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Jake Backlund Aug 2013
Is she really my prize when she is in such a mood?

Does her past prevent me from loving her truly?

Can the events of this difficult world prevent me from loving her like I want?

Can our thinking too much destroy our chances to be together?

Do other temptations make our love impossible?

Do others get in our way?


All of the above go away in an instant when I hold her in my arms!!

Looking into her eyes make everything else seem so unimportant.

Hearing her voice and feeling her skin is all we need.

She IS my PRIZE!
Jake Backlund Aug 2013
Some of us are motivated by love.  Some are motivated by money.   Some by family/friends.

I am motivated by fear.

By my fear of losing it.  I mean, REALLY losing it.  

Losing what?


When life  becomes difficult and I feel stress.   I get headaches, or a lack of sleep .

My fear is losing my sanity.  

I worry I will make decisions that will cause others to take away my freedom.  

My freedom of movement.   My ability to come and go at will.    

I value my ability to 'get up and leave' when I feel the need.

My biggest fear in life is becoming so irrational as a result of high stress and then not being able to deal with everyday things.  


And being placed somewhere where others control me and not ME controlling me.

Many decisions I make in my daily life reflect my need to avoid any possibility of this happening to me.

I try to not think about this every day but its always in the back of my mind.
Jake Backlund Aug 2013
It starts around March or April of every year.  But they
still come as a surprise  A nice one!

They come in multiple colors, shades, and styles-  but the colors
don't matter much

We don't want them long, Shorter is better this time of year

They befuddle a young man,  yet invigorate him

They grab his attention, sometimes too much!

Of course there are different smiles and faces in these

We all have our favorites  But are they not all grand?

What could be being referred to here?

Well mini skirts of course!
Jake Backlund Aug 2013
In a darkened haze, I think I see something.  A figure in my living room.  Someone is in my home in the middle of the night?

It is her!  Its Alex!   The cute girl from my thoughts and my laptop screen.   The curly haired, ****, brunette who makes me think pleasant thoughts while trying to pretend I'm really a writer.  The same girl who gives me inspiration and who is more than a little gorgeous.  The beautiful, sensual babe from the southern USA who causes me to consider moving to a warmer climate.

She is sitting alone on my couch in my living room at 2:00 am.  I can't sleep but need it.  However, the thought of being in the same room with her makes me feel invigorated and powerful.  This young woman makes me feel like a manly stud.

She is wearing a short, lavender nightshirt and is sitting cross legged on the couch. She looks incredible.   Very sensual.  Why is she here?  What is going on?    This is crazy.

But who cares about the reasons at this point.  I plan on playing along with this.  

I am only clad in boxer briefs and a smile as I approach her somewhat casually.   "Alex?"    I ask her dumbfounded as I move closer in order to see if she is really there or if I might be just completely imagining this.

"Hi Paul. Its nice to see you.  I suppose you are surprised to see me like this."   She says with a friendly tone mixed in with a certain serenity about her that I find both odd but very alluring.

Without another word spoken for a while...

I sit down next to Alex and look into her moonlit eyes. The only light is coming from the nightlight plugged into an outlet a few feet away. Alex looks perfect.  A beautiful and charming smile, a gorgeous body, and the two of us alone in the dark in my home at night makes this too good to be true.

I can't help myself any longer.  I feel like we should talk and get more acquainted.  Like we should move slowly.  But I am mezmerized by this amazing creature!  I have little self control in this situation.

My hands have an agenda of their own as the left one starts to stroke Alex's beautiful knees and thighs mindlessly. This sweet action causes Alex to moan in approval which only causes more stroking of her legs.

My heart starts to pound and my pulse races at what could possibly happen next.

Neither of us speak much since our communication is being done physicially and sensually.  Speaking could ruin this moment.

I get that this encounter will happen, it will indeed occur. At this point though, its only a queston of how incredible this unexpected ******* will become.

Alex does not want to give any impression of not being in favor of this moment of really happening, so she quickly removes her only piece of clothing and throws it on the floor in front of the two soon-to-be lovers.

She is now gloriously naked on the old black leather couch.  Her beautiful body and sweet demeaner are without description.  She appears calm and comfortable.  She wants this to happen!

I feel a strong reaction to this beautiful girl now and I know that the time for any actual subtlety has long since  passed.

As I move closer to her on the couch, Alex reaches out for me with a hand to my cheek and I respond with my hand holding hers instead, and a soft kiss on her lips instead.  A slow, warm kiss that doesn't end quickly. The kissing is slow and sweet, but pleasing and exciting.  

She is real.  And I can feel, see, touch, and smell her beauty.

The kissing becomes more active now as we move closer together on the couch.  Alex moves her arms around me to pull me closer.  Her perfumed skin and her soft warmth almost causes me to scream.  

But that noise wouldn't be appropriate since it could cause a neighbor to knock on the door, or a phone to ring and we certainly don't want that.

Alex moves further back onto the couch now.  She wants to make more room for me. She knows what she wants and she will get it.   We will indeed make love now on this couch.  I remove my boxers and am now sitting together with the most beautiful young woman I have ever seen-both of us completely naked.

