A broken cassette tape
Lays on the side of the road
Old times
Tracked and played soul
We used to listen
To the words unfold
The unraveling spin
Of music
The day our heart broke
And the way that song dug in
Out the window in the dirt
Lays a broken cassette tape
an old sound lost to malfunctioning

Today was a blank canvas
i painted panic
I was nervously frantic
About how the sun would take advantage
As it burned my shoulders
I didn't mind the damage
Because it calmed me
And let me know

Life really doesn't matter


Cold stones cobbled under barefoots broom
Feet flowed like a river toward the unknown
In the midst in the prairie in the valley
In the shadows in the ghettos in the rolling hills
In the meadows
Under our feet the earth Quaked willing then on the walls wrote
Gliphs notes hopes scopes writs and gnosis glowing under nose
Third eyes are open closed between the temples souls heaven hells
They already know what is gold and diamonds and emeralds
their meaning encrusted embedded in the wealthy chose
Cold stones cobbled under barefoots nose
Running like a steam train getting outta town
In the tracks of mind in the backs of time on the curbs and banks of rewind
Knowledge grows into another language and dimension timed hurry up or no
Fast is slow 24 hours 24 minutes 24 seconds 24 tenths of a second
In the streets in the buildings in the houses on the roofs and ceilings
Under our feet under our soles trampling cobbles and cold stones
Floating down the river driving down the road in the universe of glitter
My brain flows a crow who says old is better than you'll ever be told


Tombstone face
Here lies mate
Cemented eyes
On a cold slab of slate
Barely alive
More of a ghost
Than a guys fate
Death writes an epitaph
As the knight falls grave

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