining
I can
You won’t drop that gun
I will
You can’t help silence
I can
You survive with violence
I can’t
Toleration with independence
Seizing opportunities for peace
Let the wire choke your lungs out
Hell in front, war of apes
Animals in the streets, Grodds
Telepathic maniacs attacking blocks
Rappers in the venues spitting fires
On every head spreading contagion
Zombies alike, transformers of Lannesters

My ship has anchored
on Merry Village at last
after ten thousand miles at sea
and now rest I must.

I'll get drunk all day long
worry into the waters I'll cast
I'll count my silver and gold
in which I've placed my trust.

The sweetest maid I'll marry
my loneliness I'll put to rust
the village shall hail me as hero
I'm no longer the poor lad of the past.

A fund I'll set up for the needy
  I'll name it The Merry Village Trust
  no child shall live in poverty
  my dream I've realised at last.


from birth we're allotted
a given time
wherein our lives tick
to the clock's chime

some shall stop curtly
short of their days
whilst others carry on
till the elderly frays

time is our prevailing
of us it's the foremost

hands of a clock
circling around and by
oh how the hours
do unceasingly fly

waste not a second
of precious existence
ever keep stride with
all of your persistence

at anytime our clocks
can deem an end
and of us they'll so
effectively suspend

Jazeera 2d

Dear love ,

You've given me your trust.
But I haven't......

You showed me the right path.
But I didn't.........

You named me Lily in your garden.
But I wasn't pure and devoted you..
As you thought. ........

You said I'm key to your happiness.
But I threw the key ...
Far away............

You gave me your love
But I faked mine......

You left me
But why I'm always thinking about you. ......
Why I'm shedding tears when I look at your pictures....

And now I'm missing you
Your smiles, your touch
Everything about you........

I wanted to be in your arms.
But it's different now....

I know my second chance with you will never come.
All I have given you is pain and agony.

You deserve someone who truly loves you.
Not the fake love which I have given....

Not all stories have happy ending.
And its time to end our story too.

Now, I'm letting you go......

I'm moving on.......


Got inspired by one of my friend's love story. Be strong  and keep going my friend;)
  2d Jazeera
Mane Omsy

So small but it's beautiful
Like a pearl from a seashell
So warm hands wrapped under
Tiny fingers holding tight

Wonderful gift of nature
Wonder why it's amazing?
Can't express the impression
The feeling in mere words or lines

The death pain in contractions
She had suffered more to gain
Now see the smile in her tears
That love will never fade away

Never hate your mother, but love her more than your life, wife or another person
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