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 Oct 2019 Silencer
scared to fall,
but more scared
of never flying,
so i sit at the edge
and wait.
i need to be more okay with letting myself fail every so often.
 Jun 2019 Silencer
A Sad Alex
can not be found in the flesh
For as warm it may be
As soft to your fingers it is
It will lay soft and cold eventually

can not be found in gold
Yes, it never loses its luster
But many coins you need to muster
And no number will fill the gap in your soul

can not be found in others
For the laughs may distract
The facade will crack
And still you will be empty inside

ilusive as it may be
It follows you around
It never left
For within you she rest
Waiting to be awoken
And while the rest might feel great
They serve as nothing but crutches
On your own you must stand
If you are to revel
On the pleasures life offers...

To improve one self
To look on path troded
It´s essence

To know there is more
With hunger jump forth
It´s rushes

To balance the mind
With the desire of the heart
It´s key

And once held in hand
You will understand
That happiness flies like a bird
But behind she left
And the knowledge
That you can get it again...
It's either

Our hearts are
that's why our ribs are cages


Our hearts are
                G O L D E N
that's why we protect it with our chest

Either way

We should never let it go.

We release a beast


We lose a treasure
It's never a win a win with your heart locked forever... rather an all for nothing chance
 May 2019 Silencer
Zoe G
 May 2019 Silencer
Zoe G
So this is what we have become
only daughters or sons
sometimes that's all it needs to be
for one to become free
from within
 May 2019 Silencer
 May 2019 Silencer
The world is like a living hell,
glad to say, she played well
for she has to deal
in a different level
with every devil
 May 2019 Silencer
Stained Glass
"When she finds herself in darkness,
with just the thoughts her mind invents,
I wonder. 'Is it scarier to have them all,
Or that they're making sense?'
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