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No matter how low
you may go

Take it slow
Until your able to take control

Dismiss your thoughts of letting go
Keep telling yourself NO

Do not give in
I promise you it will get better than it has been

Then your life again will begin
Then those thoughts, it will be their end

More than likely your asking yourself how does he know
I became that low

So low
I cut my wrist
As I clinched my fist

At that moment I looked down
And ask
My life how could I dismiss ?

Now when I am feeling low
I look at my scare
To remind me I can exist
I would be missed

So when your feeling low
Do not let go
Let those thoughts go
Say no
People often wonder,
How does a king ignore his followers,
Just sit by as they suffer.

Yet you don't know what he's known,
For you've never taken the throne.
How much is he shown?
From that place on his throne.

Does he choose to turn a blind eye?
Watching while others cry?
Or does something else lay claim to the apple of his eye?

But what is it that protects the king from ire,
Whilst his loyalties are under fire?

It is not commonly known,
That the king is only shown what his throne wants shown.

If you don't believe me then go ahead,
Take the throne,
Atop the previous monarch's head,
And have your vision overthrown.
 Jun 2016 Javier Garza
the large wooden door to my throneroom is tossed aside with a bang, an army of demons storming inside. i observe their gathered number calmly. i could **** each and every demon taking part in this revolt with ease. the problem is, i have no fight left in me. i've relapsed into my addiction to human blood, and i have no strength to cut off the rebellion. i'm exhausted, and i keep hearing my own words from that fateful night in the church so many years ago, knowing they could never become reality,

we deserve to be loved
i deserve to be loved
i just want to be loved

so, when the demon army orders me to step down from my throne, i agree. even if they sentenced me to death, i probably wouldn't fight it. yet, the demons are too afraid to attempt execution. instead, they allow me to return to my old profession as a crossroads demon. my work as a crossroads demon was the only thing i've ever felt truly confident in. i loved the job, and I was the best in the business. after all, i am king of the crossroads.
There will always be
A reserved part of
My heart beating
Quietly in the dark
I protect it with
Love and care because
Its for those whom
Have passed on

Memories unfold
Within my heart,
Mind and soul
And ever single heart
Since gone as touched
And healed my soul

Laughter and life
Are memories
That I recall
Because with out
Their guiding light
I would not be
Who I am today

Ever now and then
I recall lost loved
Ones from the past
So from me to you
To all those gone
I love you and thank you
Straight from my heart

Copyright: Kaila George 2016
 Apr 2016 Javier Garza
 Apr 2016 Javier Garza
She desires excellence – pristine, pure, perfection.
She desires excellence – clarity, cogency, coherence.
She desires excellence – sharp, sensual, stressful.
She desires excellence – alluring, artful, alone.
She desires excellence – too much, too much, too much.
"Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses."
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