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Hello-Poetry, thank you for all that you do here on the net.
To give us a site to Bless and Encourage us in our poems.
To help others to see our works, and help us to do better.
In making our poems better through others encouragement.
For Christ is using your site to help us christian writers.
To write poetry, that help others to see his Light here too.
For it is not us Lighting the way to bless other people.
But we do get Blessed because of Christ working within us.
So I want to say thanks to the people and The Hello-Poetry site as well.
I write poetry
for eveything else
has failed

My life has no bottom
It's Hell down inside
my well

Do not feel like you are
Do not feel at all

Go write some kind of
It's better than digging wells
In Christ ,is eternal Life and Hope here.
For even ,through the hardships on the earth.
We still ,with his strength keep persevering.
Stand firm, do not give up here so easily Family.
Right now, We need to put our Trust in him alone.
do you see how brilliantly
the light from the other side
calls me?

shall i carry the veil of my soul
towards it? shall i fly gloriously
into as it cascades in abundance?

oh, shall i meet the warmth i have
been starved of at last?
finally it is near, near enough to engulf me,

do i dare disturb this peaceful wakening?

we were poor
but not deluded

and when
van morrisson's
"brown eyed girl"
comes on the radio on
that worn
brown rug
my brother and I
started tapping our feet
shaking our heads
to the music and
our sisters are smiling
at us and
our mother is laughing
at us

and all we needed was
laughter and love
a prayer and a song

turn up the radio
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