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Jamie King Mar 2015
My life is foretold in every crevice of this universe,
in serene seas, and swaying sands,
in scorching degrees and holding hands,
with a lover in my longing arms,
fires raging, and yet i am sheltered from harm.
and throughout my journeys,
it is my deepest desire,
to ignite and set my ambitions on fire,
in the midst of euphoric dreaming,
with my lover on this late summer's evening.
and i shall be at one with the stars,
and my doors in life shall forever remain ajar.

Walk into this space it is endless
sublime congruence with the heavens
open is the third eye looking directly at abyss
i feel a divine hint on my skin
as if it were a celestial kiss
there is no need to travel in doubt
it is written across the evening canvas
open the gates of exotic awareness

It is writhing, it is gifting, entrusting me, and quaking,
yet I, within mine, remain still.
Fore be it told, and beneath footless form, it's subversive,
yet, I dance a sure tango, uphill.
I must be sure, so sure not to mind lone notches and disparity,
as crevices, you see, they arch to transverse.
Fearing but forging the depths of what is migration, we say,
from this hallowed tangle be my rise, my verse.

I’m floundering, I grant, when I think I hold discovery,
so, I tug at the rein of imprint and plan.
It is here my beloved reliance, my precious doubtless tread
is afforded the fair crossing of Pan.
So, although it contests and chides and outreaches,
I am in love and as love, an apprentice.
A conquest won, no never, but here, a concession, a regard-
I am, with no poet’s journey, amiss.**

Lilting ebulliently in ineffable fields of ecstasy.
Mellifluous waves, in life's voyage,
inure us to pulchritude paths, refined by old age.
Multifarious, nascent jubilant days, swaying in paint,
array the way as we sail away.
Comments are welcomed and please respost thank you for reading:)
1 Aesha Nisar
2 Dawn King
3,4 Gwyn
5 Jamie King
Jamie King Jan 2015
The mirror dent, my reflection cracked in several
ways, wallowing in wonder whether mortality is my faith.

My eyes
marry clocks
and drift away
with time, to lands of  broken  hour glasses.

Where eternity invites the reaper to shape short destinies.

Fears smear
amongst peers,
many phobias
being but one
clear path
death is here.
Death is everywhere but we live ignorantly I guess it's one way of being optomistic after all "ignorance is..." well you know
Jamie King Apr 2014
I'm the fruit from the tree of the northern desert.
Where the grounds are dehydrated with  cracks  that run deep in their skins.
Bleeding the veins of plants to the last drop.
Draining the essence of all living things and yet still a victim of The unquechable thirst.
The heat forever calescent. The tree pleading to the sky for a drop of hope, for angels to cry and bless us with tears of joy.
Jamie King Aug 2017
Waltzing under red moonlights
as thorns tear tongues. We laugh
with black roses reposed in the mouth.

Severed Bonds serve savour songs, as Love leaves longing letters in ponds
of heavy healing hearts.

We waltz still, not as statues but  temperative trumpeters tailing tundras with tabinet tufts.
Jamie King Feb 2015
With eyes that renewed love when she spoke my heart screamed in joy pounding hard to escape my chest and be within her hands.

As the night is born her colours of truth are revealed.
Her lips intertwined with those of another man.
Salacious sordid heart-stealing thieve, dicephalous daughter of deciet
from smelling like a rose to overwheling cold corpses in morgues with odor of decaying maggots in coffens of rotting hope.

She welcomes me with a kiss my hands around her neck,
I squize she chokes gasping for air,
I squize her eyes seeking to escape their sockets,
I squize out of breath her oesophagus snaps.
I vision her in a sarcophagus as the light diminishes from her eyes.
She speaks, mastering but a few fading words I am so sorry, I am so sorry.
Another one of my Pure imagination writes I hope you enjoy. This one is abit dark
Jamie King Feb 2015
Malignant Mindless Maternal, Maliciously Moulding murderous Motives.

The Peternal parted prior the proof of pregnancy, the tears of heaven gave
birth to emergencies.

On the highway way of pain lonely and melancholy on coming traffic was a thunder stream.
tradegy waiting impatiently like an honest thieve.

Her feet heavy, a womb of twins is what she carried.
The clouds washing sins from the tarmac her screams unheard,
she gave birth in silence.

