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jayebird Jun 4
After all i've earned them
the subtle pull
and swift replacement,
    the golden gain gifted
     from a soul dentist
I accept the strange medicine and sense
Suddenly my core forever
chasing the great
sulfur in circles as I fall adrift
    The wanting sleep which
     closes all eyes after end of sky
Behind mine observes a screen of
Out-knocked teeth and offput blood
Pft out in a porcelian sink
The glass just above
displays swollen
  tears and my
Soul transforming from
Learned lead and
cold iron into
August and
Nothing bleak like my
Now unique two front
It takes awhile but
I have a new smile at me
Twist the
Brass doorknob upside down
on it's axis and
Walk away from the abuse cycle owning
The tired metal middle
of earth cracking
Outer mold revealing a
Levitating ball of God who
Now unbound
Seeks six-thirty post midnight
High plains and
Holy painted solace
With bruises yellowing
I scream drive
into tunnels where the
warm streetlights racing in
my periphery
know I am the glowing go of life
And will never grow old despite
Losing a couple given ones
This is a vague story about someone who had their two front teeth knocked out by a punch from someone close to them, and now has two golden teeth. It is a poem about accepting their self as beautiful and worthy after an abusive relationship. It is about renewal and resplendant transformation. The subjects perspective has also expanded past their story and looks to the sky and universe for their source of love. I hope this inspires anyone who has been through physical abuse and knows the struggle of finding their peace again.
jayebird Jun 4
Glass roses of blue
Cigarettes and amaretto
Served with milk tears
Candy giggles take it back
Build a house from
what's lacking
Break black ties and
Want to wear heels out
For no one but
The television and
Steam mangling in a box
I need to get off frail mind lines like
Dreading time
Loving this lipstick and
I am not a girl anymore
I filthy my own nest
And i'm blind as I am blessed
jayebird Jun 4
If I owned any power i'd spend it in an instant
Every wish granted steals a speck of my soul
But with this blow
Preserve my purity please
Help me unsee the ******* sway of trees and
Settle down those birds in the dirt
Reverse the men who capitalise on my void
With dark magic toys of survival, made with some militant oil
Erase the permanent crease in my face when time serves worry
Wipe off the artificial laughter on them,
Cut off their hair and
Let us share it for our glad communion
Let me feel my own body
Without the ******* and reaching
Of wild flies at me like some flesh sun
Leave the well bitten life to run rampant and free
I have nothing to believe in now, but something beautiful like you, steal this suffering and
Give it to stillness instead
Have it grieve and breathe in
The future leaving,
Now, if only wishes
Made the world unbroken.
Wishing on a wet dandelion.
jayebird Jun 4
A safe place for me is
Behind the scribbles of my surroundings
Below the noise and talk
To wrap it up and put it away
Is a gift I can own, no guilt
No games, only immersing my body in the whitest sheets imaginable
With a touch of hair and
A lemon juice smile
A push of my hips and
Seeing my eyes out
What more could I ask for this while
Except more secrets
A whisper, a flame
A pillow with color
A mirror with no reins
Reflecting the plant alive in the corner and
Knowing I am not insane
I'm sitting on carpet and
feeling the ceiling through
My skin, precious like skin
Yet so filmy and thin
And if you should ask
I don't grave it I cool it and
Taste like fresh cucumber rain
I don't feed pain anymore, I just
Let it go again and again
With the blades turning
Watching the blame returning
I send it off with a love spree
Then it's silent in me and
I am free with only
one foot off the ground
jayebird Jun 2016
transcendence does not mean surpassing, moving above
transcendence is living through opposite ends of the spectrum simultaneously, or even being it

without experience, here, still there is
without eyes to gaze upon the mystery of coherent light
touchable without a hand
i am born again
again and again and again
until i transcend
into an unlookable expanse
within and without of myself

how do i know?
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