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Jason Chae May 2016
you probably sat down on the bowl with a relief
now your **** is touching all kinds of butts whoever had the same problem
but this doesn't even matter for you are about to give birth to your worst child

you better finish this quick
for it brings **** tons of shame

now you just made a splash
it might be your dead baby getting thrown into the lake
something else like
your pride and dignity

but don't worry this isn't the worst part

after all the hard work
after all the shame you went through
now you have to let it go

this might be a love poem
Jason Chae Feb 2016
We were states of matter
until we had chemistry
a pure of mix elements causing eradication
and more like atomic radiation
we were powerful
an affective pair

then biology taught me
to value every heart beat of yours
every tissue to cells
every cytoplasm to mitochondria

and that Czechoslovakia
that you were from
had a capital named Prague
during world history
but nothing interesting than your story
during our midnight phone call

then mathematics taught me to calculate the distance between us
and physics showed me our chance of collision in every single velocity

I have used all kinds of formulas I learnt to solve our problem

but dear

I got the answer of
good bye

Good bye,
High School.
im graduating lol
Jason Chae Jan 2016
*"wait here"
i just read about syrian war
and what a heart break
Jason Chae Dec 2015
imagine if VCIS had escalators instead of hard stair cases
and water slides in each sides
just to keep our entertainment level high

imagine our classrooms with movie screens
instead of those pale whiteboards
where you can watch the math problems
as the ****** in this movie
while you enjoy the lessons
chomping some barbecue popcorns

imagine our canteen
as a 5 star Gorden Ramsy's
and our library with a super secret spy base
behind one of those 8 bookshelves
and our tiny comfort rooms with disco *****
so we can shake a bit while we release some bits
and our quad floor as the Pacific Ocean
because why not
imagine Koby Bryant standing in our Lakers ground
just to make our school look cool

imagine our school as a mental hospital
or a even a county called
"International Christian Republic of Victory"
for we have our own flag and an anthem to sing

imagine every extremes you had ever imagine

but once these imaginations step in the border of wishing
to change our school

VCIS will never be the same

because I like our school the way it is
it is imperfectly perfect

each of the classrooms have different crayons of personalities
where everyone fills the color of this huge painting

our windows are sealed with iron bars and covered with egg trays
but no great movies can be fun as this movie with best friends

and the those grade school students running every morning
as if I was chasing them on a 13th Friday
but they are happiest human beings I know

and even though our campus may be smaller than others
and even though there are some cracks in the edges
and even though I eat fried chicken with ketchup every single lunch

I will remember VCIS forever for that.
(wrote this spoken word poem for a school event)
Jason Chae Dec 2015
She has two toes
with a chubby nose

A sweet chocolate for her skin
with an oder of a toddler

In bite size she comes
but bites whenever near her

She eats like a turtle swallowing a melon
but sings with all the mellow

She sure can sting you like a bee
but kind as she always be

Her name is Ruthie
and she is a Blessie
Jason Chae Nov 2015
While you cover your profile pictures with transparent flags
ranting how terrorism should stop
retweeting and reposting those gory pictures of the victims
keeping up with the latest news
and trying to flow with the trend
like if this was the new ice bucket challenge
but with blood water.

In all honesty,
Do you really pity the victims?
Do you really feel the sorrow?
Were your families even part?
Were your friends even part?
Were you a part?

Or are you doing it for the sake of Likes?

Only truly
if you hate terrorism,
act like as you really do
because you look stupid,
hating what social media tells you to hate.

And only truly
if you hate terrorism,
You would do something more than a click from social media.

If terrorists terrorize to change the world into their own,
what are we doing to change ours?
once again slaves of social media who call themselves "supporting"
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