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Jagdeep Jun 2017
Behind that smile hide millions of tears,
This poor, broken heart battled thousands of fears,
But as the the night crawls near,
It slips out of my desperate hands,
The hope that I held so dear
Jagdeep Apr 2015
Why shall i bow to your wealthy ?
And why shall i despise the poor and filthy ?
Why shouldnt i beleive in beauty of miracles ?
Why shall i keep living in these shackles ?
These are the questions from the world i ask,
O old wise man ! Tell me,
How long shall i wear this mask,

A foolish man lost in the maze,
Greed and hatred in your heart, ablaze,
The man devoid of all feelings and emotions,
Living life, like a machine going through motions,
Here money, the only necessity,
And men's soul sold as a cheap commodity,

Twisted principles, wicked rules,
The burden of which people carry like tired mules,
Here innocence is trampled under the capitalist feet,
In battle with cynicism, hope has suffered defeat,
To save my soul,
I shall sail away to distant promised land,
Where tree of humanity still stand......
Jagdeep Apr 2015
Between us lies,
An endless, boundless night,
With its canopy of
Glittering, shimmering stars,
With a sad waning moon at its heart,
And I with my agonized heart,
Wander around to find you,
Stumbling upon those unsaid words,
Words of love, care and despair,
Stumbling upon those cruel words,
Words of jealousy, mistrust and disgust,
I lean against a parched skeleton tree,
Against the tree under which,
I buried you,
No ! Not you,
But your love and my soul,
When i fell in ditch of lust,
Shedding my honesty with clothes first,
Her lips weren't sweet like yours,
Nor were there any tender whispers,
Just enough lust too obscure,
Your love and your trust,
Her hips swayed under her gaudy skirt, sensuously,
Her breast taut under her blouse, lewdly,
And i lost my control, wretchedly,
What shall i do now ?
I see your silhouette next to me,
Your face serene and innocent,
Next to my heart,
I can tell you everything
Along with miserable sorry,
But words that never convey the truth,
The feelings loose essence,
In web of words,
Just like our love,
So u lie next to me,
But between us lies,
An endless, hopeless night
Jagdeep Aug 2014
High in the sky moon shines,
Far away on a tree owl whines,
Oppresive  and uneasy is the night ,
The sadness has returned with all its might,

Dark shadows, shrill screams,
Haunted and cursed my life seems,
Terrible memories of distant past,
For the lifetime will last,

The scars on the flesh may heal,
But the pain of your parting i will forever feel,
I seek joy on majestic green mountains,
I seek bliss around finely decorated fountains,

Everywhere i search for this elusive happiness,
But slowly and painfully, i am sinking into loneliness,
Because unknown and forbidden are the shores,
Which your soul now explores,

I wish i could fall into cold endless sleep,
Because the **** in my soul is too deep,
But i have promise and wishes to fulfil,
before i can allow this despair and sadness to ****,

So With broken heart, teary eyes,
I wearily live this life full of lies,
Wearing deceitful and sham mask on my face,
I have grudgingly joined this mad rat race,
Jagdeep Aug 2014
Heart lonely and desolate,
Like a boulevard on searing summer noon,
Eyes bloodshot, like an eclipsed moon,
Tears which were precious like pearls,
Today fall like grains of shattered glass,
Words with nothing, but innocent nd careless thought,
Hurt nd pain, and nothing else they have brought,
Misunderstanding, bitterness,
Far away even from shadow of yesterday's happiness,
Hurt, broken nd torn apart,
By words or was it by destiny,
My love, the only beat of my heart,
I say these words, not to shrug blame,
Because, to that innocence,
I can't lay any claim,
I write these words,
To say I am sorry,
To say that I love you,
Like a poet can love his prose,
Like a lover loves a tender rose,
To ask you to return where our love grows,
And forgive your naive lover,
Because what we have is too precious,
To be this far forever....
Jagdeep Aug 2014
I stood trembling in cold winter wind,
With canopy of twinkling stars stretched overhead,
In pale light that waning moon sheds,
Afraid of the dreams i had weaved,
Of the wishes that in my bossom heave,
To ride the distant frothy seas,
To catch the time that slyly flees,
To kiss a sweetheart who on distant
shores of longing and yearning, lives,
To catch, to seize,
The happiness with which life everyday tease,
To find the contentment, the fulfillment,
For nothing else but,
For the cold wind that caresses my face,
The simple dreams that i chase,
And for my humble place,
In this eternal time and space.
Jagdeep Oct 2013
A tree sways in the murmuring breeze,
On its crooked branch a nightingale is perched,
Humming and singing, a song,
Of memories sweet and long gone,
Of nights passionate and amorous,
Of kisses and embraces, delicate and rapturous,
And i remember those shudders of ecstasy,
That raging  fervour of love,
With melancholy sighs,
And with those melancholy sighs,
I wish to conjure a mysterious magic,
Which could fill my heart with memories,
Instead of blood,
So tht in my veins will course a flood,
A flood of pure love ,
And let my body tremble with that bliss ,
Of knowing tht u reside so deep,
Inside my body and soul ,
Of knowing that there is nothing to separate us,
And knowing that my heart is finally whole
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