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Being with you seems like a smooth ride
Glad to always have you by my side
Something's telling me you are unique
Gifted, talented and truly artistic

Hear me now, I have something to say
All the things that made me happy each day
Fill my mind with thoughts untrue
Still again, I'd never cease to think of you

Run to me and hug me tight
Bag my kisses and make things right
Life has never been like this since you came
If only things can still be the same

Far away and follow my track
Lay my tears and never look back
Goodbye, my girl, you will always be
Truly, my best and one and only
Your skin so smooth as a clear mirror
Soothing my mind through all these endeavors
Your eyes so bright as the moonlight
Telling me to love you with all my might

Your body so perfect like the earth in the the galaxy
Reminding how you and I are made so perfectly
Your voice so sweet like a beautiful piano piece
Transferring me in a place of wonderful bliss

Your hair so silky as the rays of sun
Telling me that girl, you're the only one
Your lips so red like a drop of blood
You are the best I could ever have

Your smell so nice as the fresh flower
Having me think you're unlike any other
Your face so wonderful as the heaven on earth
The source of my never ending mirth

You are so beautiful inside and out
It is you that I can't live without
Girl, I just can't get you off my mind
'Cause you are so impossible to find
The moment I saw you I instantly knew
You are my greatest dream come true
You are the girl that was meant for me
The promise that has come to be

Finding you seems like forever
Reminds me of the time when I never surrendered
And now that I have already found you
I am so sure that this feeling is true

The pain and hardships have come to pass
A reminder of how broken my heart was
But now you have healed my heart
I swore to you we'll never fall apart

I never believed in the word, "forever"
Until I found out that we're together
Oh my love I wish it could be
Together, forever only you and me

Destiny is one of a kind
The rarest peron you'll ever find
And with that I should let you know
That girl, I never ever let you go
Missing someone is an irony
It makes me sad or annoyingly happy
The feeling is sweet yet so bitter
The lost moments of one another

I remember the day you first held my hand
Reliving the moment when we were walking in the sand
It felt so good that it almost made me cry
I'd never forget that even if I die

You are the best thing that ever happened to me
Being a complete person that I could ever be
Since you came, my life has never been like this
You've brought in this place of wonderful bliss

I just wanted to let you know
That girl, I would never ever let you go
Even if it costs me forever
I will still hope for us to be together
If only I could turn back time
Back to the time when you are free
I want to be with you and make you mine
And it will only be you and me

Time ticks slowly when you are near
Cherishing every moment you're with me
Hoping every second that you are here
Wondering if forever it will be

Life is some harsh and frustrating
As it seems like it's pushing us apart
And with that I am left wondering
Would it ever be able to satisfy my heart?

But no matter how hard it could be
No matter how far you drift
I'll swim the oceans and climb the highest tree
For you my lady was my greatest gift
The very moment I saw you, I instantly knew
That girl you're special, and that's so true
It's as if you were made for me
And I think you're my destiny

Your eyes, your lips, and your beautiful body
Is what a girl should ever be
You are so natural yet so odd
As if you were sent to me by God

The coincidences we met were astounding
And I cannot imagine this thing I'm feeling
Seems that all things about you were right
That's why I'm singing this song tonight

I really don't believe in destiny or happy ending
But when I met you, I can't imagine this feeling
It seems that all things went right
You've ended my fears and brought me light

The only moment you made me cry
Is the time when you said goodbye
But then, I did not lose hope
And with that, I learned to cope

Loving you is not that easy
And I don't understand what you feel for me
And with that I let my feelings flow
And the love that doesn't seem to go

You are my best friend and my twin
You are the hapiness I could ever been
I am yours and you are mine
We go along together just fine

You are the sweetest most delicious fruit
That's what you are, my dearest Nwute
I just can't get you off my mind
'Coz a girl like you is impossible to find
Why do I always remember
The time when i never surrendered
You, me, and always will be
A vision endless memory

Hope lead to frustration and frustration lead to anger
Reminiscing the time when you said that it's over
But this feeling of mine never ceased
Up until the time that I'd be deceased

I'm always thinking what have I done
For you to say that I'm not the one
I've done everything I could
But love me girl, you still never would

But despite the fact that you don't love meI
'll be here forever, girl, you will see
Just baby don't you let go
Of my heart that loves you so
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