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jayson m Apr 2017
i was never taught how to be gentle.
jayson m Apr 2017
i understand now.
the careful collapse of everything i held dear.
the loving shattering of my proverbial kneecaps.
the dismantling of societal expectations - placing new ones upon stronger shoulders.

i understand, now.
your breath soft on my cheek,
your fingers laced in mine
your smile running rampant through my thoughts.

i understand now.
acid tongues tempered to something sweeter.
gentleness coaxed from hiding.
love blossoming from cracks in heartstrings.

i understand now.
your heartbeat next to mine.
love spreading from soul to soul.
when fate meets inevitability the universe sings.
jayson m Feb 2017
there is a girl with fire in her eyes and I do not know if you sent her but
thank you.
jayson m Jan 2017
you do not echo
in my silence
my roots have become just that. mine.
jayson m Jan 2017
i am the son of war.
i am the son of love.

my legacy is written in blood and sealed in gold.

i pressed my palms against your temple floors and promised to be worthy.

i stood trembling in your rains and parched in your droughts - i cradled your love close to my chest and marched from pole to pole. the world is worn on my soles.

i am the son of war.
my cousins are the furies that drive men mad - i am a fury i am a storm i am a hurricane a tornado
i am a wildfire.
watch me burn.

i am the son of love.
my brother Eros is cruel and teasing and only i was struck with his arrow and now my heart will follow yours into the darkness if you command it.
while you stand in the light.

mother promised me a perfect love but you are perfect to me and your laughter is painted across my soul in golden strokes.

i am the son of war.
i am the son of love.

i kneel to none.
i am the commander of death.
i am he that howls at the moon.
my wolves have ravaged souls before you.
i trained them to be still. for you.

but you're gone now and well,
they're starving.
This isn't coherent
jayson m Jan 2017
my future still has your fingerprints on it.
your ghost walks in my dreams
  Jan 2017 jayson m
Hope E
It seemed
She would leave her palms up
For anyone
these days
clenched fists convey a different message
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