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Jayanta Feb 2016
There is a transect from colour to colourless,
There is a traversing from sunup to sunset!
A track from vividness to lifelessness!
Morning brings colour to life
Birds sign and fly, hark back splendour of work,
Butterfly invigorate redden of existence
Existence of life in the doodle nature
Every one blossom for breathing!

But we are waiting for dusk
Becoming everything murky
Than eliminate nature from life
Carnage everything with our manliness
and swollen with pride!
Jayanta Feb 2016
Staying alone means talking with the self
Staying alone means reviewing the past
Staying alone means scanning the identity
Staying alone means recounting the plummet of felony
Staying alone means recovering the stolen glee  
Staying alone means invigorating yesterday
Staying alone means get ready for tomorrow!
Jayanta Sep 2015
Squall comes in due to differences of pressure
Evolved by temperature,
But when it appears everything reformed to neutral
Calmness creates new ground for creation.
So they always tell that squall is required for creation
Because new creation evolved after destruction.
Let’s pray for squall
To wipe out the felony and annoyance
To prepare the ground for creation!
Jayanta Sep 2015
Days are not smooth!
Start with the news of conflict
accident, enmity, extortion,
inflation and starvation!

Clogs everything at night
with music of friendship and snigger
in the platform of virtual union!
But it is full with the misfortune of
physical aloofness and cloaked darkness!
Napping on
With a belief
to  get light at dawn !
Jayanta Sep 2015
The nature around us
Provokes to think!

The geometry of nature
Creates coincidences and intersections!
Coincidences of creation- destruction and re-construction!
Intersection reveals the connectivity,
Connectivity between deconstruction and reconstruction!

Geometry portray the commonness and uniqueness,  
Commonness and uniqueness between
‘image and number’ and ‘shape and number’!

It leads all relation to number relation!
Jayanta Sep 2015
‘Hemphu’ and ‘Mukrang’
Created this world!

We were born under the ‘Amora tree’
from the egg of ‘Wo Plak Pi’.

Then ‘Sum’ and ‘Sang’ trained us,
Edify us ‘karjong is everywhere’
It is there in air, soil, water, plant, animal.....
Every where!
So we must have admiration for them,
Must nurture and protect them!
Hearting ‘Krjong’ is a crime!

Now everywhere
There is a Chaos!  
Rain fades away
Forest disappears
‘Ingnar’ and ‘Bongkrui’ar
are suffering from starvation!  
Searching food here and there!

Now everywhere
There is a bedlam!  
‘Hanthu’ and ‘Mehek’ are wane
Searching them in day and night!
How we prepare food for ‘Thong Nokbe’!

Now ‘Hi-i-Arnam’ is wandering

Call everybody
Organize ‘Cho-jun’
to Keep karjong everywhere!

Call one and all
organize ‘Rong Arnam’
To shield karjong everywhere!

Call everyone
organize ‘Wophong Rongker’
To protect ‘karjong’ everywhere!
It is based on Karbi folk believes and tradition.  Karbi is tribal group inhabited mainly in Krbi-Anglong district of Assam, India; which is located in a rain shadow zone. They belief soul is everywhere so everything in nature to be nurture, take care and protected. There is a saying that after creation of world, creator sends two parents to the world and from them again different clan are evolved. Before increase of population creator sprinkle nine seeds to east and west, out of which Hanthu and Mehek germinated and flourish. The first Warrior Thong Nokbe introduce the practices of getting food from wild, he first prepare food from Hanthu and Mehek, so Karbi people consider them as scared food and it is mandatory to prepare it in every auspicious occasion.  
‘Hemphu’ and ‘Mukrang’ – the creator, Karbis hold in high esteem on them;
Karjong- Soul; Amora tree- Foudiaf mangrifera; Wo Plak Pi- Sacred bird (a mythical bird), Sum and Sang- first Karbi Parents;  Ingnar – Elephant; Bongkrui- Tiger, Hanthu- a verity of herbs ( Scientific name Gnetum gnemon L. (Gnetaceae) Gnetum gnemon L. (family Gnetaceae); Mehek-  a variety of Shed tolerating slending tree ( Scientific name - Mehek (Rhynchotechum ellipticum (Dietr.) Gnetum gnemon L. (Gnetaceae) Gnetum gnemon L. (family Gnetaceae),  Thong Nokbe- first Karbi Warrior; Hi-i-Arnam- Evil spirit; ‘Cho-jun’ – a rituals  performed once in three years in ‘normal circumstances’ or if ‘demanded’ earlier. ‘Cho-jun’ is performed for family wellbeing during which the ancestors from both the male and female lineages are also propitiated; Rong Arnam is another ritual observed during the month of Matizang (December) for the protection of the whole village; Wophong Rongker- It is believed that the performance of WophongRongker protects the agricultural lands from the ravages of floods and ensures timely rain.The venue for the performance of Wophong Rongker is the Wophong Rongker than (a stone shrine surrounded by a patch of forest – a sacred grove) situated in the nearby hill just outside the village. It is taboo to even pluck fruits from the trees of the than.
Jayanta Sep 2015
Philosopher once said
“Everyone is involved in constructing their own world!”
But what I will construct..... ?
“At that time,
We are playing in the courtyard,
My sister cooking on Coconut cell
I was a fisherman, catching fish
( it was a world of imagination where sand were the rice
Leaf of pumpkin were the fish)
All of a sudden father’s voice is come in
He is running towards home from the field
and outcry “again it is coming, get out and
Let’s go to main road”;
My mother was almost pasty,
Elder sister pick up important things in a bag
along with some utensil;
In a moment all of we run towards the main road,
When we reached there it was full of fallow villagers
My father searching for my uncle in the crowd
and get him;
He took us to a corner along the side of the road,
It was small shed made out of plastic sheet;
Uncle said to ‘now we have to stay here until normalcy come down’;
We sit on the floor with my sister,
Mother and aunt both are crying,  
Father is looking towards the habitat;  
Water flowing in.....  everything immerse.....
Only the areca nut tree and bamboo indicates
Where our home was;
All of we are waiting for the moment to water goes out
This it is second time in the year,
Last year it was once,
Year before last year my younger brother was washes out;
‘Can you tell me how we stop this?’
‘Whether I will create my world far from the river or construct a wall?’
Devastating flood in our state sprak same question to everyone .
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