James 13h

A full moon
over the ocean
reveals for miles;
an ancient byway
used by the gods.
If you follow it,
it will lead you
to enlightenment,
or so they say.
Many a sailor
has tried to follow its course
only to lose their way
with the dawning of the day.

Even more old junk
James 14h

She was chasing him around the bed
swinging a hammer at his poor head.
He tried to figure what he'd done wrong
Trying to share his wandering dong.
I guess that maybe he should have asked
But he figured she say no and kick his ass.
It looks like all his suspicions were right,
I don't think he's going to win this fight.
The first blow just cracked his skull
Now his head's an empty hull.

Some funny old junk...not an autobiography
James 14h

'Can you sing a song,' she asks
'A love song just for me,
something that says
how much you care
so I'll know you'll never leave.'

I try to think inside my head,
I search my heart and soul
for a few precious words
and a verse of love,
a song that's soft and slow.

But my words won't come,
I can't give them to her,
and live a lie and deceive,
a tender heart
so young and pure;
when I know I'm going to leave.

Some more old junk
James 14h

"I need a boat to sail the sea"
"Where across the sea do you need to be"
"Don't ask so much, that's for me to know"
"But without my boat, you'll never go"
I thought for a moment, what harm could come
so I showed him on a map, I pointed with my thumb.
Just a tiny little dot, a speck of land.
A place so small it's covered by my hand.
"But what could be there that you need so bad"
"Something that I lost, but never had."
So I told him a tale of a girl that I knew,
a girl so beautiful she couldn't be true.
"My friend, you sound like a lovesick fool."
"Yes, I know, but what can I do?"
"Come back tomorrow and we'll see what can be done"
So I left and came back before the rising of the sun.
But my friend was gone and so was his boat,
the only sign that was left was this hand-scribbled note,
My friend, I am sorry, but I left at night
it was your tale that sent my heart to flight.
So I'm off to see your spot of land
and find this girl and take her hand.
I waited to hear for nearly year
But no word came, they're lost I fear.
Now every day I walk down to the shore
hoping to see a sail,
or hear the splash of an oar.

Just some old junk.
James 1d

I sleep with my window open
letting in the cool summer breeze.
It stormed today and the air is thick
and damp.
But the air feels good on my bare feet.
When I was a child we spent summer nights
sleeping on my grandmother's screened porch.
The only escape from the Alabama heat
was the wind after a thunderstorm;
softened by the pines outside
and the mesh screen that surrounded us.
The wind brought the night sounds
from the Southern woods and the smell
of a fresh rain-soaked earth sent me to sleep.

I smell that smell tonight.

As we divide into divisions of separation
We've made ourselves victims of hatred
We beat the dead witch like a horse whipped

United savages

We self inflict the wound
And then we're surprised by the damages

One Nation Under God
Controlled by the media fraudulent

Walking to school
Watching a movie
  Enjoying music

Will all be health risks

Because we diss the same God
We pledge allegiance

While the Pope grins a Saviors sin
We are reminded to
  Love our enemies

      And the President

James 1d

Seeing is not believing,
visions in daylight,
apparitions at night
with eyes wide open
or closed, held tight.

Some things we just can't let go of.
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