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Marrisa Mar 19
She collects lovers
like wild berries,
not even realizing
that they’re
Marrisa Feb 21
What can I say except
 "Thank you."
You pulled me from my corner
of depressing, self-hatred;
from my bubble of tears and lies.
I cannot express my gratitude.
You held me when all I
wanted was to cry out my eyes.
You told me it was going to be okay.
You told me you wouldn't stopped fighting
me for my own health.
You didn't shy away from the
ugly truth that I am.
You embraced the sad, small
creature that I am.
Marrisa Jan 29
my parents warned me
about drugs on the streets,
but never the ones with
brown eyes and heartbeats
Marrisa Sep 2019
I wish you could see what you’ve become,
and the damage you’ve left behind.
I wish you could see the pain that you’ve caused
and the conflict you created.
I wish you knew the pain that I felt
the moment you said goodbye, a second time.
But I’ll be sure this time, and I promise
that there won’t be a third time.
Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.
A third time won’t ever happen,
because I know for a fact you never loved me.
A snake with blue eyes and a twisted soul.
A miserable heart, and soon everyone with know.
I trusted you with my world and you shut it down.
But one day you’ll think of me,
when no one else is around.
Marrisa Jun 2019
And in that
powerful moment
she stopped letting
his false love
devour her
soul of happiness
Marrisa May 2019
what is it like to feel
what is it like
to crawl back up this glass broken
needle stabbing rocky road
when all you want to do is give up and give in
what is it like to
wake up every morning
knowing nothing is going to be the same
that you cannot control these feelings or emotions
you are deserted on an island
but you choose to stay
to drown in your own misery
you refuse the help sent to you
because you were okay
and you still hang on to that
last piece of hope
that maybe just maybe
one day you will be okay again
Marrisa Feb 2019
She was afraid of
her own shadow
until you became
her shining light
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