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That's cute, I guess.
You're..nicer, when
I hate myself.
it’s really hard to breathe.

I can’t eat anything, I’m starving and nauseous.

and I wish maturity was a thing

but instead,
i’m stuck defending myself

against cell phone applications
that find you affection
from someone just as infected

and you already have that low of an opinion
to believe

these are the kinds of people I want to share my death bed with

I wanted to remain friends
but I don’t think that saying
is effective
I already have

and when I did

you held me above you

and told me you loved me, I didn’t realize

you were trying  to pull yourself up too

your own reflection masked
with my skin

this false perception
you knew

you lacked within
How do you deny a girl...
A girl who plays the right tricks,
and knows how many licks
it takes to get to the center of what it is to feel like to be a

Who knows and understands, how to make him think with his Man-hood.
And though he thought he never would,
she took before he answered
knowing he was never really going to say no....
who was going to know?

She teased and laid him down,
reminding him and showing him around;
the skin and flesh he's toured before,
and incase he's forgotten she'll show him some more.

Now the sun is up
and he's coming down,
his briefs hang low and that *** goddess;
with the golden glow...
she's asleep and now,
he knows the extent of his sin.
He has gone too far, and as she awakes he heads to the car.

Its over, its denial.
She's gone and she leaves tomorrow.
on the plane she'll take the memory far away.
There's a witness! There's a witness!
There's a witness to their crime
and within weeks of time it will turn her stomach;
make her ill,
make her run.
Now she hates the the sight of every mornings sun.
Every new day brought more movement and more sickness.

That call, one call.
What did she say?
Uttered some words but it all went gray.
All he saw was HER.
What he heard nearly deafened him, his crime is now expecting
and as though it was strictly divine his phone beeped 2 times
and his wife was on the other line.
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