T-The gift of life is oft stolen away
H-Horrid weaponry does the affray
E-Endlessly casualties will parlay

G-Gleaming soldiers eyes gone for rest
I-In unforgiving battles so harsh of test
F-Fighting at a land's utmost behest
T-Terrible the deadly toll is to attest

O-Over and over munitions have terminated
F-Flagrantly thieving any quietude generated

L-Loved sons of kinfolk seen to weep
I-Infinite this sadness ever so deep
F-From a beautiful benefit the cost steep
E-Extinguished by war's insane keep

The ears entrance
Welcomed a birds sentence
On the face of the day

But that barking dog
Said too many words
And interrupted
The song that was trying to play

So I turned on the radio
And heard the song of a Beatle
The songs of nature
Sound in each way

Soothing my ears
The barking was cleared
Until a commercial
Interrupted again

The wind moaned out loud

"oh my bloody back hurts."

© Pagan Paul (18/01/18)


Isn't always there

When it runs out
      It disappears

       Slowly the fade
   Of its colors wear

Like an old sock
   Who lost his pair

                Love stinks
While our feets bare
Washing their socks

      Losing one


                     Does  it  go


Matchless socks
      Live with the lost love

         That used to be shared

The popularity of the truth
Isn't a large crowd
It is persecuted for what
It's known about

A few understand
Because they've searched it out
But they get laughed at by the crowd
Who learned nothing from someone else

Never trust another mans mouth
When looking for facts
Where the truth is hidden
Behind shrouds

The majority loves lies
And what they sell
They've become popular
And everyone shares the tales

The popularity of the truth
Forms a small crowd
Because sometimes the truth hurts
The people who've hid it in denial

The pen seeks
         A new ink
As we jot
A new thought
         And think
What needs to be said
Caught in the web
Of our heads
   Spider spun sync

        The fly gets caught
And we prey a new plot
Devouring this meal
         And the reader
Gets wrapped up in our knot

The pen hungers
A new thought
A new ink
A new jot
So we feed it
To please it
Like a pet peeved
For another meal
And the readers get fat

As the audience gets big
Words fill the pig
And they joyously
Roll in the words slopped

The pen seeks
And it finds
What the readers won't let stop


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