In another moment I am kissing and stroking Alex's ******* with my hands and am exploring her soft skin.  My hands feel like giddy mice who have just secured access to a warm stack of hay in sub zero cold.  Alex's body is so incredibly soft.  My senses have completely come alive.  I love the scent of her body.

Alex opens up her legs and pulls me toward her now.  She is breathing hard now as I almost can't wait any longer to feel her soft, wet middle.

In another moment, I am pushing myself inside of her. Her body and mine are moving in unison and it feels perfect. I am now pushing further and further into her as I can no longer control my need for this to happen.

Alex delights me by saying quietly,  "Yes, baby.  That's it.  More  More. That's it.  More of that. Oh baby."  

She pulls me even further into her now and we start a rythmic motion that is simply too exquisite to be described.  Our bodies are in tune. My **** reaches Alex's tailbone now and my tip is literally pushing against her back frame.

After several wonderful moments of this sweet love making.  I turn Alex around and enter her from behind.    She hasn't experienced this before, but she is delighted at how well we are performing this.

After moving around on the couch in our wild expressions, exploring each other bodies liberally, and changing positions often, we *** together in violent spasms of pleasure

It takes several moments for either of us to be able to talk clearly about this amazing, unexpected event; but we slowly vocalize our feelings by holding each other closely and covering ourselves with the only blanket we can find.

For several minutes we are too enamored in our pleasure to speak.  We can only hold on to each other sweetly and slowly regain our breathing patterns.

"Alex."   I begin.   "I don't know what to say.  That was unbelievable.  I never would have thought it would happen tonight."

"Paul."  You say.   "We both needed this and won't forget it.  Now hold me close and lets fall asleep together before morning has to arrive.  Ok?"

I just smile at this suggestion.

A few hours later when my pre set phone alarm stupidly rattles its tune,  Alex is no longer in my apartment.    But the sweet smell of our love lingers in the still dark morning.
Jake Backlund Aug 2013
Standing by the door I watch the smile on your face

The light glistens off your dark hair
I can feel your warmth, you draw me in
Eyes of tenderness and love
I surrender

Remembering your taste

Your alluring warmth
The feel of your body
Slender, soft, and sweet

You tossing your hair back in one easy movement
Makes my heart skip a beat
A sigh slips out

I want to wrap my arms around your waist
Experience your neck with kisses
Feel you surrender to my touch
Open up your senses

I must touch you  
You draw me in

My hand skims over the side of your face
Your skin is beautiful, your face like porcelain
It feels like satin  silky and smooth

I admire your mouth
Your tantalizing lips, warm and inviting

Our breathing sends sensations ripping through barriers
Breaths trembling out as kisses deepen into passion

Our need releases yet again
Unexpected, yet complete
Jake Backlund Aug 2013
Julie steps off the bus Friday night before 10 pm.  She has had a long week at the store and wants to get home to relax.  Julie manages a franchise jewelry story and needs some down time in order to maintain her fragile sanity.

Friday is casual day at the mall, so Julie is relaxed in her designer blue  jeans and black sweater jacket over her blouse.  She is also wearing her signature black and gold baseball cap that she likes to wear when it’s cool outside.

Julie lives in a busy and congested neighborhood and isn’t crazy about the two block walk to her house from the bus stop. She doesn’t think its necessary to own a car as she likes the exercise of walking, and of being outdoors often.  However, as the bus drives away an eerie feeling creeps into her mind.

Her eyes begin to dart from the shadows of the trees as they rake in the cool night.  The tall timber sway back and forth in the breeze. A creaking sound crawls throughout her mind as the acute awareness of her surroundings increases. Julie stiffens as she continues her steady pace. Her shoulders raise from the tension, she shakes her head and attempts to steady her breathing into a calm pattern.

Stop! You're fine, just like every other night, she tells herself. This city isn't known for violent crime.  Julie shakes her head as she tries to focus on just walking home without incident. Things seem to be getting quieter in the night.   Perhaps too quiet?  Until a rustle from behind her unearths her terror once again.

Julie turns around suddenly at the new sound.  Her heart is beating so fast that she can now hear it.  She stares at what is only apparently a bush in the dark, but she notices that the bush seems to be moving!

Her mouth gapes open in realization. Something,  something is wrong. A dark figure seems to be within the bush. Paralyzed by her fear, she can't move and stands perfectly still.  Only the light breeze lifts her hair as the only sign of life in her body.

Julie stares at the shadowy figure intently for several agonizing seconds before she begins to see what the figure actually is.  A large branch with its leaves still on it has fallen onto the sidewalk from a large nearby white pine tree.    Oh my God!  What a relief!  Julie gasps and puts both hands on her face as she starts to feel the sweat pour down her neck from the terror.

At that exact moment in time,

A man from directly behind her lumbers toward her.  One quick step at a time. Julie freezes in terror as his shadow from the dim street light behind her reaches her feet. The man reaches her just as she is able to partially turn around at his sound.

Julie blacks out as her head is brutally forced into a collision with the concrete.  Warm, red, blood paints the sidewalk as life leaves her permanently.

An hour later Detective Olson calmly tells his partner Detective Reynolds, “I can only surmise that this young lady fell to her death from a freak accident.  There doesn’t appear to have been any struggle or foul play.  I will try and get ahold of her mother in Binghamton, but this seriously looks to be an accidental death.”

— The End —