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wake as if your lovers warmth
is security enough to make it through the day
as if that fact
would keep all evils at bay
as if that love
removes you from kharma
as if any duty or action was a sacrifice
for that love

Wake as if not waking
crushes the heart of others
as if a heart so faint
and dependent
would stop bleeding
if yours could not pump enough for the two

Wake for the world and the love you can provide it
A reminder of the flesh
that sense of
your elbow on my knee
that missing block in your heart
that bleeds more freely than you can surely believe
i mean freedom aint what your looking for
and Jesus is just helping you pass the time.
I don't think your a fire starter
I still hold onto the idea that you could let me hold your hand
not that you need it
you could learn to love it
Its not really hate
i mean its my fault

you dished out some bait
covered it up with plastic worms and
silicone tadpoles

You let me know how easy it was
and how fast and quick i was getting it all

but then i ****** up one time
became associated with a bad apple
i dropped the ball
But i was still there to pick it up...

now its a hostile enviornment

I can feel charlie breathing down my neck!

Are they in the trees,
are you in the walls
is there not enough mayo on the bread:
did they see me make that mistake?

Jesus Christ

i work at a sandwich shop so i can eat mushrooms on the weekend and still work the next day...
the sands of time we  mourn
like moths flickering out
in the flames of my favorite pass time

But even children cry
when the caterpillar begins its change

do unto others i will always say
we have yet to transform into something with wings
we have yet to fly

stop crawling towards the fire.
the last great one
was a figment of translucent imagination,
and you're a queer jolly follower for needing that
umbrella of a darker light to envelope your spirit.

i'm not saying you're a a weak soul,
i've had revelations of my own,
and time stamp monumental moments
make us .
i feel it.
i promise.

but there comes a time in the day
when you gotta realize
that in the name doth soo much blood shed.
and for the name does soo much clouded interpretation
of a killed son
or a man of scale, scaling.
and darkness is born
especially in such a dead inorganic matrices  
of follow your self
under such false pretense

so stand by your opinions
but in your own name friend.
for you never knew what was truly meant.

follow your heart
and know its from your heart.
even if cap'n jazz inspired it :)
she wears a dress i recognize
as one i've seen with a special eye
does this cheapen her beauty
i dont think so
i just realized i've been to this restaurant before
the trees speak to me
and for all i can see
the wind the rain
their mourning pain
i mean it's all the same

but the trees speak to me
but not so that i can see
but so that i can feel real

the underground networked love
the shared canopy sunlight love
the spaced trunk LOVE
for me

the trees speak to me
but not so that i can see
or explain their voice
but so that i can enjoy my time in the woods :D
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