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janet chavarria Aug 2017
a good and gentle person
was too quickly called away.
now anguish is in our hearts
for this sad and mournful day.

a blessing to his loved ones
and to each devoted friend.
a great many tears will flow
to realize this dear man's end.

though our hearts will be heavy
and filled with much pain and grief
through trust in our Redeemer
we'll find solace and relief.

for those who came to know him
and be a part of bob's life
he was a friend, a brother,
a dad; and cherished his wife.

we'll treasure the memories
to turn over and again.
like a movie with no sound
that's played ev'ry now and then.

although he may be parted
from this existence of life,
he is now free from worry,
his difficulties and strife.

bob's with his dad and mother
'twas a man like no other;
know that when your days here end
once more we'll see this sweet friend.
janet chavarria Jul 2017
people may judge by only your cover.
when you open up they will discover
what's misunderstood becomes apparent:
the chatter about you was quite errant.
their misbeliefs should not be your problem;
stay kind, committed and free to blossom.
no matter what they do or say, dont doubt
your worth or beauty for truth will win out.
your cover may be worn, torn to tatters;
keep shining! for it's God's love that matters!
janet chavarria Jun 2017
No jewel shined any brighter than the dazzling Christmas star.
It glowed so radiantly it was seen both near and far.
A beacon to the Christ child as He laid on a bed of hay.
It told to the entire world a King was born that day.
Oh heavenly star keep twinkling - grant us peace and faith and love.
Keep our prayers forever turning to the Lord up above.
T'is the season of caring and warmth and good cheer.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
janet chavarria Jun 2017
dear julia,

you have slipped the soured bonds of earth
and will dance in the skies smiling.
upwards you'll climb to heaven's girth
through sun-split clouds and cosmic bling.

you'll do many things not dreamed of:
soaring high in the sunlit sky,
racing the wind to the moon above,
rising up where no eagles fly.

escalating with ease and grace,
all this wandering won't seem odd
while passing through this divine space.
reach out! and touch the face of God!

i'll be looking up at the stars for you with
     a heart full of love.
you are now at peace, forever, safely home
     in heaven above.
let the wind lift your spirit and take you away
     to the arms of the Savior to hold you this day.
rest in peace.

gramom janet
janet chavarria Jun 2017
things sometimes will go wrong,
and the road may seem long,
the income may get low
and the bills start to grow,
you need to smile and sigh.
'cause life may seem awry.
step back, rest, but don't quit!
regroup and recommit.
the method for success
is to halt the excess;
make ev'ry moment count;
living is paramount.
janet chavarria Jun 2017
when the day is done and runs out of sun,
hope it went well (only you can tell).
took a wrong and made it right,
took a loose and made it tight,
gave a hug, cracked a smile,
cut a rug, enjoyed awhile.
when "all done" is said, head off to bed.
turn off the lite and have a good nite-nite
janet chavarria Apr 2017
folkfest twenty seventeen;
pulled out the tent and sunscreen.
bought my ticket, checked the dates;
got to be first at the gates.
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