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Dec 2019 · 149
I Still Remember
Jaspal Kaur Dec 2019
I still remember the warmth of your hug but I don't remember why you turned cold on me.
I still remember the truthfulness in your words but I can't remember when they turned into lies.
I still remember the promises you made to me but can't remember why you broke them.
I still remember the day when you said you loved me but I don't know when it turned into hatred.
I still remember the day I met you for the first time but can't remember why & when you left me.
Apr 2019 · 1.2k
Writing is healing
Jaspal Kaur Apr 2019
Whenever I am sick at heart,
a river of never ending thoughts
flows inside me.
A state of utter confusion besieges me.
Tears are at the brink of falling.
My heart at the verge of collapsing.
Sense of complete helplessness surrounds me.
This in when words come in for my rescue
"Writing is real healer"
Apr 2019 · 148
Jaspal Kaur Apr 2019
For you to love me,
Your heart should be broken into pieces.
Feb 2019 · 54
Jaspal Kaur Feb 2019
Some people will make you feel loved
living a thousands miles away,
While others will make feel alone
even sitting besides you .
Some people will support you
even though you are beyond saving ,
Others, like a leech
will **** your all your happiness and energy.
Some will always sacrifice for you
no matter how much wounded they are themselves,
While others will remember you
only when they need something from you.
Some will love you with all your
flaws and imperfections,
Others will try to change you as if
you are a glitch.
Learn to segregate between those “some people”
and “other people”.
Jan 2019 · 463
Jaspal Kaur Jan 2019
You were there and I was in love.
Love, then you decided to leave.
Leaving a void in my heart.
Heart drenched in emptiness.
Emptiness that turned me mad.
Madness that gripped my soul.
Soul which craved for something to feel.
Feelings that were already dead.
Death that created the void.
Void which can never be filled.
Aug 2018 · 282
Jaspal Kaur Aug 2018
I have been to hell.
It was when you left me and i needed you the most.
It was when i realised i would never hear your voice ever again.
It was when i wanted to grieve for you but i was too weak to cry.
It was when my heart ached to see you just for one last time.
It was when your memories turned into mere broken promises.
But the sad part is
Jun 2018 · 145
Jaspal Kaur Jun 2018
A little sober,
More of drunk.
A little happy,
More of sad.
A little fixed,
More of broken,
A little smiling,
More of crying.
mood swings, fluctuating feelings
Jun 2018 · 1.5k
My Fears
Jaspal Kaur Jun 2018
The only thing that scares me most is the sunrise.
The moment I see daylight spreading over houses and trees, all my fears become alive.
The fear of people seeing the pain of lost love in my eyes.
The fear that someday my smile will no longer be able to hide the anguish of broken heart.
The fear of breaking down in front of a crowd.
The fear of loving and getting attached.
The fear of unrequited love scares me.
The darkness of night hides all my fears in my eyes that nobody can see.
May 2018 · 482
Dying Love
Jaspal Kaur May 2018
A stake through my heart <3
What would it feel like.
That beated for you,will suddenly stop.
These eyes, that always longed to see you will close forever.
These ears, that always craved to hear your voice, will never listen anything from you again.
These lips, that always wanted to talk to you will be silent till eternity.
My body that always wished for your hug, will turn cold forever.
still sad thoughts
Sep 2017 · 196
I am not a writer
Jaspal Kaur Sep 2017
I don't consider myself as a writer.
I am a lover.
Your lover...!!!
Your love makes me write..!!!!
Sep 2017 · 431
I am Drunk
Jaspal Kaur Sep 2017
I feel like drunk today
Drunk in your love
Drunk in betrayal
Drunk in the sweet poison of friendship
Drunk in the insecurities of being alone
Drunk in the want to cutoff everyone
Drunk in the memories of past
Drunk in the yearn to get you
And the hangover is going to last forever..!!!!
Aug 2017 · 144
A dream
Jaspal Kaur Aug 2017
I suppose I am living because someday you will come for me.
With your arms wide open, you'll hug me
and whisper in my ear,
Aug 2017 · 109
Nothing Else
Jaspal Kaur Aug 2017
Don't try to seep into my soul,
Beneath lay words that suffocate.
love to write whatever i think.. but I read this somewhere. loved these lines.
Jul 2017 · 140
Jaspal Kaur Jul 2017
Your eyes are empty love, so impossibly vacant.
Devoid of any emotion, dead of dreams.

Because your tears flow away, ripping the feelings, the pain.
As I reach out but our ways are separated, as misery seeps through
the space between us.

You walk on broken glass and still smile.
I walk on flower beds but still scream.

Because we are one and you cannot see.
I feel your pain and with every fake smile you **** me.

I am trying love just close your eyes.
I will take you away far far away from this agony.

I won't say I will tear the moon for you.
Or clench the sun within my hands.

But love if their shine hurt your eyes.
Because you are too deep in dark.

I promise I'll shield you and heal your dark wounds.
And gashes of loneliness and scars of memories.

And I'll hold your shattered pieces, until storm inside you ceases.
I'll put them together and fix you.

I'll steal your breaths away from death fill you again with hope. And I will show you what's light.

You are scared my love and I know. But just hold my hand and don't let go.
I know you are afraid to loose the ground love, but if you stand once I won't let you falter.

