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just my words Dec 2018
So many thoughts to arrange
what to do and who will it be
that makes it all so very special, you see.

Watching old movies, late at night
thinking of all the times of Christmas past
little boys and girls waiting in line, to tell Santa

While mommy and daddy tried so very hard
even if they could not afford
they somehow, would make it work

Then came Christmas Eve
So all the kids surely believed
that Santa would never forget them

So off to sleep they go
suddenly the morning arrives
and in their beautiful eyes

Thank God, Santa arrived!
Praying that every little boy and girl will have a wonderful Christmas.....
just my words Dec 2018
A long time ago, it was for me
Everyone was happy, at least it seem they were
Merry Christmas was said to all, as they passed
and then Merry Christmas!, they would say back
I remember the Church bells, as they rang
and the beautiful songs, the choir sang.
Oh and the sky was so beautiful, as it turned,
so gray, it made me want to pray.

And pray I did, that such days would never end.

Now it seems those days are gone.
I do not hear the same as then.
I do not feel the same as then.
The sky is no longer beautiful as it was then.

Only thing left is, I still pray and someday I believe
Christmas will be everything it was, back then.
  Nov 2018 just my words
Nancy E Tracy
What a perfect place for a treehouse
In the limbs of that old tree
I'd spend all my time just dreaming
Of what a wonderful time it would be
To be running away from the pirates
Who were after me!

While looking for a place to hide
I'd look up and see
That treehouse snuggled high above
The perfect place for me.

The only way up
Not the way you would think
Was a little old Elf
Sitting there on a shelf
Saying, "I'll give you a boost for a drink"

So I pulled out my cup
And went looking
For water was surely nearby

He said, "Water's not my favorite drink,
                   I'll have a cup of Rye"

I had no Rye to my name
Thinking quickly on my feet
"Let the pirates give him a drink of Rye"

When they go up,
I'll say "Goodbye"

What a perfect place for a treehouse,

If I were only 10 (again}.
inspired by being outside in this wonderful weather we are having right now
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