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Jake Scanlan Mar 2012
[[I wrote this poem a long time ago when I was about 14 and my parents split up, it was a very sad time. I'm happier now :) ]]

For a family unit is once more, and now forever, broken.
With all the memories of this empty house
You voice whispers... quiet as a mouse.
October rain was falling, the water was cold, and the demons were calling.
I felt weighted, and now im falling.
I always thought that the unit would last
Until it ends,
And i remember my past.
I have no direction, I see no path.
What i want, will no longer, ever, last.
Jake Scanlan Mar 2012
When I first see you
My soul is frozen, somewhere in the heavens
The beauty of your eyes beckons,
There you are

Standing in the light.

Once again my mouth is sealed like nothing is there
I'm speechless around your air,
The soft and subtle breeze flowing through your hair
Once more. You are there, to my delight

Standing in the light.
Jake Scanlan Mar 2012
Sitting here against my chair,
makes me realise

The things that you think & the things that you say
may come about in any kind of way

The people that pass and the people that stay
are all somewhat connected

The presence of one is unlike that of two
our thoughts are now projected

You are not alone, your spirit is entangled
embracing the soul from alternative angles

Silently, you make a promise
to listen, share
to take in, compare

It is in fact what makes us human
the greatest mystery of all

The heart, and the soul.

— The End —