Two healthy beautiful boys, baptised by the rain.
The pain she borne was no more, propelling the boys over the bridge.
The umbilical cords around their vocal cords.
Death was born and LIFE was lost
Not my usual write I think this is the darkest poem I've ever written
Jamie King Jan 2015
Horses gone wild
stumping down hard
in my head
Canaries breaking
vocal cords just to
make me mad

my world of notions
it's a massive rock slide
in my cerebrum
my skull with axes so
I can feel the breeze
and set my mind free
My head was just on fire too much stress maybe a poet can get overwhelmed at times by emotions after all emotions makes us who we are
Jamie King Apr 2014
The beauty of the beast is
the beast within the beauty.
To this I was blind, until my eyes were open by rib-breaking-swords aiming straight
for my only weakness.

The mirror of your image is a broken glass.
Reflecting the scars you embedded in this heart.

Do I drown myself in a river of poison or do I close my eyes and hope that tommorow will shed sorrows and mend my heart.
When your heart is so broken that every heart beat feels like needles inside your heart
Jamie King Dec 2014
The spark of passion ignites the heart, until it is engulfed in a conflagration of notions, as curiosity triumphs over caution.

The seed of wisdom, planted in fields of knowledge, is cultivated and refined in kingdoms of intellect to innovate speeches of freedom.

Blisters in sweaty palms, rubbing against the pen, as it drifts between the paths of future and past, where hope is met and joy is felt.

Consumed by epiphanies, the heart-beat is felt by trembling hands, squeezing the pen for inspiration, to bewilder imaginations, giving birth to new perceptions.
You take your time and put your heart into your work. This is for true poets (creativity challange)
Jamie King Jan 2015
Caramel lips, with a body bathed in whipped cream and melted chocolate. With a taste that invigorates every last sansation within.

my eyes are hypnotised as she softly whispers in my ears to dine and delight. Leading me to temples of pleasure.
Her fingers as soft as feathers of golden eagles.
I'm riddled as to why I feel so feeble.

she has mastered the art of knismesis while I am still an apprentince.
temptation consumes me whole, while she moans I indulge in her as the night slowly... grows
Wrote this one in the morning ... I don't think I need to explain further haha
Jamie King Sep 2014
We are young men buried in books
Shoveling words every day
As we are gradually shaped into tools.

Ours minds drained deep in the pools
Of knowledge. So they say
We are young men buried in books.

We find ourselves caught in hooks
Of wisdom seekers shall we pray?
As we are gradually shaped into tools.

Exhausted, some will turn into crooks
While we proudly remain grey
We are young men buried in books.

We bear fruit of hope from the roots
Of pain so follow the rules we lay
As we are gradually shaped into tools.

Are we zombies in schools?
In our paths we never stray.
We are young men buried in books
As we are gradually shaped into tools.
I've never been the one to follow structures when it comes to poetry but when I heard about the villanelle and how difficult it is to master I just got excited and inspired
Jamie King Jan 2015
Cold and without words,thoughts
  or freewill. They stuff me to satify
         they voracious appateties.

     Cold and without a say, a plan
    to break away from these bonds
       I stand still and be led astray
          To places which they stay.

Cold and without complain eletricity
     runs wild in my veins they say
         it's to keep me alive but it's
                To distort my mind.

Cold and without care if I ever dared
       myself to leave, to death they
              Would Starve indeed.
Im looking at this fridge right when I suddenly think about those who find themselves in exactly the same situation in hospitals
Jamie King Feb 2015
FLAMES from furious friends fighting ferocious fears, forever fueling fuminous faith.

INCESSANTLY incinerating innocence in innerselves. Insidiously influencing introspective introverts.

RISING rapidly.
radically rapturing rectitude rampantly, reconcering raibors.

ENDLESSLY eclipting ecstatic event. enecting eruptions.
eradicating elation .
challange complete haha what's next I have a veracious appetite
Jamie King Apr 2015
In the
jungle of affairs
cheaters run the fastest.
The wind is left flustered.
Dears turn to prey when their
tales are painted in pane,
while the hungry eyes peak
Pieces of hearts shaped
by the bleeding vane,
breed dismay.
There, the blind ******
scene on the road to heal again!
broken Hearts and healing souls sometimes the healing souls are the heartbreakers
# double entendre # triple entendre
Jamie King Mar 2015
The Strength of The female carrying a nation in her womb, leaders, criminal master minds and you.

Feeding clans, communities and villages, nurturing earth. Sheltering the youth, in storms of the future ahead, wiping your tears strengthening your heart again.

