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janavi Apr 2021
going through the meadows again,
it is neither sunny nor mellow,
neither sunflower fields nor half yield wheat,
it might change tomorrow
but tonight and every night I spent,
in the dreamy mellows,
pictured by every poet, now and then,
it will always remain the same,
and that is near to impalpable worst.
janavi Mar 2021
the phases of moon devoir every night
I get more far away,
these days repeating themselves,
a miser might know better,
collective thieves,
and the charmers of the night,
just want to be better than yesterday,
yet the undeservings won,
but till when, until then
so many questions have been asked,
so many have got unanswered,
can this be called crescent
perhaps I hope it makes sense.
every night I sleep knowing I'll be hopeful in morning but I do know the truth.
janavi Feb 2021
I thought it was my reward for everything I went through
it's just another thing I have to go through.
it's the thin line,
where the failure sunk deep.
janavi Feb 2021
what will tomorrow bring I don't know,
I hope that the chaos that surrounds me, end.
When I open windows of my home
I just want to be somewhere but not here,
the olive bench or the pink sunset,
the broken armchair or the white mirror,
I might live my dream from tomorrow,
or I might change my dream tomorrow.

A Sunday market,
with ticking clocks or beautiful necklaces hanging down.
A city known or unknown,
all places can be home
if only I can act like I'm a portrait
of a girl sitting down on her bed,
with no chaos that surrounds her,
just waiting for tomorrow to begin again.
janavi Jan 2021
the fluorescent screen 2ft away,
rusty noise, dull winds
and a bent tree,
the dystopia was already mounted
the oblivion already surrounded
and i really liked the way,
ink was flowing from my pen,
the curves of k noticed
yet when the sun set,
it went unnoticed.
janavi Dec 2020
the chaos has returned
but had it ever left?
the dazzling city lights or the emptiness in the heart,
or the beauty of wrong decisions,
which led us onto this path.

one who is unknown to the beauty
of art, or one who has been betrayed,
all standstill, travelling on the same roads tonight.
janavi Nov 2020
sunshine and empty yellow sky, laughter echoing till cheeks turn red,
the town that screamed home
no longer suffices me
You're no longer here
the streets don't scream home
in this ephemeral waves
we've only connections that stay,
and thus,
the sidewalk still has our footprints left.
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