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 Jul 2015 Jason Cole
AK Bright
What is it that holds the oceans back
or makes the flowers bloom
what is it that hangs with precision the sun
and makes it to chase the moon

What is it that makes us savor love
and makes our minds to dream
what gives a baby his first breath
and just the right air to breathe

What makes us long for something more
Contentment, a school boy's crush
We chase it around 'til we think it's cornered
But it always escapes in a rush

We're all searching for something deeper
Something beyond our mortal power
We won't find it in our vices
Or atop the Ivory Tower

I found the answers in eternal hope
And everything unseen
My treasures lie on the other side
This life is but a dream
Why are our minds so filled
With worthless useless thoughts
Things that have no worth
Things we should think not

Why can we not focus
On what is good and kind and right
Think on thoughts that edify
And escape the dark thoughts of night

The things we let into our mind
An image a word a sound
Are sown as seed and planted there
Growing till only those thoughts abound

Be ever mindful of the crop
That in your mind you grow
For what it is we think
Over time we shall surley sow
 Jun 2015 Jason Cole
Sy Lilang
 Jun 2015 Jason Cole
Sy Lilang
"If you're not obeying God's words, you are despising Him."
- *
 Jun 2015 Jason Cole
Sy Lilang
Isn't rainbow a reminder of God's covenant?
Why be blind? Why have to alter it?
Why have to manipulate the crowd
And let others be deceived?

I love God and I love people
I love the sinners as well,
But I hate the sin.

Disciples of Christ don't simply stand
We don't stand for ourselves
We aren't perfect, we are also sinners
But because of His blood,
We are saved by grace.

And a changed heart
Means the old has gone
And the new has come.

With all our transgressions,
With all of our issues,
Even those identity crisis we ever had,
We have been forgiven.

Christ, therefore, is more powerful than any crisis
We are redeemed,
We now don't live for ourselves
God's Word is alive and active
And it will accomplish the purpose
Why it was sent.

God is just, God loves us all
But our love for Him
Is shown through our obedience.

Now, Christians, rise.
Your spirit is a shadow
                made of light

Your spirit is a shadow
        growing longer
                into night

Your spirit is a shadow
        none can capture
                all can see

Your spirit is a shadow
                set free
First published in River Poets Journal: Volume 10, Issue 1

My brother was an old beatnik (I guess I’m an old hippie — only a few years made all the difference). I was my brother’s caretaker for his final seven years, the slow decline of dementia. He was not religious. In fact he was anti-religious. But still I would argue with my brother about spirit. I said we all have a spirit that lives on after we die. He wasn’t buying it and kept challenging me: “What is spirit? What do you mean?”  I told him your spirit is like a shadow except instead of darkness it is made of light. As the sunset neared on his life, I could sense his spirit growing larger. He denied it to the end and I love him for that. After my brother’s passing, years went by before I could write about it. When I was ready, this poem sprang up. You could chisel it on my tombstone (and please do).
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