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A message of love
is sent down through the ages
every Christmas
This snowman melted
though he struggled very hard
against the sun's rays
What can I wish you?
Good in abundance, inner peace,
infinite blessings
In the old garden
long hidden through misuse
amateur gardeners are restoring its past
with the help of professionals
who know about such things as
should bee boles face east
where blue poppies do best
and which are good grapes for wine

It took quite some courage
to hack at the creepers
and break up the concrete
but look at it now
As someone approached,
the pigeon I was watching
skeedaddled quickly
I am helplessly bound
by the magnetic stare
of the famous magician
about to perform
his most noted illusion

Do I dare
to read the conditions
that say in the small print-
No refund for knife slips
by even a quantum,
which leave me in limbo
I do not know where
Janet Aitch Nov 8
The geese flew over last night
I saw them in moonlight
The whisper of wing-beats
eclipsed by their honking

Steady in line
one after another
changing formation
but never the pace
A graceful sight!
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