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janelflorendx Sep 2018
then suddenly, he was there, stuck and stringed on my mind,  pieces by pieces picturing us, a poignant lady, involves a troubleless subtle man who always has something to find,  never have i though imaginations could happen and be this defined

kisses i yearn every shot of *****. laughs i ought to see but pretend as if an uninterested someone i can be.

hugs i want to steal from your back eveytime i see you washing dishes, what allure do you got that suddenly made me felt like a maniac

your fingers sliding on my face buried by messy hair, emotions held for so long, resisted in so many ways, but there we just went bare, kissing in a gloomy night,
we didn't mind being aware

baby were you happy when u said it was all just for fun, or were u just drunk and spun?

i was left conjecturing words that came to me as a command, command  not to give a slightest care, banish the memoir for it was only a sinful tear.

how can i forget if heat from your body left lingering on my heart. tingy feeling of longingness and resistance, will this romance be just an endless glance, wont there be any chance?

oh i wish i could do something to set this confusion and love apart. ill always see you more than a man and a fragment of an art. please do know i will always love you from afar
for a moment there, in that four corners, i felt peace.
janelflorendx Mar 2017
bury me with the shameful ashes of our past
drown me with your passionate kisses and whisper me that we'll last

take the one last innocent glance
before i drink the liquory glass

i'm on ceasefire
so ready to conspire
hold me tighter and
share me your drunkful desires
janelflorendx Mar 2017
You are a drug to me
Im a passionate jitterbug when you hold me, carelessly falling like a debris, avoiding all casualty

I wanna kiss your lips
Pull you with my tight grips, hold your hips, endlessly killing you with my kiss

Im in love with you
In and through the blues,
Hon, what allure do you have
It got me all stuck and caught through your rendezvous,
slept all sizzled by our paramour
woke up in the morning all so glamoured, your love always felt me so pampered
janelflorendx Mar 2017
Putting myself at risk or being spontaneous of the feeling of death makes me happy because its what makes me feel alive even for just a moment
janelflorendx Mar 2017
I will love you until the day the moon will vanish into its dark vast space
Until the stars slowly untwinkle as you close your eyes during the night.

And until i see the morning sun rising reflected upon your brown eyes

I will unconditionally love you until  our universe will inevitably explode into the void

Just as how defeaning our world crashes and collides,
Is just as perfectly how i would want to loudly speak your name and yell how solemnly am deeply inlove with you
janelflorendx Mar 2017
i was once  a stray dog hungry for affection and adoration, a terrible narcissist stuck with this forlorn and poignant emotions

i was once a substance of melting sorrow and self-loath

then you came

and everythings changed
janelflorendx Mar 2017
Yea? you wanna know what i feel?

I feel so unlikeable that i turn out ashamed of being me
ashamed of who i am and what im made of
it feels like i was never the girl you really liked in the first place
i never was once the girl of your interest.
I play makeups and clothes, not guitar and drumsticks
I love mellow music, not hard rock screamoes which u do like.

Were totally different in such million ways yet how did we found a love between a torn crack full of black and whites
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