She is always there and has The Hands of warmth, holding you tight to lands of joy
Women are the pivots of our nations the true meaning of love the one true home within our hearts
Jamie King Sep 2016
Is it the complete pieces of a broken heart or the broken pieces of a complete heart that shapes  life?

Vociferous wails,
do you see it?
Pathos in pearls.
the sea seems to stream from them.
Mingling with muzzling rays reposed in the rain.

She'll shed one in joy
as old friends tear tears.
Used to sleep in graves now she leaves lilies and rails.

She stands above storms but is below the clouds, her friends still question how?
As she nurtures the ground.
in the mist of raging storms and dancing rainbows you'll find life
Jamie King Apr 2015
It's a rain of needles.
Silver skies, the ground
red with blood of a friend.
was I the spikes falling down?
Piercing tears
Stabbing the heart
Impaling the skin
Tearing apart, a bond forged in wars.
Am I now beyond foes' walls?
Hope smothered whole even so
there is still hope...
I'm sorry:(
Jamie King Feb 2015
Poets singing the same chorus pain torture, feeling hollow. vessels turned into shadows pen masters forever followed by sorrow.

Let us lighten your shoulders plant seeds of bliss in fields of decaying peace. Aid you in finding feelings you seek for and realise your dreams.

Diminish your fears till your phobias flee in tears.
Pull your words from the depth of blindness and silence to top and enlighten the sightless.

Let us make love be the signature of life in poems.
Brushes will smile when painting with glowing hearts.
Inspired by Poets and their tragic,sad,heartbreaking writes.
Jamie King Feb 2015
She is
The heart of poetry,
The cynosure in art,
The spirit of love
That renews honesty.
More precious than
Jewels of God,
arch angels in the centre of heaven having more love than two hearts combine, she's alive and so are we as she imbues us with her life.

The roof is only a foundation, the sky above our heads is the ground beneath her feet and still she is down to earth.

The sun reside within her chest, glistering as she stands, with eyes made of pearls gaze into them and witness fields of elation emerge,where harmony is the ying and melody the yang.
Cat is great a friend, she really cares. Thank you Cat for being everything that you are to all of us. I really appreciate it and I'm sure everyone else who knows you does as well.
Jamie King May 2014
The heart grows warm as the fog is lifted. While the warm light rises above the sun, enlightening the blinded but gifted.

Amated by The smell of roses, swaying with the wind while it caresses the skin, enchanting the soul as you gently breath.
The mind calm as the breeze, teeming with serene thoughts and bliss. Elation being the kiss from nature at peace.

As the day retired the moon provided a sit and we gazed at the sunset while the roses went to sleep.
There are those special days when every moment is auspicious and life is adulated
Jamie King Feb 2016
We used to paint oceans of sorio lillies, across the sky pouring tears of life.
Merging memories of sore pasts and saw paths that revamped lost plants.
Without a seed, groomed roses and blossomed fields of dying daisies daily decaying dim.

Her kiss embellished wrathful storms,with red feathers of white birds drifting to the shore, of fine sand born from light zones in dark ends.

Now she's a ghost, a spirit of a wild mild mind in an abyss of enraged beasts. She's alive and breaths still,but her breath passes by the trees as though another leaf carried by the wind.
Is she in a coffin inside a casket buried beneath the garden of joy but only ripping despair, gloriously singing by herself?
I miss an old friend.
Jamie King Mar 2015
.       **You're A Gift From God              
                  At His Moment
                           Of Joy
I do love you very much
Jamie King Feb 2015
Her Aura is the aurora in Crystral skies, when she smiles heaven is alive, within her heart you'll find the sanctuary for love.

my heart would betray me for her and lead me to places where joy rids me of dispair.
Consumed completely by love I'm dared by bliss, a stranger I've never met.
My mind a gallery of her beauty,
priceless masterpieces I shall never part with.

Starve me of food and water I can survive, but away from her arms I lose the meaning of life.
I seem to be infatuated with love. Well this one is for... You know who you are. I love you
Jamie King Jan 2015
I'm tilted and insist that you know I am grateful now here we
an alliance. Let's see ourselves onwards, be borne by our
fondness-in accord, be our love for the colloquy.

Spry, exuberant. We are free spirits draining oceans of ink, bathing in rivers of lies to find the truth while saturated by pride.
We are propelled to propinquity, as we seek for a better prospect while drowning in propensity.

Our hearts bleed onto the paper,
wanting more love of passion
to spill out endlessly,
so others can relate
to share this burning fire
Deep within our souls.
we seek endlessly for acceptance and relatability,
with someone who we can feel
safe to share these wonderful feelings,
feelings of want from our vulnerable hearts.

