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James Willis Jun 2016
are the space

between words

The comfort of infinant possibilities
Within you is reflection
Without you there is only noise

All thoughts begin and end with you
All words lose there meaning when you are

You are feared by the weak
And revered by the wise

Cherished my many
Understood by few

Deafening at times



When I am alone you are always with me

Your touch
Is the catching of a breath

A gasp

A kiss

The look that means more

You are what cannot be put into words

A love that is forever
James Willis Dec 2015
How many stones can we carry
How many can we throw.
How long can you hold them
How long can they be held.
What purpose do they serve
What kind of shelter do they make
Let them go
Let them fall at your feet
Lighten the load of another
Lighten the burden of yourself
James Willis Apr 2013
How empty I feel
When you are away.
Nobody to make laugh,
My smiles going unnoticed.
No reason to sing,
Legs unwilling to dance.
My thoughts drifting to us
Tangled together.
My teeth clenched
Around your neck,
Pulling you tight.
Waiting for you
To call my name...
James Willis Jan 2013
As I walk across the sands of time
I can't help but feel
That I've been here before.
As the winds of change blow
I look down
To view my discarded self.
Another reality removed
To make way for journeys unmet.
Who am I now
What will I become?
James Willis Jan 2013
I can still smell you on my pillow.
The space beside me now empty,
The room dark and still.
Time moving slower,
As if to make me wait.
My mind drifting back
To the fire that burned
Just hours before.
The faint scratch marks
Throbbing warmly as I smile.
I close my eyes
And wait to dream you,
Back into my bed…
James Willis Jan 2013
When I touch you
The world melts away.
I close my eyes
To be with you completely.
Exploring your body
To Feel what you feel.
Speaking without speaking,
Listening to your unspoken thoughts.
Being in that perfect moment,
Blissfully giving into
Our desire...

We are two bodies connected,
With but a single touch.

— The End —