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 Apr 2020 jay
You arrived at my door,
shaking and shivering.
Drenched from the rain,
I pulled you inside from
the glum suburbs outside.
Three in the morning,
the bruise on your cheek
and the cuts on your arm
confirmed my suspicions.
You couldn't say a word, so
I held you close to my chest.
Both of us were covered
in such a somber silence.
All I could feel were your tears
that soaked through my tee-shirt
and a growing disdain I had
for this world that takes away
much more than it ever gives.
We sat like that in my entryway
for what felt like a couple hours,
we didn't exchange a single word
because I had no idea what to say.
 Apr 2020 jay
Steady, ready, full steam ahead
I may be scared
But I can just turn around if I hit a dead end
My life is beginning
And every single day
I have the chance to change my life
It might seem small
Or insignificant
But every minute detail has some sentiment
And I may think that life will always be the same
But even a week from now
I’ll look back and say
Look at me! I’ve come a ways!
I stumbled there
And I messed up here
But I carried on and I wiped my tears
Ok maybe I’m getting over this block...
 Apr 2020 jay
breathe in
 Apr 2020 jay
she pulls a cigarette out of the box
fire emerges from the lighter
she lights tangible death
breathe in
2, 3, 4
her heart still hurts
breathe out
5, 6, 7
the pains a little duller
breathe in
2, 3, 4
breathe out
5, 6, 7
smoke pours out her lungs, out her mouth
if only her pain could be expelled in the same way
breathe in
2, 3, 4
(im sorry)
breathe out
5, 6, 7
 Apr 2020 jay
 Apr 2020 jay
She's the poison i'd consume every drop of.
 Apr 2020 jay
Palo Alto
 Apr 2020 jay
i'd jump every moon,
and wrap their heads with stars for You
**** on their tombs,
spread their ashes on mars for You
tend to every papercut and scar for You;
then make paper regret the day
he tried to spar with You

if You were mine
and i were Yours,
i'd need no out or space
unfortunate for me,
unrequited love becomes so commonplace
when you need more than mirrors
to put a smile on your face

i bring You flowers,
You ask me: "where's the vase?"

what a shame.
 Apr 2020 jay
He keeps her
safe by day
and warm by night
his hands travels
on her bare skin
one hand on her neck
the other holding her face
she pulls her hair back
so it won’t disturb
his kisses
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