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Marrisa Sep 2021
feelings of drowning
with thoughts and images
pounding in my head
the steady stream
of words
“it’s okay”
“I’m fine”
“don’t worry”
no one knows
the urge to be dead
the better off
without me speech
can’t wrap it around their minds
you’re out of yours
and they’re wasting time
soon you’ll be gone
and once you go
there’s no coming back
no more
  Apr 2021 Marrisa
some nights anxiety wins
and i'm left a
withering, melting mess

of holding back tears and
an aching in my heart
and sheer helplessness

do i want the night to end
or perhaps a reset, a redo
so i can claim it back for myself

but tonight i've lost
fighting a war on multiple fronts, and im ****** struggling, i need a 24 hour inconsequential day so ******* badly
Marrisa Apr 2021
I want to believe that I’m happy.

I want to blend in,
not stick out,
not judged,
but loved.

I convinced everyone
of my thoughtful disguise,
of my pretending lies,
of the person I wish I was.

but here I am,
unable to hide from myself.
the truth unknown to all
but it haunts me.

Oh, to be good enough
without having to lie.
what a dream life
that would be..
  Apr 2021 Marrisa
love is the thing she need
but the world  has it's own greed

her eyes say it all
every time a drop of tear falls
every pain she recalls

everyone say she writes poetries  very deep
but no one know  her tear is the ink ,
her pain is her inspiration to write
that's why she cry to make herself sleep

one day she'll bounce back
and give the answer of your all attack
till then wait for her comeback.
may be I used this title many times .
Hope you all doing well
stay safe
because corona  in your  area
Marrisa Jan 2021
I will never forgive you entirely
because I will never be able
to understand why you
acted the way you did
and that’s something
I’ve learned to be okay with
Marrisa Jan 2021
you made me feel
as if I was too much,
that nobody could ever
love all of me,
but the truth is
you simply did not
want to take the
time to
Marrisa Mar 2020
She collects lovers
like wild berries,
not even realizing
that they’re
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