Jun 13 James

When life feels suspended by a delicate thread
Change is inevitable
I sometimes feel stifled
Tightly constricted
Like a chrysalis
Struggling against transformation
I oppose the transition
And need more time to adapt
A butterfly tapped against my window
Like change asking to come in
If I can comply with Grace
Maybe I too can transcend
And withstand the butterfly effect

The Agèd Hands of Time have reached yet another
Toll of the bell.

12 years have passed since I’ve last seen her in this life. Distance and sickness in our being had robbed us both of Streams of time which passed like a long cold winter into
Her death. These lost memories often create overexposed
And superimposed photo negatives of imaginary frames
Of time I desperately imprint to hold tightly in my heart
And mind.

But I still hold tightly in memory to her soft voice on the
Phone and pictures of split second frames of physical time     My sister would send me. Many people don’t even have

In this life she loved to mother her three grown children
And flower garden as near as she could to the end. It was
In her nature to nurture her resilient perennial children
And help make the move easier for her annual foster  
Children from a confined existence to a deep soft warm
Bed of comfort.

Stamped on my mind is not the faded and worn
Bruised and torn image of her outward shell in the
Trauma Center at age 88
But the indelible inner and outward image at age 38 --
A lovely young mama who tucked her little boy in bed
Every night with a song and a prayer --
The little boy that is still alive in this man.

The Agèd Hands of Time have reached yet another
Toll of the bell.

--Daniel Irwin Tucker

My poem, The Agèd Hands of Time--posted two days ago--works in concert with this poem I wrote the day my mother died--one year ago today.
 Jun 9 James
Lady RF

"Hi there,
I'm a little lost...
Would you happen to know
Which road I should take
To get me to 'Peace of Mind'?

I'm on my way there now,
To reclaim my sanity,
I'm hoping to get there
Before it's too late...
Is this place hard to find?"

By Lady R.F. (C)2017

This piece made me giggle! lol
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