James Mar 9
It's been so long since I wrote a poem
I've forgotten how.
I've been asked to read at another poetry reading next month and have no idea what to read, and no idea how to write something new.
James Feb 18
Ice cream
Pink ribbon
A bottle for her
And some for me
Pin the tail, it's time to play
Smile real big, it's your birthday.
Not my birthday.
James Feb 17
Inside, you can't see me snicker
About life and this brand new vigor
I know how it sounds
I lost twenty pounds
Now my pecker looks twice as bigger
James Feb 15
As I lay stretched in my bed
Eyes heavy while I read
A favorite poet’s words I hear
Samuel Coleridge soft and clear
About a flower beautiful and strange
Plucked from Heaven's golden range
His rhythmic cadence sent me to sleep
Sound and comforting, long and deep
I woke to a sight lovely and grand
Delicate fingers laced in my hand
A Heavenly creature by my side
Lips so red, soft and kind
I held her tight and to her, I swore
I will always love you more and more.
About Samuel Coleridge's "What If" (Prompt For National Poetry Month, 2016 A poem, within a poem.)  I missed Valentines day
James Feb 15
The people prayed and the sky fell silent.
In the clouds, their voices fell like rain
back to an unforgiving Earth,
a mother, who has abandoned her children
and sits in wait for them to return to her --
Wanderers who stop and stare at the place
where the plea's of the deceased are scattered
are careful not to disturb the words
so loosely imprinted on the bare stones
that cover the land and are covered
by the dust of years, of want and of waste.
James Feb 15
I've traveled the world
I've enjoyed its pleasures
But Mumbai holds the greatest treasure
She lives in a tower guarded by birds  
All that I have are her precious words.
James Feb 12
The sky is gray
and the ground is soggy
My coffee is cold
and my head is foggy.
I think I'm going to start writing coffee-cup-poetry...that's the only kind I seem to be able to write anyway
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