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Apr 2016 · 1.3k
playful fate
jc Apr 2016
fate is playing a trick on me again
it made us meet a number of times
and gave me opportunities repeatedly
but regardless of what it does or what i do
if your heart is not giving me a chance
then it is all a game i can never win
i can simply suffer the loses
and experience the pain
over and over... and again
Apr 2016 · 418
used to be
jc Apr 2016
as i lie down in the silence of the night
a thought flashed in my mind
it reminded me of something about you
these happens without notice
and makes me remember how we were
you gave me love compared to no other
but i turned it away and left you
i thought i did what was best for us
but how come i am living miserably
while enjoying the memories
of the times we used to be
something written long back...
Feb 2016 · 676
chocolate on your desk
jc Feb 2016
i placed a chocolate on your desk
with a short note saying
happy valentines
and have a great week

i want to do something thoughtful
for an amazing girl like you
i hope you'll get my intent
and find this gesture simply nice

now my mind is like a troubled sea
anxiously waiting if you'll respond
afraid and nervous on what you'll say
worried if this move could end it all
Feb 2016 · 403
jc Feb 2016
why do you keep doing this to yourself?
you're thinking of sending a message again
and then hoping for a warm reply
while knowing  you'll get a cold response

why do you continue to reach out?
this has happened over and over
you always end up cursing the night
and simply coasting past the day

why do you place her above you?
recall what plane stewardess always says
put on your mask first before others
shouldn't it apply for all cases

why are you so stubborn?
though she had not told you to stop
isn't it enough that she doesn't care
or that she barely responds

why do you keep insisting?
to send a message one more time
you've done this again and again
and the results never change

why don't you come back to reality and see?
that it's time to let this feelings go
stop making made up excuses
on the way she responds to you

why are you day dreaming of her smile?
her bright eyes and cute nose
and everything nice
please stop it for your sake!

why am i doing this?
i'm your logical head
pleading my case and asking you not to forget
the pain of one message sent
Feb 2016 · 399
star of the show
jc Feb 2016
when we first met
i thought my dream is realized
desiring to play a role opposite yours
i can be Romeo as you are Juliet
after having enough courage
i took my chance and got to know
my role was simply some other guy

a better role is what i seek
and allow me to play a bigger part
share the same scenes with me
and you can know me better
you are the star of this show
and one chance is all i need
to prove i can play the opposite lead
Feb 2016 · 5.7k
jc Feb 2016
nakasalubong kita kanina
ang layo ng iyong tingin
at di mo man lang napansin
na ako'y nasa harap mo na

baka ito ay iyong sadya
pagkat ayaw mo na akong makita
pero bakit ako natuwa
kahit alam kong ako'y walang halaga

akala ko'y tanggap ko na
pero bakit ako ulit umaasa
naiinis sa aking sarili
kung bakit damdami'y di mapigil

sana di na tayo magkita
ng malimot na kita
baka ako ay sumaya
at balang araw makahanap ng iba
Feb 2016 · 356
last hurrah
jc Feb 2016
this is my battle cry
as the war in me go on
the battles have my heart weary and worn
why fight for this feelings of love
when retreating to numbness brings utter peace to all
don't feel with this heart and be blind
but keep this head straight and assess the subtle signs
desire has made me lose my sight
so that things that are black as night
were seen as white like light

you are worth my lifetime's pursuit
and though i yearn for you greatly
it can be silenced by the respect you deserve truly
let a sound of emptiness come my way
and an echoing halt is what i'll receive
as i succumb into the miserable arms of defeat
but a single wink is a distinct sign
that you're at least willing to give it a try
either way i love you nonetheless
as i shout my last hurrah
one more try...
Feb 2016 · 760
jc Feb 2016
saw you the first time where planes depart
from my dreams this girl stepped out
thinking of introducing myself
i wasted time and let the chance flew by
if it's destiny, another chance will surely come by

a month after where people celebrate
as to my surprise, you were there playing dice
approached a table of fifteen or so
but a friend stopped to chat for a while
before i knew it, my opportunity has passed me by
this is simple coincidence and that is how i should see it

weeks passed by where i work
while walking thru an aisle, something caught my eye
you were nearer than i thought
composing messages nervously
my heart leaps with joy on your every reply
this could be destiny for all i know

weekends passed and as my leaving date nears
i gathered up courage and we talked for a while
continued to send message
even if i get desert rain replies
not giving up due to my sincere desire
and trusting destiny is on my side

days passed as i continued to reach out
every minute looking forward for a reply
agonizing mornings continues to welcome me
and silence are lullabies to my sleepless nights
as your message starts to cease
i then realized, that no message is also a reply

as my mind continues to wander
amidst all these events, the question remains
is it destiny for us?
or these are mere coincidences?
after much thinking, i finally understand
the answer is in your hand

— The End —