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Jaye Donart Jan 2011
One minute I laugh
Smile stretching my face taut
A sideways glance stolen from the prejudice mirror reflects
MASSIVE pupils like all consuming black holes
4 hours ago I was a ******* Tomato and I know you will mis pronounce it  miles above the planet Earth I crash down only to land on venus (Cuz there's girls there)
3 hours now the clock above this moniter is orange purple no wait it's yellow well when it was a clock now its turned into a pile of ants ******* they ruined the picnic,  just like people they scurry about to interfere and get all up in my affairs
are not straightened out at all on the surface I remain calm and collected but inside my conscious is scattered sporadically across 12 ******* dimensions of lysergia And then the jet lands gradually touchdown to reality. Deep breath full of marijuana smoke okay houston we're back in the air Right on brutha peace love unity whatever man do your thing I could really not care less
Jaye Donart Dec 2010
Screeching dystopia
Static dischord
Flashing images of the horde
war famine anger disease
I brush these off with relative ease
to paint a picture ever clear
of a life once lived
-with pressing fear

— The End —