I'll hold you until you can walk on your own
To your destination of dreams all alone.

I'll let you go then and you won't fall ever again.
You will break through all those metal chains.

And through those thunder clouds you'll rise.
Like piano notes and wind chimes.

Love, my life was always yours. I'll give it away if I have to.
But till then I am here, watching.
As your smile flows towards realm of reality.

And your dreams strengthen with hope and my light I gave you.
It's ok love, I can stand darkness. I am just wishing to see your face once.

But don't turn around love, for you've left the past behind.
And I am amongst your past now.

It's okay love, I'll live with your scars.
And your memories and your dreams.
Those dreams that you left with me.

I still have them love, your dreams have become mine now.
Only to protect and cherish and love and remember.

Until the last breath leaves me empty.
CREDITS: unknown
May 2017 · 264
No More Fakeness
Jaspal Kaur May 2017
I am fed up of pretending that how
strong I am.
I am weak and sluggish.
My soul is drained.
My heart is hollow.
Even my tears refuse to mourn for me.
I hate myself.
I hate the the fact that I am incapable of
loving and being loved.
May 2017 · 139
Just an Exemplification
Jaspal Kaur May 2017
If I stab myself for every time
you have hurted me,
My body would be full of voids.
Jaspal Kaur May 2017
I would never know the warmth of a father's hug.
I have never known the feeling of being protected by my father.
I have never seen my parents smiling together.
I have never felt the joy of being a daughter.

I have heard people saying that father is the only person
in a girl's life who will never hurt his daughter.


My father has hurted me the most.
My father's hands have never blessed me.
They have always been up to beat my mother.
I have never listened a word of love from him.
His lips has always opened to abuse and curse my mother.
I have never seen love & affection in his eyes.
They are always full of terror and hatred.

It's been a long time, I am away from him.
He has never missed me.
He has never seen in my eyes that how much I need him.

In the parallel universe, I have a happy family.
My parents love me a lot.
We are living happily ever after.
May 2017 · 164
Confessions of a "SUICIDE"
Jaspal Kaur May 2017
I can feel a millions of dreams shattering.
I wish I had the courage to live a little more.
When I wanted to live till my last breath.
I had dreams, energy, visions for my best future.
Love was all around me.
I used to spread smiles & laughters.
I studied,worked, ate,slept & enjoyed.
As I grew up, everything changed.
I no longer laugh or smile.
I don't dare to dream.
I can't even bear myself breathing.
I am about to get rid of all this endless pain and trauma.
I can see never ending peace waiting for me on the other side.
Somewhere in the parallel universe, I am as happy as I wanted to be.
May 2017 · 143
Millions Of Everything
Jaspal Kaur May 2017
Millions of hearts,but each having different kinda feelings...
Some full of love n some just with nerves n blood....
Millions of brains,each having its own kinda thought process....
Smart brains rule the world while duffer ones ruled by others...
Millions of hands,but doers of different deeds.....
Some are helping hands while others are just fr snatching....
Millions of feet,each pair moving with its own pace...
Some towards heaven while other towards hell....
Life life life......
Such a complex as well as simple concept...and on. the other hand...
WE...the great creation of god known as humans...never live in present always think about past n tooooo worried about future....
Millions of tensions,sorrows,worries have ruined our brain to such a extent that we have forgot to live life....
My first piece of writing
Apr 2017 · 270
Every night, I tell myself
Jaspal Kaur Apr 2017
Go to sleep everything's going to be alright,
Whole life is waiting for you, it's just a matter of night.

The sun will shine in the morning bathing you in it's light,
You need to get up and prepare yourselves to fight.

Erase all the negative thoughts & battle with all your might,
Polish yourself and someday you will shine bright.

Dance on the rhythm of your soul, be humane and polite,
Now go to sleep sleepyhead, it's already midnight..!!!
Jaspal Kaur Feb 2017
I will meet you yet again
How and where? I know not.
Perhaps I will become a
figment of your imagination
and maybe, spreading myself
in a mysterious line
on your canvas,
I will keep gazing at you.

Perhaps I will become a ray
of sunshine, to be
embraced by your colours.
I will paint myself on your canvas
I know not how and where –
but I will meet you for sure.

Maybe I will turn into a spring,
and rub the foaming
drops of water on your body,
and rest my coolness on
your burning chest.
I know nothing else
but that this life
will walk along with me.

When the body perishes,
all perishes;
but the threads of memory
are woven with enduring specks.
I will pick these particles,
weave the threads,
and I will meet you yet again.

-Amrita Pritam.
Feb 2017 · 182
I want this gift
Jaspal Kaur Feb 2017
The best gift a person can get is the undivided attention of their love. The only thing i have ever wanted.!!!
Dec 2016 · 251
Do love costs a thing..???
Jaspal Kaur Dec 2016
Your heart skips a beat even at their single thought.
That care, attention, affection, worry is not for yourself anymore.
Your days are full of fake smiles and nights with never ending tears.
You want to be happy but sadness seems to be more comforting.
Darkness seems to be more consoling than a ray of light.
Loneliness feels like more remedying than being escorted.
You want to die but there’s something that still keeps you stuck.
You feel like quitting but your wounded heart is still full of love.

— The End —