1.2k · Jan 1
It's Just Life
James Jan 1

Black coffee in the morning
and a two car garage.
My car won't fit
in that crowded collage,
So I park outside
in the frost and in the rain
Scraping ice in the winter,
but I never complain.
I go through my life
in the usual way
working the same  job,
day after day.

On Sundays, I pray
I believe the Word is true.
I'm three rows from the front
behind the amen pew.
They made me a deacon
whatever that means;
helping with the congregation,
but please, not the teens.

We've reared four children
in a house that's too loud,
no drugs and no jail
my mother would be proud.
Once a month I take my wife
on a date night for dinner,
so those matrimonial bonds
don't get any thinner.
The menus never change
we order the same dish.
I get the chicken,
and she orders the fish.

My house needs a new roof
and the siding needs painting
My grass is too long
the neighbor's dog needs better training.
My car needs a tune-up
the tires are old
but the radio still works
and the air blows cold.

I moved to the coast
so I could play in the sand
but nothing works out
exactly as planned.
I wanted a boat
to play on the ocean
but my salary won't support
such an expensive notion.
So I go to the beach
and bake in the sun
only for a few hours,
after that, it's not fun.

Back at home I sit in my chair
lost in a book or maybe T.V.
or playing banjo in a band
how cool would that be?
I look at my wife
while she sits and reads
and wonder if I've taken care
of all her hopes and dreams.

Life isn't too bad
remembering all the fun
and good times we've had.
It's not all been easy
we still struggle with debt,
get angry with each other
but we've not given up, yet.
I still love my wife
and the sex is okay
life's really pretty good,
I think I'll stay.

A re-post, but perfect for the New Year.... Happy New Year
391 · Dec 2017
Wished I were Still There
James Dec 2017

I took a vacation
just the other day
to a childhood place
where I used to play.
I couldn't afford to travel
so I closed my eyes instead
and journeyed back
while lying in bed.
I saw my friends
the brook and trees
I smelled the air
and felt the breeze.
I forgot my worries
and grown-up life
released my stress
and was free from strife.
I splashed in the water
and rolled in the grass
I ran through the woods
while time slowly passed.
I met my old friends
from my old hometown
shared a few memories
while lying on the ground.
Then after an hour
I opened my eyes
rolled form my covers
and my dream-filled disguise.
I pulled on my pants
then brushed my hair
took a big gulp of coffee
and wished I were still there.

341 · Dec 2017
Haze Across The Water
James Dec 2017

the sausage sizzles
while the biscuits rise
my coffee's almost ready
such a surprise.

The sun is filtering
through the windows
on a mild December day
and the birds came out early
to sing and dance and play.

there is a haze
across the water
and moisture in the air.
I can sit and sip my coffee
in my wooden outdoor chair.

The biscuits are finished
and the sausage if about right
I think I'll just sit here a while
and enjoy the morning quiet.

289 · Jan 10
Broken Alter
James Jan 10

I feel the devil calling me,
a voice I choose not to hear

He's called before
when I was young

But even then I refused to listen

Growing up with an innate sense of right
and wrong
The path to righteousness was easy to find
but laden with snares and pitfalls

I've been caught in my share (more than) --

In the woods behind my house
about a mile hike
stands an old wooden church,
abandoned and fallen to ruin

I've stood on the weathered floor
and stared up at the vaulted ceiling
The only sound I heard
was the sound the wind makes
when it blows through an empty tunnel

When I was a child
I heard the Voice of God

Now I search for it
in the decaying wood
and broken altar

284 · Dec 2017
James Dec 2017

Life is still life
on a cold rainy day,
so grab a cup of coffee
you ain't going out to play.

What a cold nasty day
177 · Nov 2017
Of Want and Waste
James Nov 2017

The people prayed and the sky fell silent.
In the clouds, their voices fell like rain
back to an unforgiving Earth,
a mother, who has abandoned her children
and sits in wait for them to return to her --
Wanderers who stop and stare at the place
where the plea's of the deceased are scattered
are careful not to disturb the words
so loosely imprinted on the bare stones
that cover the land and are covered
by the dust of years, of want and of waste.

152 · 3d
Dancing in My Eyes
James 3d

Now, my sweet friend
I have searched for you
in every place
you wandered to.
You are gone now,
lost to my eyes
and to my ears
and in my mind
you are fading.

When a voice is silenced
by our hands
or theirs,
there is no cure for the hurt
and loss.

I thought I would see you again
that your voice would play in my ears,
and your face would dance in my eyes,
but now I know that is not true.

118 · Nov 2017
James Nov 2017

In the end, it was poetry that died
and the desire to write left long before.

115 · Dec 2017
About men
James Dec 2017

A little note about us men
We're usually honest about where we've been
You never ever have to tell us twice
But the constant reminders are always nice
Fart jokes are never funny
We love it in public when you call us "Honey"
We don't really laugh when someone gets hit in the balls
We love it at dinner time when your sister calls
We really don't like meeting the guys for a fun night out
We feel really bad when you get mad and pout
Who needs beer and a football game
Water is healthier and the parade is about the same
Disney songs never get old
And my motorcycle, I'm glad it finally sold
We don't need sex every Saturday night
And yes, my dear, you are always right

An Oldie from the bone yard
113 · Nov 2017
Sorrows Walk
James Nov 2017

Thick with fog and sorrows walk
when words die slow and thoughts wander off;
a man will dream of loved ones gone
and friends who have left and those who are lost.

A friendly wave or a lover's knock
can't replace the dream and years that are gone.
Year's that have past in a moment of time;
It's time that was stolen from this memory of mine.

For what's to be said and what's to be heard
when a hand slips away without a look or a word.
Your fingers can grasp and pull at the air
In the end what is true is that you never were there.

99 · Nov 2017
Two Ladies Laid To Rest
James Nov 2017

Little Rosieta Lee was a Lady of the night
And she walked the streets of Princeton Town
for her moments Mr. Right.

Rebbecca Sounders Blake, she was a rich man's wife
She married for his money
and was a prisoner all her life

Now on a cold and foggy day, they met a tragic end
The town came out to see one down
and the other hadn't a friend.

James Nov 2017

A chilly night on my back porch, sitting
dreaming of a time when our hearts were meeting;
and that bread you were baking, I could smell it rising
tickling my senses, so so exciting.

The music we made in our world we created
is ringing in my ears, so joyfully elated
I go back and read the script of our lives lived together
when we were bound to each other without a rope or a tether.
It's a play for the stage with an ending not written
about two people in love, so obviously smitten.

— The End —