In sharing our vulnerable hearts,
I becomes We
the divine flame burns brightly, guiding lonely souls
to meet heart to heart on this happy road of destiny
a stream of gratitude flows from our bloods, and we discover that we write to connect
to the divine source that empties us and fills us.
1 Gwyn
2 Jamie king
3 Cat aka catbrd
4 Silas
One poem four Poets. please comment and repost get it out there this one is for lovers of poetry. What do we have if not passion?
Jamie King Jan 2015
We came from wombs of literature baptized in wisdom of poets
teeming with knowledge
the cranium about to crack crowns not bestowed but earned

The anguish suffered and absorbed by those who wrote before us
laid grounds for the battle royal

The throne forged from fallen pens the smell of burning paper still alive
Across the journey we must embark to arrive and claim the crown

It is but the path before us to spill the blood, to travel the Trail of Tears
Speak it all in words that communicate your fears
Stanzas 2 and 4  written by Dawn King this was fun man I love poetry
Jamie King Jul 2017
Engulf me with melody only for a moment and I'll walk the forest of hunted wolves and despondent lions.

The once ambrosial aroma of frail lilies, a smothering hebenon hand. The rays shy away from the polygamy of reapers and senectitude relishing valiant men.

Immerse me in harmonious symphonies only for a moment and I'll tread the trench terrane with jubilent feet, blind to the alluring viper's habanera under lacerated hearsecloth worn by the forest.
Jamie King Jan 2015
The Songs of old birds in cold worlds warm hearts of women where men have left.

Past wars still brewing in the brain making stews of despair he shares only with himself suffocating without breath his heart
infested with death as
The blood of foes
Is still staining
his hands

She holds him
as though an infant
trembling in fear of his
own ghost she assures him
with a kiss of hope that life is
still worth living and all else is
forgiven and all else is forgiven
Grand dad used to talk about the war when I was very young this one is for him and others like him
Jamie King Aug 2016
Why do say love is blind or is for fools?
You drown your blankets with seas from your eyes. Convincing yourself your chest is not one full of treasure, but needles at war with your heart.

Is this what you call love?
This is infatuation, it's lust, it's desire to benefit yourself with no regards for the one you burn towards.

Will you not learn from nature?
trees revive you with oxygen as you breathe. the rivers feed the clouds and the clouds rain and feed the rivers.

Where is sorrow there?
Where are the needles you curse?

Leave your sorrows, they are not worthy of You. Realise that Love is a circle of beneficence, sacrificing itself for the welfare of others.
Wipe your tears and seek for wisdom for where there is wisdom you'll find truth and love
Jamie King Feb 2015
Benign, benevolent ballerina bubbly bathing by beautiful blossoming balsams.

A gander I took and I was a statue in her stead. Still and without a word my mind a victim of frost bites, notions frozen, the Ice ages the living flame inside my mind.
I shall speak if only I could master but a few words, my lips basted by beauty, the surgent of admiration before her I am an apparition, lost in forests of adulation.

A vanishing spirit soon to be a vestige of a vestige. I shall wage wars arm myself and battle my way to her hands, where I shall rest as the past presents the future without a dress.
I do love her very much..
I am in love with

Jamie King Feb 2015
It's been an honor. Thank you all for supporting me, teaching me how to be a poet I very much appreciate it but for now I have to be one with the wind.

I'll be back as soon my future is certain, education is as they say the path to all paths.

I love you all
Fellow poets until next time
Jamie King Mar 2015
.          IF I WERE A POET

                     First stanza
                     would be a      
       magnatic attic captivating
            Elegant architects of
       propelling pupils to edges
                 Of the schleras        
        Compelling pens to pages
                    of new eras

            IF I WERE A POET
                         ­              The
                 Stanza would
             Mirror Zues's
          spear slicing through
        tears drowning in clouds
         strucking fields of pens
                        Egniting the
                    capsules of

            IF I WERE A POET

                     Last stanza
             would sail summers
           tame winters bathe in  
         springs of autumn praise  
           deeds of the monarchs
           reigning over raining
           rainbows naturing the
         clouds planting wings on
       the ground giving free will
          to plants to seed the sky  
           with warmth and love
                of nature's heart.
Hello poets
I haven't written in a while hope I'm not rusty
Jamie King Feb 2015
Moles with wings, how is the sky suppose to breathe
From notions of blunt pencils that we never read?
Words baled within the mind, you're prisoner confined in pages aging, facing life setences.
The Size of your pen is,
Still judged by the masses.

