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Don't live life
Full of regret
High expectations
Never met
Love letters
You did not send
Broken fences
You wouldn't mend
Hurtful words
Unable to take back
Feeling your heart
Start to crack
Pushed people away
Now your alone
No one to talk to
On the phone
It'll be okay
Don't be sad
Things can't really
Be that bad
That is why
When things look bleak
You must turn
The other cheek
Don't let life
Get you down
Turn your frown
Upside down
You must have done
Something right
Because I am here
With you tonight
jane taylor Oct 2016
haunted by transparent tawny remnants
from which i sprang
i etch away earthly layers
desperately trying to un-remember
whilst retaining wisdom's splendor
wrapped in your arms once again

i place many of my poems over my photography
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  Oct 2016 jane taylor
traces of being
Looking for a silver lining
               every time
                          it turns out wrong

Weighing reasons to believe
               looking for an
                          un-lost heart to behold

Seeking a golden skeleton key
               that unlocks
                          the secret garden’s
                                 velvet gate

Feeling the deep ache
                of cold and lonely
                           on a golden autumn morn

Walk along the garden pathway
               follow me down
                           the wooded pensive trail

See the reflection in the wishing well
                looking wistfully back
                            unbidden eyes' do tell

Feeling never enough
               like a pearl-less oyster’s
                           empty shell

Tripped and fell another dawning
               trying to come in
                           out of the storm

The only silver lining
               betides the moment,
                            ­sipping words

                            of hopeful waters

               from your well ...

*wild is the wind
"A wise man can see more from the bottom of a well
than a fool can from a mountain top ."
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