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James M Boyer Dec 2013
I think we've met before
Maybe in a dream
Were you just a passer by
Or an attachment at a seam
A mirror on the fringes
Reflects a smile on the wind
Before it meets the halo
And makes the ring look dim.

I swear I've kissed the knuckles
Where the fingers meet the hand
On an angel fell from heaven.
When the ocean meets the sand.

I think we've met before
Maybe I'm a lifetime passed.
Were we life long lovers
Or a love that didn't last?
Did you hold my hand
And I watched you as you slept
Or did you walk away
To be the reason that I wept
James M Boyer Jan 2013
In the passion of "love" we know no mercy, no sympathy, only what our heart tells us. We cannot listen to the mind when there's emotions involved, we listen only to the blood flow inside our ears. And we smile when everything is wrong and frown when we can't find the words for what isn't right. We've said many things, secrets that only one another now know, dreams and aspirations of futures set forth, and memories of all that we wish we could forget. We say we'll be there forever through the thick & the thin, but in all probability there will be a day when two paths bring a choice and we choose differently. There will be a time when each others name is just a thing of the past, we'll lose touch, we'll lose everything we've had in these "wonder years" the years when we're young and should be care free but instead we worry about tomorrow even though there's no promise of such a thing. We say "goodnight" to ourselves and "good morning" to the same, we walk along, a pawn in a game of trust and misfortune, we think we're different but the truth is; it's all been done before, nothing is original or new. We think the more we stand out the better and the more we blend in the worse - but in actuality it doesn't matter; there's no better, no worse, in fact there's not even a medium. There's just the notion that one person is better than another because of material belongings or even non material belongings. No one person is better or worse than another, no one person can change the world and yet we still wait for that one who can walk on water...
very old but just found. April 4, 2009
James M Boyer Dec 2012
To the nights,
we watched stars bring life
to the darkness,
like blood through the veins of the Universe.
Where we sat
became the place to be,
on the sea of condensation.
Our glasses half full
our stomachs half empty
and our palates,
well adjusted to the flavor
of a moment in the making.

You could hear the distance
                         between breaths
as our hearts beat
like tides,
crashing upon the horizon.
feel the currents of the words we spoke
in silence...
For hours on end.

But that's how things were supposed to be.

Then, was a twinkle in the distance.
A smile in a shooting star,
pointing out that the lines of constellations
intersect with every crevasse
in the palms of our hands.
Then! we found the true meaning
in a sunrise.
For.... A Friend.

December 19, 2012
an end of the world poem.
James M Boyer Nov 2012
you keep an eye up to the heavens
but you don't ever look for God
and if we talk about religion
all you do is shake a nod.
If I told you my religion
is the presence that I feel
and that my mind is on the earthly
then that **** is on the real.
No book for definition
right is right, wrong is wrong
that's inherent knowledge
and you've known it all along.

you must love thy neighbor
sounds like love me as thy friend
and if we can't love each other
then there's nothing but the end.
our faces may look different
our voices HIGH and LOW
but in our veins there's blue blood
that turns red upon the flow
in our lungs there's freedom
but we just call it speech
peace is not a movement
but a goal that we must reach.
written November 2, 2012
James M Boyer Sep 2012
We drown so many hours
of each day
by dreaming with our eyes open.
Knowing ... Knowing
that day dreaming is for those,
who lack conviction,
lack the drive to live those dreams
to clear the haze from their vision
and truly be creative.

"think outside the box"
what a cliche sentiment.

Think outside,
the parameters of yourself.
There is no "Box"
to contain imagination.
That's why 5 year olds
can turn a box into a world.
A world of turtles ... transformers
super heroes or even just ...
a box to hide in & try and scare you.

day dreaming again?

With a pad and a pen
my dreams live in words
walking along the blue lines
trying to arrange themselves correctly
before they stop to rest ...
Because once I'm finished
dreaming on the page
my conviction continues to lack itself.
September 16, 2012
James M Boyer Aug 2012
Read between the lines,
Or decipher the space between ideas?
With a list of idioms on the tongue
I could make the nonsense sound ideal.
As long as the words rhyme
Then  no one cares about the content
Or the context clues of word placement
In this one man contest.

I'm the image of a screen print
Painting vinyl language on your eyelids.
I've been blessed with the gift of gab
Or cursed to forever feed the iris
With lies of idiopathic rhythm
Like the to and fro of dreams
Let me still the R.E.M.s
By absorbing all their screams.

Ramble on and on, along the lines
The true nuance of a scribbler
Let me ink the words a little darker
So you can **"get the picture."
August 12, 2012
James M Boyer Dec 2011
I bet she loves the Moon
just a little more than the Sun
because without the Moon there's no eclipse
to kiss the sky as one.
Casting stars in daylight hours
like the enigma of a dream
her shadow bleeds onto the concrete
blooming a rose, bursting through a seam.
The poems written on her expressions
guide the inspiration through my pen
close my eyes and pages later
imagination's exploded on a whim.
I bet the Sun loves the Moon
just a little more than himself
because without her to reflect his light
he'd be alone, nothing in itself.
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