There's no peak but pick up the pace without being haste.
Peeking in pools of fame will drown your gaze.

Shoes within rules fit perfectly,
when they broom the room of humes endlessly.
Jamie King Apr 2014
The pen trembles, the paper perspires,the hand remains steady. Or is the mind weary and reality an illusion within a dream?
Infatuated with harmonising every line. Your mind is violent but your words are quite. incessantly bleeding the pen but there is no pain in your words, just anarchic serenity as you conclude with tranquil tragedies.
Jamie King Apr 2014
At the shore of the ocean I saw
a penguine flapping it's wings climbing the wind,
left the sky shattered
Into pieces I couldn't breath.

Feathers fell from the sky and
lifted what was left behind.
I closed my eyes and continued living blind.
Life is a ladder while others climbs others fall
Jamie King Mar 2015
In labyrinths of
Baleful forests with
eyes of gibbet makers
and buried undertakers.
In gloaming sights,
hobbling towards the light.
The silver teeth of
obeisance sundering will,
plundering peace,
blazoning smiles of
malicious beings.
Hello painters hope you enjoy the imagery
Jamie King Jan 20
Deep wounds on my back, I'm gallery of scars. Take a gander feast your eyes, a tarnished heart is my signature.

Vistiges of my soul dangling on toothpicks, dinner well relished by friends foes glimmer with empathy. Malice pleased, who is my enemy?

The excrement of animals drowning in the sewers, is that the existence the best of self I can only persue huh?

Warriors screams with torn diaphragms asking for help will I sleep quietly without a helping hand,
Will I sleep quietly without a helping hand?
Jamie King May 2014
I am wounded by questions, as to why I do not honour the beauty of love, but an eagle can not dance in the clouds without its feathers. Shackled by the chains of misery, I find that in love I can not go further.
I'm an iron bent by the hammer of pain. My path is abundant with emptiness, love is yet to lead me astray.

In the rain of my tears I see a rainbow coloured with hope of escaping my fears enlightening my heart as the path to love appears.
Jamie King Mar 2015
Matrimonial stars in aisles of Auroral rainbows. Mizzling rays of twilights, arraying bays with skylines of lucent waves.
A plathora of scarlet roses reposed in florid clouds. Ashore the Giddy ocean in a gentle motion, carassing Mali garnets,mirroring effulgent lights, kissing the mountaintops before refulgent nights.
lost in moments of bliss thinking There is beauty all around us earth is beautiful life is beautiful you're beautiful
Jamie King Feb 2015
.                      *
                       ­    -esic
                   Steel of justice
             Real and unfogiving
                        Foes  of
                        The thr-
                       -one pro-
                       - tecting
                        presev -
                        -ing pe-
Inspired by Cat aka Catwoman aka Catbrd
Jamie King Apr 2014
I once saw a rose amongst xanthic flowers, even the thorns were nothing short of perfection before these eyes. time passes by as we fail to realise that it is forever an unassailable overflowing river.
Now I find myself in a garden of neanirmophics, where eyes are deceived by the beauty of decaying roses.
I've always been attracted to beautiful females slightly older than me. I guess it's because they are more mature than I am
Jamie King Jan 2016
Piercing shreds of brown rags, ravaged by hounds with breath fouler than reeking sores.
Dripping a stream of pus bred in rage, roaring is dread where days have no end.

Dancing Queens in caskets of life,
majestically sweeping salty rivers, swiftly gliding across in landless sites, embellished in gardens nurtured by old wrinkled, shriveled hands In narrow paths with sinking sand.
I'll let you decide what it's all about.
Jamie King Jan 2015
Kissed by cupids she is love itself, untaintend by ways of man.

In the web of words she's spreads her love, charming innocent hearts repleshing broken ones.

When you stare deep into her eyes you can watch the universe unfold, stars dancing in galaxies, reflecting the rainbows around the sun.

He falls for her but her hands are clumsy, hitting the ground so hard, mother nature splits in half, screams and cry, he is still alive just with a broken heart.
This one starts and ends in hello poetry it started a few weeks back if I'm not mistaken I just had to write about it ...and yup it's a true story about two poets..
Jamie King Jan 2015
The ink smothers papers in unforgiving battles of writers.

Where fame outweighs the need for imagery, the structures aimed to be masterpieces, broken into master pieces.

The imagery lost with the message as words wonder about in disorganized sequences.

