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James Alai Feb 2021
You're dead

there was so much we could have done
so many streets we could have walked down
but now we can't, we never will
because you are dead

I told you I loved you
and you said you loved me too
but you're dead
and now you are in a vase on a shelf
surrounded by pictures of the good old days

We could have walked hand in hand
up mountains and through forests and up and down hills
we could have seen it all
there is so much more to do

there was so much more to see...

but you're dead

and I hate it
I miss you grandma
James Alai Jan 2021
The gun went boom
and left a hole in my chest
the blood came out in waves
gushes of hot and sticky red
I fell to my knees and looked down
and the sight of it freaked me out
because it isn't everyday you get shot
and I haven't read any books about dealing with such a thing.
so yes, it freaked me out.

pure organic 100% all natural freak out

I fall on my back.
My skin is starting to go cold
and my breathing is becoming shallow
I'm fading little by little
like an uncharged phone.
Please plug me back in
I need a ******* outlet, ASAP

But it's hopeless
everything is lost
I was shot in the heart
and this is what happens .
James Alai Jan 2021
I fall down a well
the old wet stone bricks fly past me in a blur
faster and faster and faster
the damp air pulls on my hair and
smacks my eyes until they cry

I shouldn't have leaned over so far
I shouldn't have ever been so curious
but I did and I was...
and now I'm falling down a well and
there's nothing I can do
besides wait for the bottom
hopefully it's not dry
James Alai Nov 2019
It hurts

my wealth
and my health
are gone

i have died
a million
and one

i have lived
a million
and one

but I've lost
it all,
all over again
this time
James Alai Nov 2019
So It's been a while, folks
since I wrote a poem
I've been busy with work and life
passing time, days and weeks and months and years
kept me away but here I am
back to basics
back to what fits
writing a poem for everyone to see
It's like coming back home from
someplace far, far away
James Alai Apr 2017
Ever curse in front of a priest?
It's awkward to say the least
especially when you let it slip
Jesus Christ, *******.
James Alai Feb 2017
cry baby, cry
all the world was in front
all the past was behind
and you dropped the ball.
it fell right out of your hand
and for what?
don't say it was for love
because that would be a crying shame.
this life is not a Shakespearean play,
the ebb and flow just isn't here and
there is no rhyme, and there is no reason
and the grammar is bad.
so cry baby, cry
you let everything get to you
you cut off your nose to spite your face
like standing on the tracks to catch the train.
it's such a drag
maybe you should go back home
and leave those fiery, gun powder dreams behind.
sometimes dreams just wake you up
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