My toes wrestled the cool grass...
… In the shade with a tall glass
I drank the kool of the aid fast
and drifted in a dazed draft
We did breezed laughs
      of hash
In the lungs back
My heart attacks
The math of what I ate last
It was pure trash
From a food fast
Adding fat mass
To a thick ass
        I crashed
                      & I burned
                  Too fast
              I woke up
         & passed out
     And dreamt laughs

       ….I guess

Drips from my ceiling
      Drops for my eyes
       I look at the clock
           It was midnight

      I wiped my forehead
And turned on the light
My hands were blood red
                               Bloodied by my wipe

My ceiling is bleeding
                   And my neighbors real quiet

         I don't,
                      really want to see
                                                      if he's alright

                  I won't call the police,
          When I look like the crime
And I don't know
                                what to do this time

                      Drips from my ceiling
I think my neighbor killed his wife


I hear her screaming

                    Sounds like she's alive

I really don't like that girl

But I don't want her to die

  But I really don't want to disturb him
            So I won't try

I'll mind my own business
             If he stays out of mine

  I guess I don't mind a few drips


I hugged the dirt
        Rolled in the grass
        Kissed the ground
And thanked
                        Her birth

But the sky was hurt
       No one celebrated her
   Holding up the universe
Hanging on the clouds
                  Rain & birds

The sky said
I'm just a plane hearse"
No one cares about the atmosphere
I'm just ambient air
      Put under pressures
  Singing in windchimes
  And combing kid hairs

I looked at the sky
        In her blue wide

        And I told her we would try
To treat her much better

Because we won't have
                              An earth to hug

                   Or any bugs
If the sky gets polluted

So remember on earth day
& everyday

We love Our Earth..

  But the sky is also included

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Earth Day topic
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