The meaning becomes opaque, as perspiration drowns the paper,panicing impatiently your words are flooded in pools of poems, so they fade and drift away, without any views or likes only dismay is displayed.
I've been taking my time not just to read but to study and understand poems in this wonderful site and I was amazed and very sad but we are all troopers and no one should be left behind
Jamie King Jan 2015
The silk of nature the gentle hands of  
   a loving mother placidly rubbing
                      swollen feet

The crystal of murmaids shimmering
   ashore mirroring the rainbows as
     though a priceless gold infused
             with diamonds of God

I'm lost in bliss gazing at the beauty
        of this magnificent field of
I just came from the beach and while relaxing in the sand I came to appreciate those who I take for granted and realised how much they make me happy
Jamie King Feb 2015
If this prison of a heart could ever be unlocked she would be the key.
She's purest of joy I've ever known, 
The goddess of love.
cupids dance at the edges of her heart, allergic to lies honesty is her pride.
Suffocated by ropes of sorrows, she untied them and climb to lands of joy.
Her smile awakens the smell of roses, an inspiration for poets to compose with sincerity.
She's clearity in fogs of uncertainty.
If I am to be a pirate then She's the only treasure I'd ever need.
Enticing,alluring, comely, angelic serein and mesmeric lady

She's a lover, the light in the dark, a kind gentle heart I cannot touch.
urges surging feelings emerging,
I am conflicted I know not of love while she is core of it.
I see her everywhere but nowhere so
I search.. I long.. and I yearn..
for her but she is far from my reach I can only hope that our hearts are in synch.
When I wrote this I was thinking about her and nothing else love consume us all but is this love?
Jamie King May 2014
I'm horrified by atrocious images that consume my mind. Society is the devil without horns feeding me lies.
When the truth is, paedophiles hide behind the robes of the pope.
Pigs bath in the mud of corruption, assume high positions, incarcerate victims while the streets are flooded with villians.
I'm in a forest of lost souls and weeping spirits, where beauty is another fallen tree.
I realise that heroes are but words and words have become the heroes.
Becareful who you trust, because those you trust have the power to destroy your life
Jamie King Jan 2015
.....I will smother you with love.    
hang you with pride riddle your life
           with with bullets of art.

   I will drown you in bliss. Burry
you in everlasting kisses and throw  
         you into the well of your

              At the end I will reap
    you with hope and **** you with
                 joy as you rejoice.
When you can't stop thinking about them because you love them so much you would do anything to see them smile.
Jamie King Jan 2015
The rocking chair
  a paradise for termites
  front porch pictures portraying
   love are nebulous within her eyes
    she busks in the moment
    the delightful smell
    of the effloresecent
    garden being the front-row
   sit to memories of young
  lovers, a vistage of ecstacy
lost with time

  Frazzled by years of affairs
   She still yearns for that
   kiss that cares not for
   time and space that
   leaves a mark of falicity
  on her visage.
a birth mark for when love is
born as lady nature sings her songs
I hope you enjoy this one.. this is pure imagination
Jamie King Feb 2015
.....The brush, rush the paint the
    is ripe cultivate it or let it rust.
  The paint stail the painter frail.
   Caved canvas in sails of a sailor.
  Clash of nembuses the skin pailer  
as thunder walts ashore the ocean,
ballets on the sea like sworns with
wings intertwined dancing with the
You'll love the voice of melody when  
               harmony sings.
   Deep bliss drowns sins so reach
    the glimpse of peace and live

                 Poets coherent,
          honest with even pens
     and odd ends. Warm hearts
               with cold hands.
      Portraying all tales of time.
Write about bright lives bright in
     night stars riding dark skies,
    The bane caved in same plains
       of pain as faith fades they
         aim pens on blank pages
               as sanity escapes
Vail veils of age and grow young
I thought I'll portray my thoughts poets being the theme  hope you enjoy
Jamie King Feb 2015
Sometimes I wonder where I should truly be
No X on the spot, no key to set me free
The past clouding me I wish it would leave me be
Nothing guaranteed, my soul held in captivity
Every corner reminds me of my past activity
My loss of personality seemingly lasting an eternity

Lost and confuse hope mizzles
destiny becomes kind
faith extends a helping hand
Ink sinks in my mind
words become alive
imagination spreads wings and suddenly I can climb the sky
my destination is home
made of potent imagery
the only greeting I know
being Hello poetry
First stanza: Grant Horst
Last stanza: Jamie King
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