and we
won't just
    but we'll
      thrive till
        we're five
           and make
              peace with
                 our hearts
                     till we're
                                   and my
                                                            will talk
                                                                   to the
                                                                          sky and
                                                                               we'll drift
                                                                                      through the
                                                                                              night till
                                                                                                      we're free
listening to music for airports.
planes that fly in blue.
still. eternal. true.
colours made of love.
love made of colours.
child of child raised.
elder of elder lowered.
floating. dreaming.
wanting. being.
wanting more. never having.
having more. never wanting.
what's this about? you choose.
Dewdrops on the grass
Shudder in the new sun
as they disappear
Do you ever think
of a poem
that's amazing

and you're sure you'll remember
to write it down

but you won't
This is kind of my mood right now.
There was a cloud in the sky.
I looked up and it was a heart.
It beat with the wind and took its time to grow.

You sleep in me. Silent in your dreams.
We dream together of journeys through waters and coffees and stars.
The curve of your nose is like half of a heart.

My nose isn't the right shape.

But you dream on. Oblivious and aware.
I say the words and they echo.
The vibrations fall as I do.
And you catch me. I am light enough.
To fall like a devil into the arms of an angel.

We look back down and into each other's eyes.
The cloud is no longer there.
it's hard to believe that I'm so in love with you
  Oct 20 Jake Lukasz Taylor
You, and you, and I
We make up every possibility
For normal, weird, and wierder

But things are never that neat, I suppose
Because normal's got a stranger side
And weird could be faking

I've always said we make the whole set
But each day I believe it less, and less
Because I no longer believe in the power of three

Two has always been luckier for me
is gone
and there is
simply no way
of obtaining it back again. hard luck.
if you wanted, you could try ask around –
someone might know
where to look
and tell
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