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If I were a cup of black coffee you take me just the way I am.
If this were a thanksgiving dinner you'd be the turkey and I'd be the ham.

I'm the water and you're the sea
I'm the sailor and what I really mean is; you complete me. 

If this were a battery you'd be the positives and I'd be the negatives.
If I were a holiday you'd be the festive's.

If this were space you'd be the stars that form my galaxy.
If I were a driver in New York, you'd be my taxi.
If I a flower and you the bee, then it's clear to see that what I really mean is; you complete me.

One ways, u-turns, dead ends and yields, green lights, left lane merge and a squashed bug on my windshields.

If I were a Bic ballpoint pen then you would write out every sin.
If this were it, it would be the greatest love there has ever been.

Road signs and paper, fantasies and nature cannot help to say in such a little way that all I try to convey that what I really mean is; you complete me.

If I were a song you'd memorize my lyrics 
If this were February 1990 it would be Hold On by Wilson Phillips

If I were a comic book, you'd be my nerd.
If you were a photographer I'd be your bird. 

If I a cold night and you the book by a fire, then I'd be the Hobbit and you'd be my Shire.
If I a cup and you the tea then all there is left to say is...

I fell in love with a mortal
Her stare was cold as ice
Her burning skin was ecstasy
Stars twinkle in her eyes

I fell in love with a mortal
Her name I do not know
Her lips were kind and gentle
But alas! She was a foe

I fell in love with a mortal
Someone I can't embrace
She'll break my heart and crush my soul
Soon, we're parting ways

I fell in love with a mortal
It was cruel and unfair
Though my heart was pure and young
It was a brutal share

I fell in love with a mortal
She does not really know
I fell in love with a mortal
This love might never grow

Unrequited love has always been and will always be the worst pain..
Love is like

jumping off a cliff.

You fly.

Without knowing

If you'll die

Or live..
When I asked you to fix me,
You told me I wasn't broken.
But, let this soak in.
I just wanted to know,
If i was still a pretty enough picture to be worth, agonizing over a puzzle.
Even when it's a struggle.
And you have to nuzzle each piece into place,
Kissing the pieces bent out of shape,
Searching for pieces gone missing,
But you can't make a raisin back into a grape.
Yes, I Remember your middle name
And who says we can't celebrate failure?
Don't be sad, we tried, we tried.
When you write your story in the sand it washes away with the tide.
It isn't our fault.
We may have cut ourselves open, But we didn't ask for the salt in our
Can I still say "we"?
I guess you're kind of done with me.
I don't blame you, Puzzles are frustrating.
they're a tease.
Please, tell me I haven't lost the most important piece.
Tell me I haven't lost

© copyrighted Nicole Ann Osborn
The Greek King Midas had the ability
where everything he touched turned to gold.
While it may seem great at face value,
the inability to pat his kids on the back,
or high five a friend was destroyed.
But at least,
something positive could be ordained from his curse.
Whereas everything I touch,
withers away and dies.
Screaming in agony and misery.
Living reclusively,
I sometimes forget about that fact,
until I get too close,
reach out,
and become instantly reminded.
mother always said
"The happiest people can tell the difference between wants and needs"
father always  said
"You will get to what you want when you do what is needed"
grandmother always said
"Life is full of wants and needs, happiness comes when they match"

My Nana didn't know how those words would ring true
And neither did I
Till the day I met you
you make my future and past make sense
Seduce my delicate
Mind and run after my
Oxygen which is the
Key to my sweet, long
E**verlasting pain
If I could make sense of who I am
Perhaps I'd see you clearly
If I could make heads or tails of me
Then, maybe, I could begin healing.
If my brain could find order and peace
It's possible I'd love you freely
If I knew that I was right side up or upside down
I may finally stop abandoning you, may stop leaving.

But I've no clue who the mirror is showing me,
I've never seen that thing once in all my days.
And, *******, there's pitiful little good in knowing me
But you stayed and that saves me in a million, million ways.

If you'd put your arms around me, I know I'd push away
And if you told me you loved me I'd say 'it's just a phase.'
I haven't jumped into the unknown because I'm scared of where I'll land.

And I can't trust you until I make sense of who I am.
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