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Lynn Jan 28
Closed my eyes to one nightmare
and opened them to another.
Tossed and turned, wet my pillow
Trying to wake from that terror
Morning came.
Closed my eyes to one nightmare
and opened them to another.
Tosses, turns, tears...
no good.
A nightmare that can’t be woken from,
only slept into another.
Lynn Jun 2019
The Ocean
   she’s wild and unpredictable
That is what makes her so much fun
   she’s a risk.
She may toss you senseless in
   her unending watery folds
Or perhaps envelope you gently in
   a shallow blanket.
soft enough to give life
strong enough to drown it away.
Lynn Jun 2019
Smiling faces, perfectly candid.
Content in every way by everything
People laughing, playing,
seeming to live life without a care in their way

Special moments, ordinary moments
Ordinary moments that become special when saved
Looking back on all these places, faces
Frozen still in my fingers

These days are better
The past is always better
Older days when we were younger
A picture mourns for what has been and no longer is

But should it?

We took those days and treasured them
Memories made special because we can look back at them
Will we one day look back to where we are now
And mourn these days as well?

A picture should not mourn
A photo should remember and remind
Live life with every moment
Treat each memory as if it were a photograph:

Perfect. Still. Not subject to time.

Time cannot be spent pining for what was
For then, in the future,
Time will be spent
Pining for what could have been

Hold the photograph, a memory almost tangible
Now create another one.

— The End —